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  1. Burba

    Hello to everyone! Here is my 540i

    Nice I will for sure! waiting for full service in two weeks time and hoping will sort out some issues by myself.
  2. Burba

    Hello to everyone! Here is my 540i

    Nice, thanks for advice!
  3. Hello, I would like to introduce myself a bit. I`m Lithuanian who lives in England for over 10 years right now in Preston Lancashire. I was always fascinated by BMW cars, but never had one before this. In last 5-7 years I was into VOLVO cars, so I had some interesting ones like 2007 S60 2.5T 210BHP or 2003 S60 also 2.5T but R version with AWD and 300bhp and for the last 3 years my daily drive is S60 2011 D5 245BHP (stage 1). So like I mention before I have no history with BMW car at all. This is the first one and scary one for me, so let introduce my new car. I just bought 2003 BMW 540i automatic with 51.600m on clock (yes 51k with all service history from BMW dealer and had only 1 owner before me). It is BMW Individual with full M pack and also I have been told this is champagne edition. First owner passed away in 2009 and car have been parked for very long time around 10 years when last year his daughter decided to pass MOT and park back to garage for next year so since 2019 July car made only 4 miles. In overall car is in good shape never had accidents there is no deep scratch marks on body, but still need full polish, you can tell It was sitting for very long time. So bad bits I noticed so far: 1.Fuel gouge not working (C7 Tank Level Sensor 1) (D7 Tank Level Sensor 2) this is code reader. 2. It keep saying from time to time I need to fill coolant, but code reader say there is problem with thermostat. 3. Fuel pump is making very loud noise, but I believe fuel filter change maybe will sort it out , will see. 4. Rear park sensor sometime glitch and keep beeping. And that`s it there is no noise from engine no rattles or strange noises gearbox working smooth. At the moment my plans is to do full service all filters all liquids need to be changed. I would like to get any advice from you guys what do I need to check what is common faults on this cars etc. Also how much it will cost to change chain, I know it is big job and might be mega expensive, but please share your information about it. Have a nice day all!