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  1. mpgscott

    E61 535d Wheel Spacers Question

    Yes it is, shadow chrome spider reps 18” ones. I’m sure the car paint is silver grey paint code A08 if memory serves me correct..
  2. mpgscott

    Angel eye ring bulbs for xenon headlights

    Thanks for that, will give that a try..
  3. Hi Folks, My 2005 535d adaptive headlights have just blown the angel eye bulb, whats peoples recommendations on replacement? Im sure i swapped these out last January and they haven't lasted long. I thought i read of CREE lights somewhere but cant find the thread, any help greatly appreciated on a new set of replacement bulbs. Thanks as usual, oh and Happy New Year all the best for 2022.. Mark
  4. mpgscott

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I had exactly the same with mine Dirty, its a bit worrying as you use the dremmel so close to the glass. I was surprised how well mine was corroded in there but it all came out eventually looked exactly like yours..
  5. mpgscott

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all, hopefully everyone is keeping safe and managing to get through this strange times we find ourselves in. Its important to look out for everyone, its easy to miss a close pal thats maybe not themselves, so lets look out for everyone.. Cheers Mark
  6. mpgscott


    Ringer, i had this very issue last year and its a pain in the behind. See my post here: I reckon you could drill in this location and be able to activate the release to let the barrel out see this image i made of it before. Hopefully you can get it done, i ended up getting AA (have parts and labour cover) to take car to local supposed specialist to repair and i should have had a proper go at it myself. Turned out to cost like £500 in labour for them to mess around. The new barrel from BMW is only like £60 i think. Good luck, have a go at drilling it and releasing it. I also would keep just trying to turn it, mine did once and i should have just released it but i didn't.
  7. So this is the new slammed look, what a bugger just had the full four wheel geometry done last week. Always worried that a spring would snap, and the car has now covered 17k in my ownership, of course it waits until the geometry is all done then goes...
  8. I know, i was the same hadnt a clue what was going on. Just make sure to take a clear image of the QR code as i had it back and forth a few times with them to get a good enough picture. You can whats app them the image to the phone number +8617726193814 Just checked my history and thats what i did and they sent me the 6 digit pin to enter then all good..
  9. You need to take a picture of the QR code then send this to Andream support who will generate a 6 digit pin to authorise the unit. After you do this it should all be working for you. I had to do this for mine back in July..
  10. Perfect, something like this? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133607842036?hash=item1f1ba5e0f4:g:FwsAAOSwqlZf2avs Don’t suppose you have any instructions on disabling the pulse width modulation on the FRM do you? What did you use for it? Cheers Mark
  11. mpgscott

    Wheel sizes and staggered

    My 2005 535d has mv2’s which when I look up the vin this was on from new. question is we’re they all the same tyre size or should the rears be wider? all the inline tyre places when you enter reg suggest they are all same. Lads that did the camber reckon staggered. whats the thoughts?
  12. mpgscott

    E61 535d Wheel Spacers Question

    @Motor84 i think the 15mm on the front is too much, this is as best a view as i have on pc with spacers on MV2's.
  13. mpgscott

    E61 535d Wheel Spacers Question

    Yes its MV2's, im not with the car but im sure its the same size all round on mine 245/40/18 I bought these ones https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324044578459 They come with the correct size wheel bolts and i found that they were a good fit on the hubs. The ones Dan linked earlier also look a good set and its all four together. I didn't have issues at 20mm so 15mm will be perfect for you. I also tried an aftermarket set of 18" alloys that look like the spiders earlier in the year and with them not being BMW original they didn't sit so nicely on the spacers, there was a lot of play on the wheel if you placed the spacer in the wheel you could move it about however it sits snugg on the hub. Anyway image below will show you these aftermarket 18's with the spacers. However on the original BMW MV2 wheels the spacers were fine. The reason i got the spacers was not really the looks it was so i could fit my 3 series winter alloys on the 5. The aftermarket ones looked nice but trying to centralize them isn't that straight forward so i reverted back to the original MV2's
  14. Be interested to know which or where you got the wireless reverse camera? Is it direct from Andream as I might look to get one for my E61. Got the Andream and my only issue is volume is quieter on left hand speakers, so if I adjusted the balance it counter acts it albeit with reduced volume. I must pull it back out and see if remaking the connections resolves it. Wireless seems to work fine on Apple not sure on android though..
  15. mpgscott

    E61 535d Wheel Spacers Question

    I had 20mm spacers on the rear of mine, I had no issues with rubbing running standard 18” alloys. I also had 15mm on the front but this was occasionally rubbing on lock on front passenger, so think 12mm on front would be better.