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  1. Shoaib KhanHS

    Jacking up the rear

    As above, you can jack from the diff, I personally use a block of wood ontop of the trolley jack, make sure front is chocked. Then axle stands. I have tried some metal ramps but they are way too narrow so wouldn't leave car on them for too long. You will need access to arches anyway so Axle stands should be perfect for the job.
  2. Shoaib KhanHS

    Wheel spacers

    I'm running 20mm spacers up front with 0 rubbing issues. Staggered M pars and oem tyre sizes, although I am on stock suspension. Not sure if 20mm would be ok once lowered. As for which spacers, I'm using the Precision ones along with a stud conversion kit from Mtec same as what Dan suggested. You can get open ended locking nuts in the stud configuration too if needed. Some say its pointless to have locking nuts on studs as the studs have a hex on the face which you use to install/uninstall it hence may be able to get around the locking nut. But in my experience there is no way you're using the hex to remove the stud with the wheel installed. More likely to round the hex off. As for handling, I can't say I've noticed any difference at all positive or negative. Don't really put much miles on her in lockdown.
  3. Shoaib KhanHS

    Angel eyes LED MOT fail

    Use BMW Scanner to code out the cold check. That will stop them flickering.
  4. Shoaib KhanHS

    Anyone know what head unit surround this is???

    Looks like one that@DennisCooper produces.
  5. Shoaib KhanHS

    Static Shocks

    Change your fabrics. Or touch part of the metal before you exit and the static should get discharged without any shocks. Hate it myself but to do with what type of material I'm wearing.
  6. Shoaib KhanHS

    New here - E39 540i

    Haha. Bring the ban hammer I see there are plenty how-to's. Don't worry I've been part of forums before so I know how to search before I go asking silly questions Facebook bantz are fun though
  7. Shoaib KhanHS

    PDC noise on door opening

    Same thing happened to me @Qasim. I plugged in INPA to see which sensor was going off and it was the rear middle left one too. I replaced it with a £25 one off ebay already colour coded and has been sorted since. So perhaps the replacement was also faulty? I'd swap it with one of the other known working sensors on the car & see if the fault moves.
  8. Shoaib KhanHS

    New here - E39 540i

    Hi All, I've owned my e39 540i for nearly a year. I've done a few subtle mods to my car over the short time I've owned it. I did have an account previously but never really used it and lost the login details. Plan to stick around for a while so long as I can survive the financial ruin of maintaining a V8