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  1. Nick E

    New MAF throwing up EML

    Cheers everyone. My garage said they had checked for vacuum leaks a few months ago, and said they couldn't find anything. Will investigate this again.
  2. Nick E

    New MAF throwing up EML

    So I put the new MAF in a month or so ago. Not a cheap one. A Pierburg. It's throwing up a whole bunch of EML codes, so I disconnected it and ran without it for a while. No codes, and pretty good gas mileage. But, you can't do that forever, so I plugged it in again, and the EML comes back on. I plugged the OBD in, and got the following codes, with the MAF plugged in. Would any of you be so kind as to let me know what you think could be up, or what I should look at addressing. It's odd. The car is running fine, but there are just no codes when the MAF is unplugged. To my laymans eyes, it looks like I need to replace bank 1 and 2 oxygen sensors.. Cheers, Nick
  3. Nick E

    Replacing the FSU unit

    Yup, give it a ruddy good shove back in!
  4. Nick E

    Thoughts on ownership - First year

    Land and Range Rover... cough.
  5. Nick E

    E10 fuel causing EML

    I just had an EML on mine too, citing fuel trim and a MAF sensor issue. I've just replaced the MAF for a Pierburg, and put E5 in straight away. No issues. Put some E10 in, and hey presto. EML. Cleared the code, put E5 in, and there's no more EML, but this will be something I'm keeping an eye on.
  6. Nick E

    Thoughts on ownership - First year

    Cheers fellas.. more to add to the list. Thanks!
  7. Nick E

    E39 blower

  8. Nick E

    Mass airflow sensor

    34 mpg cruising.. happy with that.
  9. Nick E

    Mass airflow sensor

    I bought a Pierburg and just fitted that. Let's see how that all goes. Was getting 30-31mpg unclipped. Will be interesting to see what I get with a new one back in.
  10. Nick E

    E39 blower

    Embarrasing schoolboy error. I've just fixed the heater issue. I hadn't pushed the FSU and power clip on hard enough. All back to normal. Duh.
  11. Nick E

    E39 blower

    Nice one.. thanks.
  12. Nick E

    E39 blower

    Not done much on the blower fixing this week. There is air coming through the vents on a very low speed. Increasing the blower speed doesn't make any difference. At least there's some warm air in the car though. I'm going to check the power to the blower relay, IHKA and the FSU, based on a really helpful tutorial from Pelican Parts, using fuse jumpers on the relay and FSU connector. I'm really hoping it's not a bad blower motor.
  13. Nick E

    Mass airflow sensor

    Cheers guys. That was going to be my next question. Who are the good brands? I saw a Hella for around 70, and a Pierburg for 100.. Will check them out.
  14. Nick E

    Mass airflow sensor

    So I need to change my mass airflow sensor. I realise getting a good one means better mpg, emissions etc, but I'm confused about whether i should totally avoid low price. I can't justify over £150 on a part, so i pulled a list of whats available. I'm looking £100 tops. I think the original on the car is Hella. Ive not checked yet. If any of you have nothing better to do for the next 5 minutes, could you take a look at this lot and let me know what would be a good one to get? https://www.onlinecarparts.co.uk/car-brands/spare-parts-bmw/5-e39/15270/12906/mass-airflow-sensor-airflow-meter.html?pg=2 Ta, Nick
  15. Nick E

    Thoughts on ownership - First year

    Will be replacing the faulty maf tomorrow though.. not a good idea to drive long distances unplugged?

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