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  1. Vandallist

    Suspension question

    thanks a lot, i will try that!
  2. Vandallist

    Suspension question

    hey buddy thanks for response, here are images.. i am not sure if i have mtech suspension but i think these are some aftermarket added, i bought car like this so not sure. Thanks!
  3. Vandallist

    Suspension question

    Hey boys, i have a e60 that is very low, has some sport suspensions or whatver. I am wondering since i live in a rocky place and i am scratching my floor from time to time - can i change only springs or do i have to change shock absorbers as well ? Cause its very expensive if i need to change both so wondering if i can only change springs.
  4. Vandallist

    E60 525D fuel consumption

    well looks like i should start then to look for some issues around car, i do get a lot often error for Air Mass Flow (3ff0 error). Even tho i cleaned it looks like its for a replace, could be that...
  5. Vandallist

    E60 525D fuel consumption

    Hey guys, i wish you all happy holidays! Can anyone confirm to me normal city driving fuel consumption for this car? 177hp 2004 Auto m57tu25 It spends like 21mpg (around 13l/100km) which is a lot i think but do let me know if this is normal, please. Thanks!
  6. Vandallist

    Heavy/Stiff steering

    Hey, sorry for hijacking your thread i just need a help with this similar problem. I have heavy steering on my e60 525d (pre lci), now it is heavy all the time but once i push in with my hands steering wheel towards car engine and then rotate it gets ridiculously easier to rotate and once i remove pressure with my hands it gets heavy again. Fluid level is on good level.
  7. Vandallist

    BMW e60 m57 problem

    Looks like it's gearbox thats what he says. He tested one more actuator and said that it works perfectly, the problem appears with some error that comes while driving it is 4BE3. I never had any problems with my gearbox, i know that i worked just fine could it be that he is wrong? He says that car is in safe mode and that it's because of that error.
  8. Vandallist

    BMW e60 m57 problem

    Thanks everyone on your help! I am not from UK so i am sure you cant help me on that part for mechanic, i just found this forum to have lots of good experience so thats why i decided to ask foe help. My car is 2004 and yes it does have 177hp automatic. Its m5725 engine. Thanks NWJW, i will ask mechanic about that i hope he already checked it but let me see.
  9. Vandallist

    BMW e60 m57 problem

    Hello everyone, i am really becoming desperate and after couple of different mechanics i would appreciate if you can maybe assist me with the problem i have. Bmw e60 525D 177hp, dpf removed. I have error 3F57, something about electronic on turbo. So called Turbo actuator. Anyway mechanic changed that part and turbo is still not working. Generally after 2k RPM there is no power, no boost. Like i have 80hp. No smoke, no bad start, no big fuel consumption. Just power loss. We tried changing maf as well and didn't help. Does anyone have any idea what could it be? I have some errors about 2 bad glows and that's it. Thanks.