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  1. DHutch

    E34 Alpina B10 Bi turbo touring project

    Amazing thread.
  2. DHutch

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    I think it's a rendered image rather than a photo?
  3. DHutch

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Love it, aircon is lovely, and in an older car, definitely a significant achievement!
  4. DHutch

    BMW 540i 6 Touring (HK32-CODE) Thoughts?

    Good links! And yes, I've see the Butler HQ channel and I think their posts on Overclockers? Daniel
  5. DHutch

    BMW 540i 6 Touring (HK32-CODE) Thoughts?

    Sounds like a good review of the situation. Fortunately I don't have to brave the M25, would be used the car weekends and holidays, week in Lake District, Friday night motorway crusing seeing friends. etc. The current car is 330ci manual, so I'm familiar with a manual where gear changes can be flexible, and have no issue doing my commute through Liverpool city centre in it when not in the train, if currently expected to be working from home long term. Although it also likes being driven harder too, I've also had a E36 316 compact, and have a Westfield kitcar. No car has to be perfect, but a lit up dash is very annoying especially at night, it does help if as well as good to drive they are a nice colour and in reasonable order when you look back at it. Daniel
  6. DHutch

    BMW 540i 6 Touring (HK32-CODE) Thoughts?

    Northwest. Wirral to be exact. I guess range is about 1h30 unless there was something exception, sort of; Colwyn bay, Shrewsbury, Stafford, Huddersfield, Lancaster. Daniel
  7. DHutch

    E34 Touring

    So when did you sell it, fairly recently? The guy who's listed in and did the viewing at his house (Chris) said to me it was at his friends 'who has a load of M3s' for ages and he said to give him first refusal if he ever sold it, because he had an e34 before he liked. Three months ago he bought it, but now has realised he has no use for it hence the sale. Noted about the jacking points, cills etc, and the ability to spend a lot of hours on repairing that. Care is also missing it's roof rails? Have they gone up or down in ten years? Stayed the same? Daniel
  8. DHutch

    '94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!

    Just read back through this whole thread, loving in the work, pisser about the hedge cutter!
  9. DHutch

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    Good work, looks tidy. Score on the black interior and price.
  10. DHutch

    The e34 rear sill thread

    Excellent report. Like you, while I have the welding kit and quite like using it, without a ramp/lift you could double the time spent, which is then a lot of time to find. So your talking was £2000-3000 depending on region and hourly rate £50-75/hour I guess. A said, sort of on a par with the value of the car. Ouch! Daniel
  11. DHutch

    BMW 540i 6 Touring (HK32-CODE) Thoughts?

    Ah my bad, must have got some dodge figures for that, but yes if the 540 is 66hp (20%) down in the M5 that will definitely notice, as would 6.5sec Vs 6sec. With normal caveats of reasonable mechanical sympathy and risk management, I see no harm in driving an older car reasonably hard having warmed it up, if not maybe actually redlining it and hammering the clutch to get the last 0.2 off the 0-60 time. But yes you are right, sitting does no car any good, certainly not sitting outside, which is a exactly what this Oxford Green example has done sadly, didn't even have a ticket for half of last year. Daniel
  12. DHutch

    BMW 540i 6 Touring (HK32-CODE) Thoughts?

    Really interesting comparison between the 540i and the M5, given the power and 0-60 are comparable, its impressive if not a huge surprise how different they must feel to drive. I would love an M5, or an Alpina, but I it is unlikely one will fall into me hands any time soon I expect! Daniel
  13. DHutch

    BMW 540i 6 Touring (HK32-CODE) Thoughts?

    Ah ok, did smell a bit odd his mate was a dealer, no changed the v5 over yet. Tight feeling car, some rust... Maybe an auto is ok, with go of a the larger engine etc, maybe I should widen it to Auto 540i Tourings. Or just get something non-E34? Also a lot of truth in this, one of the reasons a tidy one appealed, but if they are all shot. Maybe the dream is over, or just have to stump up the money to make it nice! Have you got this car back yet? Any likelihood of a thread on it? Fair enough. I have read your thread cover to cover and love it. Totally epic.
  14. DHutch

    E34 Touring

    I went to test drive this car earlier in the week for what it's worth. Only the second E34 I've driven so no expert, but the listing and car is honest and it's clearly had some love in its time, plenty of money spent around 2012 on rear struts, gearbox oil, etc, and again in 2016. Low mileage and only 4 owners, plus the guy selling it who had it of a friend/dealer of E30s a few months ago, who hasn't sent off the v5. Flat battery on arrival but other sweet as, roof bars have gone awol it appears. Can't comment on the price, but it sounds like the consensus is it's far too high? Also on Gumtree; https://www.gumtree.com/p/bmw/bmw-e34-touring-525i-se-touring-1-of-the-last-made-ful-service-history/1381692127 Some photos of cills here; https://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/143139-cills-what-is-good-what-does-a-repair-cost/ Daniel