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  1. Thanks again Graeme, good to meet you too man.
  2. Paulbmw530


    If i’m honest i’ve always been a VW fan boy so yes one day i might have the pleasure of owning one! Hope you get your 5 series soon man! Good luck
  3. Paulbmw530


    Welcome! Another member from the north east, That vr6 is lovely by the way!
  4. Paulbmw530

    F11 sound upgrade

    Ah great! Thanks man!
  5. Paulbmw530

    F11 sound upgrade

    Hi so pretty clueless when i comes to audio. However i know i don’t like the standard F11 sound system. so does anyone know of any speaker upgrades, or if i need to upgrade an amplifier? (If i have one?) like i said literally clueless with audio, just trying to get an idea Thanks Paul
  6. Paulbmw530

    F11 comfort access/keyless start issue

    Thats great! To be honest that sounds like it makes sense so i would say you’ve hit the nail on the head! When i was washing the car it did do that lock/unlocked thing and when i’ve walked passed it a couple of times. Thank you very much, will probably just remove wiring as you said. Thanks again
  7. Paulbmw530

    Would be New BMW owner

    Lovely looking thing, tourers are the way forward
  8. Hi all, So had the car a few months now, it has the comfort access option and just yesterday i had left the car unlocked( silly i know) and came out to it on the morning to greeted with “remote not detected” Held remote up to steering column and it started, away i went. Did some shopping, tailgate wouldn’t shut with the lock button just the actual close button. Doors took a few presses on the handle to lock. And took a few pulls to unlock. Locking/unlocking with key takes a few presses aswell (tried both keys so doubt its a key battery but could be wrong) Came out to it this morning after making double sure it was locked last night and it was unlocked? And this time had the same “remote missing” only this time after holding to steering column the “battery discharge” message popped up aswell. I do keep my keys in signal blocked pouches overnight to prevent the dreaded keyless theft. Haven’t had an issue before but thought i’d mention incase? Sorry its a long post just trying to give the best description possible Thanks in advance for any help Paul
  9. Paulbmw530

    New member F11

    Thanks for the tip!
  10. Paulbmw530

    New member F11

    That is stunning, same colour however i have wheel envy! I only have the 18’s beautiful car percha, will hopefully find some 19’s in the summer
  11. Paulbmw530

    New member F11

    Excellent! Thanks man!
  12. Paulbmw530

    New member F11

    Hi new F11 owner, had it a few months grey M sport 530d, new to the 5 series and bmw’s in general but i love it! Will upload pictures, already found loads of useful Information on here, hopefully can contribute a bit myself. Thanks and all the best for the new year everyone. Paul