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  1. Ahh good. I’ve been looking for months! Planning on getting one very soon.
  2. Noooooo. More completion for a similar car. Curse you. Haha! Welcome back!
  3. i probably will, but it’s the risk of if one of my kids go ill whilst in school... I wouldn’t be in good books at all! I’ll have to see what I can do. (Apart from prey)
  4. Yeah. Think it’s gonna happen for the other guy. this is the only other 530i. But man.... what awful pictures. Car is filthy inside. Tow bar would have to be removed for me. Passenger seat blooms very worn. And way more miles than the silver one. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-530-3-0-AUTO-i-M-SPORT-TOURING-LEATHER-SAT-NAV-SERVICE-HISTORY/264915791437?hash=item3dae362e4d:g:xHgAAOSw2S1fhWXL
  5. Speaking to the chap about the 530i and he’s got someone from London coming to view his motor on Saturday. I won’t be able to get there in that time. So potentially missed out on it. Praying for a miracle perhaps and the chap cancels.
  6. That’s it. In an ideal world there would be way more petrol variants available. But unfortunately there’s a lot more diesels.
  7. That is something I’ve been seriously thinking about over night. The big what if a turbo goes the 535d m sport I saw was £6400. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202008283038823?price-to=7500&postcode=ll115fs&include-delivery-option=on&transmission=Automatic&make=BMW&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&advertising-location=at_cars&radius=1500&body-type=Estate&aggregatedTrim=M Sport&sort=distance&model=5 SERIES&page=1 I have put a wanted ad on here for one but no avail. I may pop a wanted ad on a Facebook group. Although some groups I see on Facebook are a bit too much for my liking. Too many “lads” at times. I have been thinking just getting a saloon, due to more choice and needing a new car. But I’ve said I want a touring so don’t want to regret the decision. There is also this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-530I-TOURING-ESTATE-5-SERIES-3-OL-PETROL-M-SPORT/23376067465 its quite a distance from me. I have been sent a video of the motor and does look nice. Spoke to the chap a bit and he said he scoured hard for it, but due to COVID he has no need for the car now.
  8. I’ll maybe after try and sneak across the border. I prefer radio 2! Now here’s a bad period of my life... when commuting many years ago, I stuck into the routine of listening to the Archers on radio 4! Loved how cheesy it was! Ha Haha i’m pretty rubbish at gambling! A chocolate warranty. Sounds tasty but worthless ha! I’ve seen a F11 525d this evening, for not much more than the 535d. 145k on the clock. But it’s the 2 litre variant with the twin turbo. Steering wheel is very worn. Many thanks for the questions to ask the dealer. I’ll jot them down so they’re next to me on the call.
  9. True. The partner crossed the border today and was no Policing. But I guess I may be able to go pick up a car as I’m a key worker?
  10. when checking the mot history I think it said that the battery cable recall is still ongoing. Totally forgot it was in there. But thank you. if I was happy with the car, and was going to purchase it. They will deliver. Am I right in thinking I have a certain period of cover? Is it 14 days and if I’m not happy can send it back (but having to pay for it to be picked up)
  11. Evening all, organised an online video viewing of a 535d for Tuesday. was hoping to do it once Wales come out of lockdown... then England thought they’d get in one the fun. Typical! Just wondering what sort of questions I should be asking the dealer? There’s the (to me) the electrics in the rear due to the wiring going through hinge. I assume any questions regarding EGR/DPF? The mot history history of the car looks decent. any pointers will be gladly appreciated.
  12. LukeG88

    2007 Bmw 335d LCI

    great thread on it here.
  13. LukeG88

    E39 530i Sport

    Sold pending viewing to @Pete Soulby
  14. LukeG88

    E61 M Sport 6 cylinder

    Looking for a E61 M Sport 6 cylinder. Don’t mind between diesel or petrol, but ideally petrol, but these seem to be unicorns. Would like the car to have tinted rears (no problem if not) pro nav xenon auto heated seats Budget is around £6k. thanks.