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  1. Capnophobe

    Looking at ‘79 528i

    Tell me if you spot any red flags with the body, motor, interior with the provided pictures. I really think this is looking clean without getting a closer look so any criticism is welcome and encouraged!
  2. Capnophobe

    Looking at ‘79 528i

    On bit, but I’ll keep that in mind! I am having some trouble finding project threads could you point me in the right direction? Thank you for the forum info, and everything else. I appreciate all the help being pretty green with bmw and forums, so thank you a bunch! And I might post a few pics of the 528i just so those here can see how pretty this car is!
  3. Capnophobe

    Looking at ‘79 528i

    Thank you again Duncan! I’ll be going to see the car sometime this week, checking for rust, accidents, frame damage and just overall feel of the car, if I find I like it and it’s in adequate shape (no frame damage, light/no rust). Alright, I might do some reading on that L-tronic but thank you! I’ll keep the thread up to date on what I find and what I do, and I’ll keep up with questions if I come up with anymore, thank for all the help!
  4. Capnophobe

    Looking at ‘79 528i

    So if they’re similar to the e28 do you know if parts are relatively easy to swap at least between e12 and e28? I realize that it would likely be down to specific parts and applications, but I am curious and lacking knowledge. Thank you for your input sandip, glad to know the forums are still kicking!
  5. Capnophobe

    Looking at ‘79 528i

    I’m glad to hear the engines are more common, if not aged and aging faster. I’ve had some concerns about the fuel injection system also as I’ve heard those Bosch L-Jetronic units are pricey to service if not worthy of full fuel system replacement. I believe I’ve found a pristine model, a ‘79 528i. I don’t know whether it’s okay to post listings in the forums, but the interior is in great shape, car has 200,000 miles, the listing says it’s got no leaks and runs fine, I haven’t gone to see it yet as I want to learn a bit more about them before I jump on this one. Maybe I’ll read through the forum rules and whatnot so as to avoid any problems, but thank you for the info duncan it’s much appreciated!
  6. Capnophobe

    Looking at ‘79 528i

    Hello all, I’m new to the forums here, but I was looking for some information on e12’s as I can’t seem to find much of anything. Was wondering if parts are easy to find and if they’re pricey, how long the motors last, what common issues do the cars have, any info at all would be greatly appreciated, tell me what you know! And it’s good to be here!