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  1. wingman

    E39 530D no crank no start.

    Fuse 15!
  2. wingman

    E39 530D no crank no start.

    I had the exact same issue after plugging into diagnostic port. It was a fuse in the glove box. Check them out.
  3. wingman

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Had a horrible vibration when turning right at about 50 mph. Bought a new Febi bottom arm, but it turns out the mounting bolt was loose (which I changed about 5 years ago). Anyway resolved the issues and then I put her back to work.
  4. wingman

    m57 engine fuel problem

    Normally an air leak at one of the connectors - it's usually the connector onto the front of the fuel pump leaking at the jubilee clip. My fix was to cut the end off and remake the joint. It appeared to allow air in, but didn't leak fuel out.
  5. wingman

    Headlight connections

    The pictures here may help with what's missing, but I think this confirms you have Xenon headlights and you'll need ballasts etc to get them working. The last image seems to show your headlight buried under a bolt on bulb fitting. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E39-Nearside-passenger-side-Headlamp-Headlight-Xenon-5-series/174585539979?hash=item28a61bed8b:g:N-MAAOSwNzRf2kOP
  6. wingman

    Headlight connections

    Just throwing this out there. The new ones appear to have a ballast bracket so you would need Xenon bulbs for these - they will work with the projector lens. Is that why you're struggling. The standard halogen bulb won't fit a Xenon housing.
  7. wingman

    530i traction control light

    Had the same issue on my 530d a few years back, would be fine for about 10 miles then speedo would stop and ABS and handbrake light would come on - it was the left rear sensor. This is the sensor that provides the signal to the speedometer I believe. I also sheared the bolt and then the sensor came out with the help of a drill in many pieces (trying not to damage the reluctor ring). Drilled and re-tapped and cleaned out the sensor hole as best I could - installed an el-cheapo sensor from ebay. I've never had an issue since with speedo or warning lights since but I do get the ABS pulsing through the pedal whilst reversing which is unnerving but livable with. Lots of copper slip so next time it's easier.
  8. wingman

    My 2003 E39 530i Sport Champagne Edition II

    In terms of the nav screen - does yours have trafficmaster. When I got my E39 the screen didn't work. I found a forum that suggested bypassing the trafficmaster module in the boot (LHS next to the radio module) which is daisy-chained into the video feed. I did that the the screen sprang into life and hasn't cause any issues since.
  9. wingman

    535D LCI, Completely Dead!

    I'd hazzard a guess this is simply a dirty battery terminal. I've seen this before when you put a load of current (in this case the starter) through the terminal you lose connection totally. I'd clean up the negative and ensure it's good and tight.
  10. wingman

    E39 530d died

    Morning folks - I'm pretty chuffed to let you know she's running again now. The idiot (me) who fitted the pressure control valve a few months ago didn't latch the connector properly and it fell off! I still can't get it to latch and it seems the seal has swelled and split. I'm trying to source a seal this morning as I can't find this same connector anywhere else on the car to rob one from for the time being. Anyway - thanks to Ray112, Clavurion and TerryTibbs for the help. At least I've now got INPA and can clear the million stores codes, and will able to leak check my injectors when the weather improves.
  11. wingman

    E39 530d died

    The cranking speed came up in DIS during the rail pressure test. I'm assuming this is read from that sensor so would probably indicate it's ok?
  12. wingman

    E39 530d died

    Ray - thanks. I've ordered a leak test kit off ebay, should be here on Monday. The EWS test came up without any faults so that's ok. I've looked at the rail sensor wiring, but not took the manifold off yet (typical, just put new manifold seals and did a coolant flush and change a month ago). I can see the end of the rail and the wires are sort of stiff wires (not very flexible), but seem in an ok condition, until they go into the sleeving at least. I'm not clear how they used to fail so can't really tell if that's a problem. I guess the leak off test will point me in the next direction - I'll try it whilst cranking first to see if one of them has died in a big way - otherwise I'll try some easystart.. Thanks again.
  13. wingman

    E39 530d died

    Right - managed to get some good data today. Pre-supply pump pressure is 3.4 bar - this seems to meet the limits in DIS of 3 to 4 bar so I guess this is fine. Cranking rail pressure is only 102 bar - limit in DIS is >250 bar so think I've found the silver bullet. But, mine is a 1999 model and I understand there was an issue with rail pressure sensor wiring that was changed in about 2001. Is there anything I can look at there? I also put a new pressure control valve on the pump about 3 months ago - so something else to look at. I'll check the injectors for leak off, but is there any experience of one failing that badly whilst driving that the engine cuts out? Any thoughts or advice much appreciated - I must admit I'm pleased to be getting somewhere now.
  14. wingman

    E39 530d died

    Thanks - didn't know how to do that but have looked at some INPA tutorials and think I've worked it out. Question is though, do I physically crank it or will INPA do it for me (sorry if this is a daft question) I was looking at all the CAN issues that have been thrown up, but after more googling I think these could be due to low battery voltage from when I was cranking it until it died on the side of the road. I'll try those tests - thanks. W4
  15. wingman

    E39 530d died

    Hi folks - I managed to get INPA and DIS going today. INPA showed two codes in german, which after translation were glow plus and the EGR valve - both of which I know about and wouldn't make it stop dead. I tried using DIS and struggled a bit to make sense of it. The one that stands out is: Engine - No communication possible - Positive and ground supply B1361_D4REL - Diagnostic lead B1361_D4DIA I think this is pointing me to main power to the DDE - I checked the 30a fuses in the electronics box and also tested the blue relay. The fuses are all good and the relay works as expected. I'm not clear where this is grounded back to the body and now it's getting dark. I'm sort of at a loss so would appreciate and advice or guidance. It still just cranks and doesn't try to fire. Thanks W4