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  1. Nick E

    Sudden overheat

    But they're a lot better in the snow, and for not giving a damm motoring, they're awesome!
  2. Nick E

    Sudden overheat

    New radiator, fan, viscous coupling, coolant top up and check. Belts and hoses were fine. Seems to be holding up temp wise, and is driving fine, so I guess I dodged the head gasket bullet. I'm £500 lighter though.. My sump gasket has a leak. Its also leaking oil up behind the ac compressor. My power steering has a leak, as does the a.c. That will have to bloody wait. Next step is to fix the hedgehog, the exterior painting I wanted to do before it broke down, and the underneath pre winter rust proofing. What a difference to the mighty Nissan Micra I've been driving round in for the last 10 days. I've spent £25 on that in the last year.
  3. Nick E

    Sudden overheat

    Just hope the engine isn't toast.. I effectively drove 8 miles with no coolant in it.
  4. Nick E

    Sudden overheat

    Keep saying to myself the same shitstorm could have happened even if this was a Ford Focus..
  5. Nick E

    Sudden overheat

    Thanks Dan. Can't remember if I've had the viscous done before in my ownership. Will need to check.
  6. Nick E

    Sudden overheat

    So, apparently the radiator fan blades had snapped off and punctured the radiator. God knows how that happened. I don't remember driving over anything, and I don't remember hearing any noises. So, I'm looking at a new fan, new radiator and possible viscous coupling before they can even pressurize the engine up. EML light on also saying coilpack 3 is out.
  7. Nick E

    Sudden overheat

    Let's see what comes of it. Saw the garage today and they're going to check it over. I noticed a big damp patch on the gravel driveway last night when I got home. The Beema had been parked there, and that would explain the low level in the expansion tank. I had a look at the tank again this morning, and it was empty, so there's definitely a major leak. Just hope the engine is ok.. I'm not the only car in there that overheated. The other guy, however, ignored the red warning light and drove his Mini 16 miles whilst overheated. His engine, predictably, is utterly shagged.
  8. Nick E

    Sudden overheat

    Dipped beam.. hopefully it's just the battery. Will see what the garage say when i see them tomorrow. Anyone know of any 525/530 engines kicking around?
  9. Nick E

    Sudden overheat

    Bloody hope so too, however, I'm now starting to fear the worst. We had the lights on for about 30 to 45 minutes before I attempted a restart. Surely it wouldnt go that flat in that time. I hardly drove on it in the red. As soon as it was up there, I pulled over.
  10. Nick E

    Sudden overheat

    You're right Ray.. I left it to cool off then tried to start it to move to a less crappy location. Nothing happened. It wouldn't even turn over. I tried this three times. The battery then died as a result of sitting on the road with no engine power and the lights on.
  11. Nick E

    Sudden overheat

    Couldn't really hear anything as it was pissing it down.. my vote is on the battery and a leak in the hoses somewhere.
  12. Nick E

    Sudden overheat

    Good question.. we lost battery power sitting there with the sidelights on (we HAD to pull over on a pitch black B road), and it wasn't enough to power them. We left the emergency crash flash running. Initially, after it had cooled down (and it didn't feel that hot - no steaming mess), I did see if we could move to a slightly less exposed spot, but it wouldn't even turn over.
  13. Nick E

    Sudden overheat

    Hope so...
  14. Nick E

    Sudden overheat

    We got picked up by a recovery truck and dropped off at my local garage. Thank God we weren't too far from home when I happened, and I hardly drove on red. I put water in the tank while waiting for the truck, and that helped reduce the temperature. I had the water pump replaced 6 months ago. I think there's a split hose, which was misting coolant out. It would explain the moisture. Anyway, damage report Monday morning now.
  15. Nick E

    Sudden overheat

    Won't fire up, turn over or start.. I think the battery has gone as well, as we can't use the lights.