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    wingman got a reaction from d_a_n1979 in What did you do to your E39 today ?   
    She passed MOT - two advisories were both front tyres wearing on inner edge - not had her tracked since I changed the front track control arm so will get that done. Otherwise it sailed through.
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    wingman reacted to Ray112 in E39 remote key not working....NOW WITH THE SOLUTION!!   
    Digging out five years old thread just to say dealership is no good. Impressive first post, it will definitely make a lot of use for other members. You must be waiting all life to do that.
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    wingman got a reaction from Pete Soulby in 530i traction control light   
    Had the same issue on my 530d a few years back, would be fine for about 10 miles then speedo would stop and ABS and handbrake light would come on - it was the left rear sensor. This is the sensor that provides the signal to the speedometer I believe. I also sheared the bolt and then the sensor came out with the help of a drill in many pieces (trying not to damage the reluctor ring). Drilled and re-tapped and cleaned out the sensor hole as best I could - installed an el-cheapo sensor from ebay. I've never had an issue since with speedo or warning lights since but I do get the ABS pulsing through the pedal whilst reversing which is unnerving but livable with. Lots of copper slip so next time it's easier.
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    wingman got a reaction from Ray112 in E39 530d died   
    Morning folks - I'm pretty chuffed to let you know she's running again now.
    The idiot (me) who fitted the pressure control valve a few months ago didn't latch the connector properly and it fell off! I still can't get it to latch and it seems the seal has swelled and split.
    I'm trying to source a seal this morning as I can't find this same connector anywhere else on the car to rob one from for the time being.
    Anyway - thanks to Ray112, Clavurion and TerryTibbs for the help.
    At least I've now got INPA and can clear the million stores codes, and will able to leak check my injectors when the weather improves.
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    wingman reacted to TerryTibbs in E39 530d died   
    Crank sensor could cause this problem and not throw a fault code up
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    wingman reacted to Ray112 in E39 530d died   
    You need to crank it yourself. There's a lot of useful things you can do/check with INPA, of course need to get little more confident, but we all started from beginning some day. Fuel supply pressure should be anywhere between 3.5-4 bar. Not sure what rail pressure must be while cranking, obviously it will be lower than with running engine, but I can check tomorrow what numbers I'm getting on mine.