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  1. Sam76

    Lock button rattle

    It’s bad isn’t it? And once you hear it... there’s no unhearing it!
  2. Sam76

    Lock button rattle

    Lol probably not! how can such a tiny thing be so annoying? well I’m all taped up now and driving in blissful silence! (Apart from the old oil burner up front!)
  3. Sam76

    Lock button rattle

    so I’ve done some digging and as andym says, wrapping the pin with tape with the little trim removed seems to be the ‘fix’ - poor show BMW! This really should be part of the build! It’s not a crappy focus!!
  4. Sam76

    Lock button rattle

    so I’ve done some digging and as andym says, wrapping the pin with tape with the little trim removed seems to be the ‘fix’ - poor show BMW! This really should be part of the build! It’s not a crappy focus!!
  5. My F10 seems to find new annoying rattles every other week lol It’s got this tiny little rattle from the drivers door lock button, if it’s unlocked the button vibrates - if I lock the car it doesn’t do it, seems to vibrate at a certain engine rpm - is it supposed to have something to stop it doing this, does anyone else have this issue? More importantly- does anyone have a fix??
  6. Sam76

    N57 timing chain....my experience

    Its actually Not a terrible job! Seems a lot of work but with the n47, there’s so much room around it all! To be honest, if I had a lift, I would have done it the same way
  7. Sam76

    N57 timing chain....my experience

    I religiously switch the bloody start/stop off! It’s my most loathed feature on all modern cars! Going to invest in a Carly so I can switch to default off! glad you managed to get yours sorted, interesting how they only wanted to do the top chain though?
  8. Sam76

    N57 timing chain....my experience

    As a driver of an n47 (little brother!) I never heard any noises from my engine, it’s an 61 plate 520d with at the time 88k on the clock, a small leak from the cam cover gasket meant I had the cover off, and as I was cleaning the oil from the mating surfaces, I noticed the top chain incredibly loose! So loose I could lift it up of the pulley and could have easily moved it over tooth! I put the engine back together, I needed to get it 1/4 mile down the road to my dads to use his spacious garage! I winced as I hit the start button! It fired up - silently as ever and drive the 1/4 mile no problem, engine out, chain cover off, - chain was tight! Found the chain tensioner was sticking - one minute it was loose, next minute it was fine and the chain was tight! But all the time it never made a sound! You must have to have a really good ear to hear them! I replaced all 3 chains, guides both tensioners and rear crank oil seal, oil changes yearly ( I only really do about 6k a year) hopefully that’ll be the last time the engine leaves the car!! IMG_1254.MOV
  9. Sam76

    Clunk from front passenger's side.

    I am so glad it’s not just me that finds this sooooo annoying!!
  10. Sam76

    Radio information display

    Yeah this is what mine does - always reverts back to the other screen each time though
  11. Sam76

    Radio information display

    Oh waaaaah! don’t spose you can swap the head units either?! Oh well, knew I shouldn’t have been tight and got the early car! thanks for the replies guys - mucho appreciation:-)
  12. Since owning my f10 I’ve noticed the information that other cars show when listening to the DAB seems to differ, mine shows a list of stations with the one I’m listening to highlighted, others seem to show song info, who the DJ is and assorts of other useless information lol - is it because mine is a relatively early car 2011(61plate) - as far as I know the updates are, well, up to date! Is there different qualities of DAB on the f10? I’ve attached a pic of my multimedia specs
  13. Sam76

    F10 fuel gauge.

    Maybe an over sensitive pump cut off? Have you tried topping it up at another garage? I’d never know if mine has that fault! Never fill the greedy sod up! Hurts too much once it goes past £50 lol
  14. Sam76

    Wing moulding removal

    Brilliant! Thank you for that !!
  15. Anyone know how to remove the wing moulding that has the repeater and park assist sensor in from the wing? Looks like maybe it slides one way or the other but I can’t move it, and I don’t wanna force it!