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  1. Ganty101

    New owner here!

    Cheers for that, gave them a ring and ordered some bits of trim I wanted renewing.
  2. Ganty101

    New owner here!

    Few extra pics of the car and another question. Where’s a good place (preferably to phone) for parts like the lower door trims and the jacking pads?
  3. Ganty101

    New owner here!

    So looking at the key it maybe non genuine. If not no worries, not too fussed about remote central locking, but it would be a bonus obviously (see pics) Haha yeah... the radio, the p/o has it disconnected (said Japanese radios don’t work in uk) with a replacement bmw style connection back in so I’m gonna put a stereo in probably! Thanks for the the kind words about the car, im looking at replacing the rear section of the exhaust (from after the cat) any suggestions on a good stainless kit? I’ll get more pics posted soon, just spent today getting it serviced. Wash tomorrow I hope and then pics!
  4. Ganty101

    New owner here!

    Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself! I’m David, and just bought myself a 525i auto! It’s a 1991 Japanese import. P/O says it has original exhaust and brake pipes on it still, yet to get it on our ramp though! The car has only done 33k and has some (albeit not consistent) bmw Japan service history. After the long drive from Edinburgh I can say it drives nicely and didn’t do anything nasty. Was surprised to find the even air con was working with it not doing much! Pics attached. Quick question, it has 3 keys, 2 remote ones but they don’t work, I had a look on the useful links post and saw a link for reprogramming them but it no longer works. Anyone got a working one? Thanks, David.