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  1. Numero9

    Is this the right cable?

    Looking to get some coding & diagnostics for an E61. After debating between Carly & BMW tool I've decided to go for the BMW tools, but just needed some reassurance I'm getting the right cable? Carly seems to have mixed reviews seems like it can do some diagnostic & coding with a simple high level interface.
  2. Numero9

    Alloy Wheels

    I thought the E61 had to have 8/8.5J minimum? I don't mind the 138 & there's sets on eBay for decent price
  3. Numero9

    Alloy Wheels

    Aren't the spyders the ones which are prone to cracking?
  4. Numero9

    Alloy Wheels

    Does anybody know what these alloys are? Looking for winter alternatives and thought these look alright 1) 2)
  5. Numero9

    E61 Parts Request

    Hello, please may I get a quote on the following items please: 1) Rear glass microswitch 2) Rear book gas struts x 2 3) Bonnet & Boot badge 4) Wheel centre caps 5) Rubber mats front & rear 6) Rubber mat for trunk Thank you
  6. Numero9

    Alloy Wheels

    Not looking at having to do any body work. Just something that will fit and that won't rub/cause more issues. I think I might just keep the setup as it is but just get a set of e60s to run in winter. Thank you for the help, will update in a few weeks once I've got it
  7. Numero9

    Swirl flaps are going back in.

    Do you mind if I ask how much it's costing you to have it all done? Won't it affect emissions/MOT having it all gutted? I'll have it for a month before having to sell the other car so tempted to go for the gutted option too
  8. Numero9

    Swirl flaps are going back in.

    What obd reader do I need for Carly? Do you have a link? Never bought anything like that before
  9. Numero9

    Alloy Wheels

    Is the correct offset 20mm the same for front and back? The guy who is selling it mentioned about the wheel width & offset & also mentioned about a 10J width too. Not sure what the width should be or the size. Ideally I want to get a nice set correct in size & spacing for normal use & then a set of old E60/E61 wheels to use during winters. I think the best think for me to do is to get the wheels off the car & hopefully on the back of the casting should be the details & then take it from there. Reading more about it I understand better what impact the offset/width has but without knowing exactly what they are I can't figure it out. At least I know I can buy a set of E60/61 ready for winter.
  10. Numero9

    Swirl flaps are going back in.

    About to pick up an 08 535D, how do I find out which engine (manufacturers code) is in there? Secondly considering the Swirl Flap delete but want a way to monitor the regens, what is the best way to do this please? Currently I don't have an OBDII reader or anything else so starting from scratch & need some guidance on what to get.
  11. Numero9

    Alloy Wheels

    Car I'm buying (08, e61, 535d) currently has some aftermarket alloys on it (19″ STROM M359 Alloy Wheels – Satin Black – CMWheels)the owner said that they are 9.5J on the rear 8.5J on the front. He has a spare pair of 9.5J so I'm tempted to put them on the front & sell the 2 8.5J to remove the need for a spacer. Not sure if there are spacers front and rear or front only. Will the 8.5J give any trouble? Also thinking about winter tyres, would any 17" (5x120 PCD) alloys work or again do I need to worry about spacing?
  12. Numero9


    Hello, Do you supply software along with OBDII cables? Also looking for ISTA? Do you supply the OBDII to ethernet cable?
  13. Numero9

    Potential New Owner

    Sorry that isn't me, I don't even recall the last time I was on there. Just coincidence I think. So far I've managed to confirm that the air suspension has been refreshed, the tailgate harness has been lengthened. It's an 08 so there is no recall for the battery cable under the rear hatch. From what I've read given it is an 08 (LCI) <115k, the airbag blow off cable is okay after 06 & the cover is okay after 07. Are the modules in the spare wheel area still there or did they get moved in later cars? He's going to check the engine temp as he doesn't think the thermostats have been done. Rest I need to check are swirl flaps / rear driveshaft (not 100% this is an concern) & all the electronics are working.
  14. Numero9

    Coding newbie

    Looking at buying a 535 & wanted something to read fault codes as well as the engine & gearbox temps to check if the thermostats need doing. Would INPA be sufficient? If so where do you buy the cable from please? Total newbie for BMWs
  15. Numero9

    Potential New Owner

    Currently in the process of buying an E61 535d & have been pointed in this forums direction. Having seem some of the posts via Google searches I know I'm in the right place