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  1. Numero9

    Fitting Tow Bar

    Thanks for the advice, will look if there is already one there as it's not something I have specifically checked. The plan is to use it to tow a car on trailer, mainly UK based but could be the odd Europe trip. Is it worth fitting another thermostat/gearbox temp monitoring given it is an auto? Any recommendations on fitters or what kind of price I could expect to pay for having the full setup fitted?
  2. Numero9

    Fitting Tow Bar

    Wanting to fit a removable tow bar to my E61 535d, its an 08 with 124k and has had a gearbox service a year ago. I've refreshed all of the thermostats and waterpump and all temps are now running okay. Questions I have for those who have retrofitted towbars are: 1) Which brand is recommended for towing a trailer with car? 2) Are there any mods which are required if I wanted to have the tow bar removable? 3) Do I need to monitor anything whilst running and is it worth carry out any mods powertrain mods before starting? thanks in advance
  3. Numero9

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    MOT passed, always a good feeling knowing all the prep and general maintenance is worth it.
  4. Numero9

    535d oil catch can

    Whats the purpose of an oil catch can?
  5. Numero9

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Where did you get the stud conversion kit from? How have they held up so far?
  6. Numero9

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Prepping for MOT all done. New angel eye bulbs fitted and handbrake adjusted. Was frustrating as most of the videos had the adjuster at 6pm but it was actually as 9pm. Took a while to figure out which way to rotate. Driver side was okay and got the hub to stick but the passenger side was a bit funny. Possibly going to have to repair and refresh the setup when the weather is a bit nicer. Only job left is to give the numberplate a clean
  7. Numero9

    Angel Eye Bulb

    Ah that explains the confusion I was having! Thanks all for the help, MOT prep continues
  8. Numero9

    Angel Eye Bulb

    If the main beam is xenon, why are th le angel eyes halogen? The bulbs in the eBay link aren't H8?
  9. Numero9

    Angel Eye Bulb

    Having read some of the threads on here I gotten myself confused. The driver's side angel eyes on my 08, LCI, E61 have gone. The headlights are xenon (blue/white) but the angel eyes are a yellow which I think means they're halogen bulbs? Firstly are these replaceable as I read they're rivetted in? Secondly which bulb would I need please?
  10. Numero9

    Engine parts FAQ

    Although seems steep. If you go aftermarket & it fails you'll spend more in your time and another seal. I'd say OEM too
  11. Numero9

    Spacers again haha

    I don't have spiders but I do have 19s for the summer and I run it like this: Rear 15mm spacer 19 x 9.5J / ET27 Front 12mm spacer 19 x 8.5J / ET35 Don't forget if you're going for spacers to change the bolt length to suit.
  12. Numero9

    Door kick plate revamp

    What do you use to strip the lacquer please?
  13. Numero9

    E61 tailgate struts

    I went for a set from SGS however I don't think they're that great, boot is still heavy and doesn't really lift the boot up just holds it in place. If I'd go again I'd go with the ones from autodoc
  14. Numero9

    Halfords Oil Sale

    Is this suitable for 535d e61?
  15. Numero9

    How far do they go?

    Mine is currently 121k. Gearbox oil was done before I bought it and the waterpump/stats/belts were changed at 120k. Not sure if it has had a swirl flap delete yet or not, something to check over the winter. Still unsure if it is worth it as there is a bit of mixed feelings about removing them