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    Coding help

    Just did this for my g30 - changed default to adaptive, set stop/start to remember last position, set sport displays to grey, disabled seatbelts warning and set gong to RR For the above you need laptop with esys software including launcher + esys cable (can be get as cheap as £5) Or as mentioned, bimmercode with BT adapter (or the same cable as above with adapter)
  2. Reg is Fy17fnt part number is 11122444214. Few dealers had run offer of £2295 including Crome tailpipes fitted
  3. d2om

    Working VIN Decoder

  4. The above link included G30, but now they have edited and do not mention 540 any more Searching around, looks like MPPSK now not available for G30. Is it the case? Not sure if I get it; all separate components are still available from BMW UK, but not as a kit
  5. Hi can you beat/match M-Performance Power & Sound Kit for G30 offer from https://www.berrychiswickbmw.co.uk/service-page/m-performance-power-sound-kit-offer/ ? Thank you