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  1. db9

    e34 HU upgrade with BT

    Hi, Dennis Yes I agree, it is about performance without breaking the bank. I'm considering the modified c33/cd43 HU route if I can find one in good working shape and of course an online search for a cd43 reveals that the price can be steep when compared to an aftermarket unit. Performance does matter and the work of modification doesn't put me off, it will be a matter of cost balanced against the appearance. I'm not really stuck on the OEM look but a lot of the aftermarket (if not all) look as they are better situated in a night club. A look on the Alpine or Sony website(s) shows a few items but wonder if the backlight will match up to the OEM look and as well what do they look like in person. A search on say Crutchfield shows a lot of single DIN receivers but off brand (not sure of the quality, just my opinion BTW with no specific knowledge) and a lot of units (Alpine HD149 for example) listed as discontinued. Your e34 build looked good but if you were trying to do that build now quality 1 DIN units are harder to find and I would not know what HU's I would look for (new or used) as this is a topic that I'm not knowledgeable. 2 DIN is the current market place, hence the idea of a modified unit. If you have any specific suggestions I'm all ears !! if you prefer to send a PM please do. Thank you, Stephen
  2. Hi .. The little I know is that single DIN units are hard to find (at least something that looks like it belongs).. We have new to us, a 95 e34 530iT. The main idea for up-dating is to add BT for streaming. According to the VIN we have S694 & S640 previsions for CD changer and Phone. The current HU is the basic am/fm tape (C33?) Is the smartest update path to find a CD43 and then add a aftermarket BT adapter to the CD plug? From what I understand that the CD43 is also a sound quality upgrade as well. Is there a particular year of vehicle that may contain this HU that I should look for (assuming that I may be lucky enough to find one) This would possibly give me some search criteria or do I just search/enquire about CD43 HU? Or after finding a CD43 and a aftermarket BT and related cost are we just better off getting a new Bremen HU (not cheap and seems in short supply at least in N/A) or one of the Continental HU? Thank you, Stephen
  3. db9

    e34 530i - lowering

    Just an update in case other want to know. We ordered a setup from, LowTec 45/30 drop. Combined with a set of 18" (staggered) M-Parallels. Parts took about a month to arrive in Canada from Europe and we installed about 2 weeks ago. So far we are happy with the results and will see where she finally settles.
  4. Hello, Going thru and baselining our 95 e34 530iT (Canadian car with DRL), part of things on the to do list is take a look at improving the low beam performance. Just getting my feet wet on this topic and wanted to hear from others what they have found to be a worthwhile change. While it had been suggested to replace to replace the low beam units adapting in a Morimoto (or similar ) projector unit, I would like to keep the look of the e34. I was planning to at the bare minimum to replace the current lamp assemblies with OEM hella units and some new bulbs (HB4) What would be the suggested upgrade path ? 1) use the existing housings and replace the bulb with some form of HID bulb (4500k ?) 2) use the existing housings and use a different halogen bulb? 3) Something else I should consider? And then some form of high beam improvement for those really dark night time drives? Thanks for reading
  5. db9

    e34 530i - lowering

    Thanks.. Flandy - how much drop did you go with?
  6. db9

    e34 530i - lowering

    Hello, 1st post, new to e34's and first touring. Recently sold e28 533i to make way for the Touring. The new car is a 95 530i auto with M60b30 engine. I'm located in Canada and this is a non-SLS car. Wanting to drop the car to close the gaps but finding availability of springs in N/A (so far) not listed - so looking to Europe as Touring's appear to be more popular. Suggestions for what is currently available (H&R, Bilstein) and online shops (PM regarding shops please). Thank you