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  1. mpgscott

    Better of doing work yourself!

    It’s crazy. People will happily pay extra if they know the person/garage will do the correct/required work. So many chancers out there, its better to learn the how too and do the work yourself.
  2. Currently working away from home and son has the 535. Rose bushes failed and had a driveshaft fail also. Got AA cover for parts and labour but they pretty much dictate which garages you can use. Also they only cover labour up to £38 an hour which is crap. They covered the cost of driveshaft and so while it was in had them replace rose bushes. Well they made a complete arse of it and had damaged the rubbers on both new bushes, they also refitted the height sensor upside down. Makes you wonder how many poor unsuspecting customers get bent over by these folk on a daily basis. Anyway second shot at replacing them on Friday if I was at home I don’t think I would let them near it again. Unreal
  3. mpgscott

    535d 2005 driveshafts

    So my driveshaft boot has failed so going to need replaced or rebuilt. Anyone recommend anyone that can supply a replacement for return of this old one. Also should I bite the bullet and do both? I don’t have any knocking noises it’s only from visual I knew it’s gone. Only recently happened as not long since mot and I’m sure this would of failed. It also looks fresh. thanks mark
  4. mpgscott

    New squeak any thoughts

    I can’t complain for the age and mileage, poor car has covered more miles in last five months that it has in last five years. Still 16yrs and coming up for 120k it’s pretty good.
  5. Hi folks, Got AA parts cover on my car and need some work done, so new driveshaft and rose joints. Anyone recommend a decent garage in Edinburgh? Thanks Mark
  6. mpgscott

    New squeak any thoughts

    Ha ha, I think it’s Scottish salty roads to be honest..
  7. mpgscott

    New squeak any thoughts

    Many thanks, i am getting a vibration around 55mph through to about 70 hoping this is causing it. Also on getting the car in the air one of the driveshafts has failed plus my other bearings are not looking too hot.. Here we go again more expense thats why we love them...
  8. mpgscott

    New squeak any thoughts

    Is it likely to be item 2 in this diagram that’s the culprit?
  9. mpgscott

    New squeak any thoughts

    Is it likely to be item 2 in this diagram that’s the culprit?
  10. mpgscott

    New squeak any thoughts

    Think I will swap the ball joints, I’ve got a kidder do this might be the cause. Will get it all aligned after swapping
  11. mpgscott

    New squeak any thoughts

    Got this squeak just started anyone any ideas what it might be? Was reading it could be rear ball joint saw this but looks dodgy, top video shows potential solution bottom shows what mines doing at the moment. IMG_8739.MP4
  12. I’m sorry I’m away from home and my son has the car so I don’t know to be honest. from what I’m told the old Bluetooth/wireless function that was working no longer works. This is on apple I’m afraid. Will try and find out how it’s behaving and let you know.
  13. Hi, Yes i did i tried all of these others. What i needed to do was take a picture of the QR code then send this to Andream support who then generated a 6 digit pin to authorise the unit. After this its all working again. Thanks Mark
  14. mpgscott

    120K miles DPF Service

    Excellent, happy days good to hear that... It does run nice, i havent spent much time behind the wheel of late due to work but when i do its lovely apart from this vibration i have and also my issue with my Andream after updating it..
  15. mpgscott

    120K miles DPF Service

    Read mine today run the test and all seems to be in tolerance. Thankyou sir, yes sorry i had written into my post that i sussed it was the microfilter and managed to reset it with the trip switch reset from a video i found so all good. Cheers