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  1. Hi Folks, I know there are lots of questions on oil so here I have another one. So got a leak and think it’s the intercooler pipes leaking into the undertray and then when on a hill it collects in a pool. So cars probably done around 1000-1500 miles since topped up. What amount do the 3.0 diesels take to go from min to max mark on the dip stick? Is it about a litre? in order to top up is this 5w-40 fully synthetic ok to use? Cheers Mark
  2. mpgscott

    E61. . . . Loves and hates

    Oh well lets hope no more surprises for you. Hopefully all goes well today, and car will be running sweet after you get all this changed. Out of interest what like has it been so far (apart from the bolt) getting in about? Have you got the car on ramps or you doing it all from above?
  3. mpgscott

    E61 2005 coding out EGR

    If anyone needs help then drop Enda a message you can get his details here: https://www.endtuning.com/about.html
  4. mpgscott

    E61 2005 coding out EGR

    Definitely really helpful and explains everything really well, great guy to get in touch with.. Thanks for the heads up..
  5. mpgscott

    E61. . . . Loves and hates

    Oops hadn’t spotted that, see it now...
  6. mpgscott

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Mapped out my egr so far all seems good no more warnings. Good thing in doing this was that on reading my original map my car is untouched in its near 16yrs on this lovely planet, not been mapped or messed around with before.
  7. mpgscott

    E61 2005 coding out EGR

    All good, read the ECU tonight and sent it down, he sorted it out and I flashed tonight and so far all seems fine no error so happy days. Thanks for the pointer. Cheers Mark
  8. mpgscott

    Coding with Vgate iCar Pro & Bimmercode

    Btool works with the vgate but only on android, I installed the lite version the the other half’s phone and it seemed to work well.
  9. mpgscott

    E61. . . . Loves and hates

    What’s up you got rough bearings on the water pump? looks like a decent day for working on the car?
  10. mpgscott

    E61. . . . Loves and hates

    Yep, ive had a check on realoem and there are a few choices. I will check out that seller. Cheers
  11. mpgscott

    E61. . . . Loves and hates

    Will do, perfect sir.. Yeh they look to be the same accross a number of models. Yep, im going to order one to have.. Dont suppose you know which belt is needed if you have the self levelling suspension?? Is self levelling the E61 so air and lights go up and down when you switch on? Thinking this is the ebay one for mine: 293603677411
  12. mpgscott

    E61. . . . Loves and hates

    Many thanks good to know. Im holding off until the weather improves so think i will get the bmw thermostat as both yourself and Gonzo suggest this is the best method. Then will take the belt off and check the pump and see what like. Cars on 108K but its 16 in April so no record of it being changed. £46 on the bay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MEYLE-313-220-0006-WATER-PUMP-AUTO/222820224827?epid=651937433&hash=item33e11ecf3b:g:s1sAAOSwN0Zf-S7x happy days.
  13. mpgscott

    E61 535d water pump and thermostat

    Would it be the case that the water pump is not a tight fit in its location so you can get away with a bit of the old gasket being present?
  14. mpgscott

    E61. . . . Loves and hates

    Cheers Ollie, good to know to be honest. I was thinking ECP as I when I do the main thermostat then I will check how the bearings and pump feel as well as the belt, so using ECP is an easy option as I can get something straight away if I find out its goosed. So good to know your thoughts. Only thing i don’t like with ECP now is that they give you so many choices, when i look at water pump for mine there are three options, doesn’t give you any fitment detail differences so guaranteed you will get the wrong one. Only difference I can see is price, you can get one for £54 but will it be correct, same issue when i look up belts, from what i can tell they have an option which states self leveling so i imagine this is for the headlights which with active xeons would suggest i do have self leveling. They used to be so good but now i pretty much guarantee I will get the wrong one first go.
  15. mpgscott

    E61. . . . Loves and hates

    Did you go for an OEM bmw pump or aftermarket? £103 from BMW.