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  1. Nick E

    From drive to reverse

    Yeah, I've been over this adnauseum. I've had the gasket replaced and everywhere else has been checked. It's possibly the cover, although the garage never red flagged it, but it'll have to wait to the new year now. I'm not massively worried. It just honks from time to time. My brother mentioned he had the same on his late 90's Audi 80. That stank for 8 years!
  2. Nick E

    From drive to reverse

    Thanks everyone.. if only the untraceable stinky oil leak was as easily sorted!
  3. Nick E

    From drive to reverse

    I think I may still have had the button pushed in on the stick as it got put into reverse. It was the over revving that made me check and pop it back into drive.
  4. Nick E

    From drive to reverse

    So, straight from a long, tiring day at work and still smarting from an argument with my father, I left a petrol station with freezing cold hands, and how I did it I don't know, but I put the auto into reverse at around 30mph. No clunk or stall, or judder, but just an over rev for about a second as I realised what I did, then straight back into drive. No issues from the gearbox since then. Goes up and down smoothly, and into reverse no issues. I've never done this with any other auto I've owned before. I think I thought I was in sport mode, which I use all the time now, but I think I must have been in drive. Anything to concern myself with here, or just forget about it?
  5. Nick E

    Idle vibration

    Not paid it too much attention on a hot start. Always been too busy. I think it's fine though. You're right. Stop overthinking. It's a Teutonic workhorse, not an F1 car.
  6. Nick E

    Idle vibration

    The rocker cover gasket has just been replaced, and it was rechecked last week. It's fine.
  7. Nick E

    Idle vibration

  8. Nick E

    Changing Stock Radio Options

    Cheaper option, but I was looking at the same (I have DSP on mine which complicates matters). Considering a Grom, but ran out of cash repairing things on the car, so I bought a bluetooth to radio converter which plugs into the fag lighter. Bit whiny at times, but I can listen to music, make calls and use Google maps.
  9. Nick E

    Idle vibration

    Hi Ray. There's no fault codes. Checked them this weekend. Plugs aren't old. Changed three years ago. I had two coilpacks changed on the service after I bought the car, and that sorted out the misfire codes. I'll have a fiddle around with the hoses, and try driving with the MAF disconnected for a bit. This was the subject of a previous thread regarding power output on the car.
  10. Nick E

    Idle vibration

    I've got a very slight vibration on the E39 525i when static. It's not bad, but it's noticeable. Mentioned it to the garage last week, and they checked the transmission and engine mounts, and they're all ok. In fact, they said it idles better than some 5 year old cars they service. But its still there. This morning, and it's cold and damp and horrible, and I haven't used the car for a couple of days, the vibration on start up was very noticeable. The car was shaking. A few revs and a once around the block cured it, but it's the first time I've had that on any car I've ever owned. Thoughts as to what to investigate? Cheers, Nick
  11. Nick E

    Touring rear washer wipe not working

    cheers fellas.. will get this sorted this week sometime.
  12. Nick E

    Touring rear washer wipe not working

    Appreciate it mate. Thanks. Afterthought.. Does that pump activate the front washers too? They work fine.
  13. Can anyone give me the logical step workthrough to fix the rear washer? The pump is in the front yes? First check all hoses are connected under the bonnet. Should there be any noise when the rear washer is engaged? Is the hose connection under the panel I unscrew the top of the tailgate? Would a diagnostic tool let me know if the fuse is blown?
  14. Nick E

    Nick's 2001 525i Touring

    Got it..
  15. Nick E

    Nick's 2001 525i Touring

    Certainly does.. Looking at a Creator C310 reader. I haven't seen a port under the bonnet. My model is a 2001, so I presume it's an OBD2. Will take a look at the dash.