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  1. caterhamnut

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Only had the car for 24hrs, so lots of jobs! 530D M Sport Touring....one of the jobs, lift up the rear seat to find build sheet - and clear the mess underneath - also remove the phone base sliding arm rest to fit non-phone version...
  2. caterhamnut

    Joining the E39 fold...

    Thanks Duncan - I hope so! It was a bit of an impulse - was actually messaging with a friend who is an E39'oholic, talking about some of the Alpinas that are currently for sale at around 10k - was browsing ebay as we chatted and this came up with 40 mins left on the auction, and was at about £1500 - my mate said 'GET IT' - I popped a price in, expecting it to immediatly go up - but that was it - so about £1527 I think! *gulp* - anyway - eyes open, I hope it is a good un, and I'll do what I can myself on it, so should be fun.... Not seen it yet, picking up on Monday after a one-way lift, so fingers crossed!!
  3. caterhamnut

    Joining the E39 fold...

    Introducing myself - just got a 530D M Sport Touring, slightly unexpectedly won on ebay for a low price - probably saved me a fair bit as I was looking at some of the Alpinas currently on sale. I accept that I'll need to spend some money on the 530D, I'm sure - hopefully cosmetic, but I'll do most stuff myself. Always wanted one since the BMW Hire films, and 'Star' - ok, it isn't an M5 - but I was supposed to be looking for a Citroen Berlingo, I'm not complaining! Had an E21 232i years ago - only car I wished I had never sold... Picking her up on Monday - so fingers crossed as first drive will be about 2.5hrs back home! I'll post some proper pictures then - these are from the ebay ad... ....this will be my 'sensible' car, to go with my Caterham and a VW Campervan I have had for 28 years!