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  1. AmxelShah

    Error Code Tacho? (E34 5 series)

    Update I disconnected the battery for a couple of days, (got busy so couldn't do anything right away), charged the battery fully, and then plugged it back in, the car started fine no errors, did not miss a beat, it then cut off again so I got my mechanic to check it over, the terminals weren't showing any charge, meaning that the alternator wasn't making any electricity. The car was running solely off the battery which would last a couple of hours then cut out. So I need to get the alternator sorted, when I started it a second time it came up with the "TRANS" error, I've had that before and it was again just the old battery needing replacing, or maybe even back then it was the Alternator. I'll keep this forum updated in case any other owners go through similar, or get the code randomly.
  2. AmxelShah

    Error Code Tacho? (E34 5 series)

    Hi, I don't have the tools to read and write the EEPROM and/or coding plug, if it comes to that I'll take the car to someone who knows what they're doing. I've read on other forums to try disconnecting the battery, letting it drain for a day or two, then coming back, jump-starting the car, and driving it for an hour. Apparently, this resets the OBC and clears the code. I will give an update if this is the case, I disconnected the batteries yesterday so later on today I'll give it a try
  3. AmxelShah

    Code tacho in obd doing my nut in!

    Hi....how did you fix this?
  4. Hi all, so I own a low mileage E34 5 series and the dashboard is reading "Error Tacho" followed by Miles/Kmh. Theirs some back story here.... I took the car out one night just to drive around as he was sat for a couple of weeks, so I let the car warm up and took it not much more than a mile out. I sat did some work, let the engine run, switched it off after a while started it up, went for a small drive came back, and then went to say hi to a fellow enthusiast. Here's where it gets weird. I parked the car up and left the engine running and as we were literally discussing how good the older engines are the car starts reving in and out at Idle, almost as if it was trying to keep itself on (their was. a quarter tank of fuel)(still is), then the car shuts off. Weird. The first time it ever happened. So I turned the ignition on, no errors and thought it best to give the car a moment before turning it back on, engine temp was fine as well. Fifteen minutes later I turn the car back on and again no issues, the only thing I found weird was the power steering was much much lighter, I felt like I could turn it with my elbows I need be. I get home and as I'm reversing into the drive, again the car shuts off, this time "Error code Tacho, Miles/Kmh, Owners handbook". So I just wanted to know if anyone has ever experienced this and how they've gone about fixing it, a few people have said it could be the fuel pump but I've ruled that out since I started the car the next day and moved it, once I had literally finished parking the second time it cut out again. I tried starting it but it just ticks and clicks no actual turnover. (but if you try again ten mins later full turn overdrives but gives the error code and cuts out again). So if anyone ever experienced this before please let know what to do, it's a 1991 E34 BMW 525i SE Automatic and his only covered 46,000. Any suggestions and help is much appreciated. Attached a few pictures, let me know any thoughts (for the record I never drove the car in the snow but couldn't let the opportunity for the pictures get away)
  5. AmxelShah

    Purchasing a BMW 525i SEA

    I am loving this read, thank you so much for referring me to this, as honestly, I wouldn't have been able to spot half these issues when I go for the collection I will inspect all of this. So due to COVID, I could only drive it within the parking area, which was large but no chance of getting it up to anything above 30/40+, the steering felt fine if a little floaty, accurate but as you described it stayed on target.
  6. AmxelShah

    Purchasing a BMW 525i SEA

    Hi mate, yeah put a deposit down on it, could you send me where the jacking points are and let me know how to properly check the sills. I've given then a look over but being honest it's my first time inspecting such an old car. I'll update you on how it is once I've given it a thorough look, How much would you expect it to be, 2 owners from new, full BMW Service history, even has the original receipt for the car
  7. AmxelShah

    Purchasing a BMW 525i SEA

    Hi, thank you for your input it is appreciated, I drove it and had a thorough look around, I couldn't see anything to the naked eye but it started and drove fine, I do plan on taking it back to BMW for a full Once over, however I did want to ask you, say if the Ball joins or parts of the suspension are corroded, I have a three hour drive back, after driving it I don't see it struggling with such a journey, but as I said in the last comment, when turning right there is a scraping noise coming from the front right side, would you have any idea what this is, it is coming from around where the wheel is.
  8. AmxelShah

    Purchasing a BMW 525i SEA

    Hi, so I went and viewed this car and it has Ample history, sharp eye noticing the badge on the back as in the history it has had a hit in the back but also was repaired by BMW and still has the "Certificate of Repair" given by BMW. The history book is full BMW and the mileage is still puzzling me as the history from the quick look I had does line up, so maybe just Miles/Km issue. I couldn't take it on a full test drive but upon turning Right hard (or to put some context in sharp right/long right/long right corner) there is a scraping noise from the front right, not sure what it is but the breaks feel fine, bar some corrosion on the rear disks. It needs coolant, but this is just normal for this car, beyond that the electrics work and it rides fine. The Engine Starts Strong and runs smooth, I do want to jack it up before I make my final decision and have a thorough look at the underside but I have been told it was garaged for the majority of its life.
  9. AmxelShah

    Purchasing a BMW 525i SEA

    Hi, thank you for the response, if I notice the wobbles is this a good thing or a bad thing? E.g. it'll be something to look into in the very near future or something that can wait?
  10. AmxelShah

    Purchasing a BMW 525i SEA

    Hi, how would one properly check for corrosion?
  11. AmxelShah

    Purchasing a BMW 525i SEA

    Hi there, I recently spotted a BMW 525i Auto SE for sale, it has near enough full BMW Service History and 2 owners from new, beyond that I want to know what to look out for, from rust spots to common issues to parts and how to check the engine for faults, it's a 1991 model with 46K on the clock. Let me know if you would like any pictures or details. It would be brilliant if I could get in touch with the previous owner.