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  1. Junebug85

    My 540ix Bluestone Build

    Pipercross Air Filter (PP2024)Installed the Pipercross air filter earlier today. I haven't done this in the hope it will increase the power outputs of the car... more so as I think the durability and function of the foam filter is better then the OEM one.The OEM air filter was put in at 18000 miles (before I bought it). The car now has 31000 miles and isn't due for a service until another 2000 miles. Looking at it, it was well overdue a change anyway.Quite straight forward to do, only came a little stuck when trying to get the air box lid out of the hose where the jubilee clip holds it in place. I had to break the hold use a plastic trim tool.Long term, I'm looking at getting an intake for the car. Currently researching the ArmaSpeed one. I have been in contact with Eventuri who say they do have plans to develop one for the G30 B58. Not sure when though.
  2. Junebug85

    My 540ix Bluestone Build

    Hey bud, It's @naths_f31 on Instagram. Send him a DM. He's quick at getting back to you.
  3. Junebug85

    My 540ix Bluestone Build

    They are okay - I've done this on F30 and F06 before. This was the first G3x car I've done. Same way to do them though. I disconnected the negative terminal on the battery first. Also made sure to tie a cloth around the boot catch as if you shut it with the battery disconnected, there is no way to get into the boot! Removed the airbag by poking a flat head screw driver in the slits on the side of the wheel housing. There's a torx screw holding the existing paddle in place. Undoing these will release the paddle. This is the video I followed when I first did them... Hope this helps.
  4. Junebug85

    Torque Specs Wanted for Strut Brace Screws/Bolts

    Thank you for that. Much appreciated. I did loosen the jubilee clip and try to wiggle the lid free (after undoing the 6 torx screws on the lid) but it didn't budge at all. Maybe I wasn't applying enough force.
  5. All, I'm trying to gain access into my air box, but seems the only way to get into it is by removing the strut brace/bar. Removing this isn't a problem but when I re-tighten the E16 and 16mm screw/bolts that hold this in place, I would want to do it back to factory sepc. Does anyone know the torque specs this is tightnened to? I don't want it to cause any issues (structurally etc) if it was just tightened to 'feel'. I found a post online that said it maybe 250nm but with newtis not working anymore, I can't confirm. TIA
  6. Junebug85

    My 540ix Bluestone Build

    Here you go... https://a.aliexpress.com/_mMgciF7 There's a few different sellers doing the same ones on there.
  7. Junebug85

    My 540ix Bluestone Build

    Painted Roundels - Gloss Black EdgesI saw a company in the US that did these but with shipping costs and having to buy new replacement roundels, the costs mounted into a few hundred dollars.I was able to find someone in the UK that did the same thing, but had to send away the roundels that were on the car.Very pleased with the results. It gives it that different and unique look. It's a small change but I think it makes a big difference.As you can tell from this build, I'm not a fan of chrome!I have bought new grommets for the front and rear badges when they go back on. At 30p each from the main dealer, I think they are probably one of the cheapest part on the G30!
  8. Junebug85

    My 540ix Bluestone Build

    10mm Spacers added to the front...I've now added 10mm spacers to the front wheels to try and achieve that perfect stanceThe setup before (after lowering on MSS) was 20" 759i wheels with 15mm spacers front and rear. No issues!Since getting these new BBS wheels, the rear wheels poke out 6mm more then the OEM ones and the fronts poke out 4mm more. When I fitted these with the 15mm spacer in place I ran into some rubbing issues at the front. My solution was to drop down to a 10mm spacer and with the 4mm extra poke, it would be like having a 14mm spacer. The other alternative was to raise the front ride height (currently set to 30mm drop) and then use the 15mm spacer. I was easier just to drop to a 10mm spacer and keep the ride height as it is as I prefer the more lower look.In my opinion I think it looks good and sits well!
  9. Junebug85

    My 540ix Bluestone Build

    Took the car for alignment earlier today. Its been around 6 weeks since I had the MSS spring kit installed. That's given them plenty of time to settle, although they are height adjustable so there's not much settling required. I've only recently started driving the car more now and with the new tyres on, I wanted to eliminate any unnecessary wear due to the alignment being off.
  10. Junebug85

    My 540ix Bluestone Build

    Steering Wheel Paddles...Fitted some larger paddles today. I prefer the bigger ones compared to the OEM ones. Went for silver to match the steering trims.Disconnected the battery before removing the airbag. No errors/issues once reconnected.
  11. Junebug85

    Merry Xmas

    Merry Christmas
  12. Junebug85

    wireless phone charging

    This frustrates me! I have the same phone and its too big. In my 6 GC, the wireless charger was in the armrest and the phone had to be placed side ways... much better for larger phones. Similar to this...
  13. Junebug85

    Active grill surround

    Hi Kieran, As JDX-90 mentioned, each side has 3 exposed clips (pic below) just press these down with a trim tool/flat head screw driver. Then just pull the grille out. I was tempted to get the M style double slat one but when the acrive grille closes, It doesn't look right as the slats are not evenly spaced. I opted to get the OEM one from the dealer.
  14. Junebug85

    My 540ix Bluestone Build

    Alloys now on the car...Rears are fitted with 15mm spacers - I think they are spot on.I tried the fronts on with the 15mm spacers but had some rubbing issues. I knew this would happen as the new wheels poke out 4mm more then then OEM ones. Also the Michelin tyre edge is some what different to the Goodyear which plays a part too.The front's do look a little too inwards for my liking so may get some 10mm spacers and raise the front height a little. Currently the front is at max drop of 30mm.Overall, very pleased with them and make the car look a whole lot better in my opinion!
  15. Junebug85

    My 540ix Bluestone Build

    Alloys & Tyres...New alloys and tyres delivered today from Rimstyle.com 20" BBS CI-R Alloys in Platinum Silver Michelin PS4S tyres (245/35/20 & 275/30/20 Graphite TPMS Valves Just need to coat them in Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour then allow to cure for 12 hours. Hopefully I'll be able to get them on the car some point, this weekend.Being non-RFT, I will need to source some form of gel/repair kit. I've heard good things about the Slime kit. Can anyone on here recommend something?Few pictures taken earlier... It felt like Christmas