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  1. All, 1995 530iT - within the battery tray area there is a hole that is used for the battery vent. Under the area where the battery hold down is located there is a second hole - only seen from the underside - is there supposed to be a blind plug in this hole? Thank you,
  2. Just to update if anyone is interested.. Installed the radio with the (+) connected and with the radio HU (-) capped. All works as expected. From what I'm led to believe this is a way of limiting the aftermarket HU output (speaker level output) to a lower level so that not to overpower the line input of the factory AMP. I have been looking for 1995 e34 530iT AMP information (specification) but unable to find anything. My install is easy to "change" if I need to correct as it's all done via the harness adapter that I put together. The factory installed radio (that was removed) is a Pioneer KE-91ZBM which I found the specs for comparison.
  3. So bulb checked out Ok but the socket plastic had been discoloured by heat/age - swapped left to right and all works - cleaned contacts and will order a new socket for down the road. Thank you,
  4. Thank you all, I'll confirm and post back as I'm away from the car for a bit..
  5. Hi Hamish, according to RealOEM 41218120964 is the number for our 95 530i Touring - this is available from both FCP and ECS here in NA. Your in Dublin - so I looked at Schmiedmann - they state or suggest that is an old number and list 41218186446 as the item to use - not sure if these are interchangeable. whom else in Europe can you use as a supplier? Stephen
  6. Hi Geoff, no pic as I’m not near the car, but yes the white clip.. Stephen
  7. So changed and secured the hatch struts (with safety clip) however a couple of the clips used to secure the cover need to be replaced I use RealOEM and I'm having an issue trying to identify the part number of the clips (searching using VIN GF81171) (Image from Bentley)
  8. Sharkfan, Thank you , I'll check and let the forum know what I find..
  9. Left rear tail light bulb (Canadian car with DRL) always require replacement - It does work - new bulb will last for a period of time until filament is blown and error message again shown on instrument panel. I need to check the socket etc but a blown filament would indicate a voltage spike - the ETM shows the LH bulb comes thru the LCM from Left park light relay - this relay also connects to the front lamp thru the LCM and the front lamp is ok. signs of a LCM error ? Any thing to check? Thank you
  10. We have a 1995 530i Touring as as luck would have it very little rust as it is low mileage (95K) and wasn't driven much if at all in winter (Canada) Short story - battery died, removed seat etc and we found PO had fitted a new battery but hadn't bolted it in nor installed the battery vent - the surface rust in the battery location is from battery vent gases possibly or moisture from the gromit in the floor - who knows I have no real paint or body work experience (other than making things straight) - what I do have is mechanical and fabrication experience While this is minor stuff what would be the way forward to clean this up? brush the surface and primer? some form of rust converter or encapsulate then primer etc.. What products would be suggested? Like I said I have no experience with this type of work. If not here what forum(s) would be suggested to ask questions.
  11. t.wak.. Did your "genuine" ones come with the retainer that Flandy mentions? Wondering if I should order balljoints at the same time as delivery times for me in Canada as ridiculous as everything comes from the US.. but hate buying what I may never need or use. Thanks
  12. Different ..on the stabilus units we had the end looked like .. I'll order some clips, thank you. Stephen
  13. Hello, 1995 530i Touring, tailgate struts required replacement.. the units that were on the car were Stabilus units and these have been replaced by "Genuine BMW" (51248149327 & 51248149328).. The issue is the new units will pop off the ball headed bolt though not all the time and will happen on both sides. The ball headed bolt shows no sign of wear etc and the tailgate strut "snaps" on as one would expect. Is there a secondary retainer? On realOEM I see a safety clip listed (07119987611) and wondering if this is what is missing and if so any images as to how they are meant to be installed? The Stabilus unit(s) had a secondary clip as part of the unit hence why I ask. Thank you..
  14. Hello, Projects are slow on our e34 530iT due to recent surgery limiting physical ability but I am gathering parts - replacing the current radio with a Continental TRD7412. Radio and ISO harness are on order. Because our car is a North American model, the Touring has 10 speakers and Amplifier (though I haven't located the Amp yet). Looking for wiring clarification - I have read and possibly incorrectly understand that with aftermarket head units you DO NOT want to connect the -ve speaker output of the head unit? I am referring to comments on "other" sites stating that BMW doesn't use (-) terminals for speakers - cap the (-) and only connect (+) I'm confused as the ETM shows +\- connections from the head unit to the AMP. With the Continental - just connect (+) and cap the (-)? Thank you
  15. Within RealOEM.. Single component Harness Repair.. https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=HK23-USA-04-1995-E34-BMW-530i&diagId=61_2861 There is the listing for circular contact and snap-in receptacle - these are used in various connectors around the car - e34 audio for one as well as on the e28 for the diagnostic connector. These items are available from the various BMW part suppliers - typically about 1.50$ US per piece, so the cost can add up quickly. Has anyone who has done harness repair found a source of these items cross referenced to a AMP or Molex part number? This would allow me to purchase from a electronic supply house ( IE. Newark, DIgiKey or Mouser) where you're able to buy in bulk and keep costs in check. Thank you,