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  1. Numero9

    Which is the right battery?

    would something like this be okay, 95ah AGM: https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/varta-agm-019-car-battery-3-year-guarantee-444777004 Car hasn't moved for a few days so will give it a check over the weekend and a run to see if that makes a difference. Checked the recall and nothing outstanding, also checked the DVLA site and it said the same
  2. Numero9

    Which is the right battery?

    What do I need to check to see if it has already been done? It was something I wasn't worried about as I thought it was sorted but now I am doubting myself.
  3. Numero9

    Which is the right battery?

    I have ISTA, whats the route to test the battery? I can check this tonight Whats the IBS issue, is it common? Was there a reason you put 110ah in?
  4. Numero9

    Which is the right battery?

    I recall when I was buying it that I checked the issue and it was either resolved or was fixed in the LCI. Terminals properly connected, issue has only appeared over the last 2 days. Battery hasn't been touched in the last 6 months at least, hence the thinking it's on its way out
  5. Got a 2008, E61, LCI, 535d, on realOEM there are a list of options. The car each morning has the error which resets the clocks and from what I've read is signs the battery is on it's way out. The last owners did take good care of the car but how do I know which is right AH for the car? Also am I right in thinking if I swap like for like in AH it is a case of just registering the battery but if I change the AH then I have to register and code it?
  6. Numero9

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    How many clicks till your handbrake engages? Mine is quite high so I need to adjust it again to try get it better. Eventually need to remove the rear discs and check all the setup
  7. Numero9

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Awesome, it has stopped I gave it a good run home and the next day all was okay. Now service is out the way it's to tidy the rest of it up and start planning on changing all the rubbers
  8. Numero9

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Set about giving the car a service, discs & pads on the front to try cure some horrendous judder. Plugged in and there were some oranges, cleared all the fault codes and only the fogging sensor and ACU came on which is good. Service was fairly standard: Fuel filter - this was interesting on axle stands and jacks. Drain oil - drained out easy enough, car was raised at the front to hopefully got most of the old stuff out. Nice black gold. New sump plug and washer too. New oil Oil filter Air filter 2x cabin filters - pretty sure one of these was still OEM as it was housed in a black plastic inside the cover, yuck! Reset service indicator although I like to change oil every 10k so will do that on my own schedule. Has anybody noticed the car struggle to start after doing service? Perhaps combo of new filters but it seems to do it even after it had ran a while, will check again this morning but a bit worried it either knocked something or maybe fuel filter not fitted securely, although I ran it to make sure there were no leaks and it was okay. Then spent good time cleaning out the scuttle area and removing as much debris as possible. Discs and pads were easy to do although I struggled to remove the caliper carriages. Didn't have enough space to really push on the rachet. 'Barry the Breaker' only had an inch off the floor even with a 12star socket so did my best with wire brush and drill wire brush attachment. Pistons pushed back really smoothly although it's dual piston so when I first did it one would push in and the other pop out! Had to use some wood across them both but they went back enough. New pads fitted were a bit fiddly the metal tangs needed squeezing in before they would even engage in the hole. Discs fit easy enough even with the carriage, OEM 2 piece and still heavy AF! Good news is that there is no more judder although I'm going super easy on the brakes and the ride vibration seems to be better to. There is still some but I think bushes all round soon will help that. Need to order 2x caps for the guide pins as they were missing on the offside & some under tray fixings, again some seem to be missing.
  9. Numero9

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    What colour is it? If it could miss a front towing eye cover and towing eye that would be useful
  10. Numero9

    Check your scuttle drains!

    Finally a job I got round to, cars is now on 126k so was bound to happen at some point. The video below was useful about what was actually blocked, although it's American and the ECU box is on the RHS the liner for UK is the same as the video. As for the LHS I removed the liner and there is a rubber grommet there although it seemed to have some plastic ball in there but checked what I could and it was dry and no blocked rubber grommet. Another point to note, the RHS, where the pollen filter housinh inserts into the wing that area on the car was full of so much debris that I spent an age cleaning out stuff from there, behind the liner even in the side skirt! I will have to remove it later for proper cleaning out as I could only reach in so far with the longest pry bar. So it might be an area for people to also look at and check to make sure it's free and clear to make sure the grommet doesn't block again so easily. Video:
  11. Numero9

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Where did you get the sill plates from please? I think mine are almost ready to replace the rubber on all has started to break away just waiting for some more damage before biting the bullet for a set!
  12. Numero9

    Rear wiper jamming

    Recently in the morning on the first go of the rear wiper it moves around 1/3 of the screen and gets stuck. I then click the stalk again and it returns home and works as normal with no issues again after that. I've lifted the glass and the arm moves smooth and free, is it likely to be the motor on its way out? Is it possible it can be fixed with some TLC and grease or is it a new motor entirely?
  13. Bought a 20ltr drum of Valvoline 5w30 SynPower MST C3, changing every 10k so should be okay to try it and see. Bought from Opie but before I saw the discount code, D'oh!
  14. buying some oil for a service and current options I have are: Mobil1 TURBO D 0W40 Mobil1 ESP 5W30 Castrol Magnatec 5W30 C3 Valvoline 5w30 SynPower MST C3 Are there any others which people recommend and which is the one to go for?
  15. Numero9

    Service - Am I missing anything?

    So managed to price the follow from ECP for £498 (discs and pads being the most cost) Fuel filter Air filer 2x pollen filer Oil filter Brembo front pads Brembo discs Not sure if the discs are worth it or not as started to get warped discs and not sure what the previous owner had fitter, assumption is cheap and cheerful but for that price tempted to take them and try it. ECP don't have any Pagid alternatives at the moment.