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  1. £6750 ono This is not your usual poverty spec BMW 520d Touring (F11), this car comes with some pretty rare and very useful options. I looked around for ages before buying this car a year ago for a new job (that was going to involve a lot of miles on the road). I am only selling this now as I am changing jobs and my commute has reduced massively. The car has only covered about 6000 miles since it was last serviced a year ago thanks to the lockdowns, and it comes with a fresh 12-month MOT with no advisories. The car can be viewed in North Devon, but I would be more than happy to meet somewhere reasonable for my travel costs to deliver. I could meet to view in the West London area over the next few days. There have only been two previous owners, and up until the last service (which was carried out by the garage I bought it off) the car has a full BMW service history with some big jobs carried out in the recent past. The most important one for the N47 engine is that the timing chain was replaced by BMW in January 2020. It would have (obviously) had an oil change at that point, then again in July 2020, and I have only done 6000 miles since. The new owner can keep up more frequent oil changes to stave off any future issues with the new timing chain. A lot of other BMW invoices come with the car for various jobs (as you can see in the photos). The original owners pack, and the approved used owners pack come with the car. It has a complete history with it. The car has a few small stone chips on the front, and there is a small amount of corrosion on the alloys, but overall, the paintwork is in really good condition. The paint has clearly been well looked after (no swirl marks or major blemishes), and the alloys have no heavy curbing. Given the mileage it is in great condition. Inside it is very good too, with minimal wear throughout. The tyres all have at least 4mm tread, the fronts are Goodyears, the rears Pirelli. It is in mechanically excellent condition. I fitted and coded a new rear shock (the shocks on this car have Electronically Controlled Dampers – EDC fitted) to replace one that was leaking badly, plus two new lower wishbone arms as the ball joints had gone. These were the only issues on the latest MOT. The Dynamic Damper Control (or EDC) system is amazing, you get the best of all worlds, the comfort and ride of an SE, plus when you want to far firmer suspension put it in Sport and off you go (body control in all modes is exceptional). It is amazing how capable the car can be given it is a big 5 series. It is a great option to have on the car, and really a very rare option on a 520d. The 8-speed auto gearbox has had a recent oil change and shifting is smooth. A genuine ZF sump pan was fitted with genuine ZF Lifeline 8 oil. So you have peace of mind knowing this has been carried out. It has the optional paddle shifters fitted, so when the mood takes you, you can have full manual control over the gearbox from the paddles. The car ride is tight and no knocks or creaks, mechanically it is spot on and drives like new. The car is fitted with the surround view camera system (another pretty rare option on a 520d), with reversing camera, park assist (using the Top View cameras) and front corner mounted Side View cameras (ideal for pulling out of tight junctions as the nose is pretty long on this car). There is a common failure of the nearside front Side View camera cable which gets water ingress, and the camera fails. My car had this fault when I bought it, but I got a new genuine replacement cable from BMW and repaired this (which was a pain of a job) but the system now fully works (see photos). Another excellent and really rare option on the car is the Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go. This is a radar cruise system which will brake the car to a standstill (great for slow moving traffic) and maintain a distance to the car in front. If you plan to commute any distance this makes driving effortless. Finally, there is the visibility pack, with adaptive xenon headlights (that “steer” round corners) and main beam assist (which is awesome). I will miss the headlights on this car, they are really very good. Other than these the car comes with some other options and all the usual refinements: powered tailgate, ambient interior lighting, auto wipers, front heated seats (black leather seats), dipping nearside wing mirror to help reversing (not that you need it with all the cameras!), auto dimming rear view mirror and wing mirrors, auto wipers, electric adjustable seats with memory function, power folding wing mirrors (will fold in with a long press of the lock button), climate control (blows nice and cold). The car is not fitted with the professional navigation system (in fact it does not have navigation at all), but it does have Bluetooth enabled and USB/line in connection. I fitted a Brodit mount for my phone to the dashboard (which I will leave attached to the car – you just need to buy the cradle specific to your phone). Fitting the cradle did not require any drilling/cutting to fit so it can be removed without leaving a mark. I then retrofitted the OEM 12V socket hidden under the glovebox which made it a pretty neat install (see photos). I then just used my mobile for navigation and for streaming music over Bluetooth (a phone is way better than the pretty rubbish pro nav system). The car can be paired to two mobile phones. I’m sure I have missed some stuff, but as I mentioned this is not your usual run-of-the-mill 520d, and I hope it goes to a good home! Any questions get in touch.
  2. Jetski

    Side View Camera Failure

    Success! Thanks for the help, your guidance and photos made this a pretty straightforward job. Weirdly the blower motor lifted straight out with no resistance at all, I think it might have been removed at some point in the past. I did buy the cable kit from Cotswold in the end, so if anyone stumbles across this thread with the same issue and needs a cable I have a spare I can sell you!
  3. Jetski

    F11 Shock dust cover

    Hi, Could I please get a quote for the shock dust cover for a BMW F11 - 33536784122? Many thanks.
  4. Jetski

    F11 side view camera cable

    PM sent
  5. Jetski

    F11 side view camera cable

    Many thanks, payment just sent via PayPal.
  6. Jetski

    F11 side view camera cable

    Thank you, I'd like to order the kit in that case! Should I use the original order reference?
  7. Jetski

    F11 side view camera cable

    Hi, Thanks for the quote. Could you give me a breakdown of the costs for each item as I only need to buy one or the other. Thank you.
  8. Jetski

    F11 side view camera cable

    Hi, I'm after a cable for the front nearside side view camera for my F11 520d. Can I please get a quote for the following items: 61119326454 (which I believe is the left side only cable) 61119381284 (which is the kit of both left and right cables) Many thanks.
  9. Jetski

    Side View Camera Failure

    Thanks, I'll give BMW a call and see how their prices compare to eBay. I was considering buying both and selling one on as you mention. I have an F11 so it's good to know that I don't need to strip the boot trim. And I will most definitely be leaving the old cable in place. Will let you know how I get on!
  10. Jetski

    Side View Camera Failure

    Thank you @M5STU that's great. I'll order one in the morning. Your and Matthew's photos and info are spot on. This is a great community on here.
  11. Jetski

    Side View Camera Failure

    Thanks. I'm looking forward to getting the camera working again. Regarding the cable part number, is 61119326454 the correct number for just the left cable? If you look on eBay it would appear so.
  12. Jetski

    Side View Camera Failure

    Thanks both, I've just swapped the cables and you are 100% correct, it's the cable... The offside image was displayed on the nearside on the screen, and the offside camera now has the fault, i.e the nearside cable is knackered! Looks like I'm ordering a new one in the morning... It's a pain as there is no physical corrosion at all, must just be water ingress into the cable itself. It was good to be absolutely certain before I commit to this.... Is the hardest bit of the job getting the blower housing out?
  13. Jetski

    Side View Camera Failure

    Very good point, I'll try that and let you know!
  14. Jetski

    Side View Camera Failure

    Hi all, I've got the dressed side camera failure on my car (nearside)! I've removed the camera and there is no visible corrosion on the connectors, either the cable or camera. I've looked in ISTAR and the current draw on the camera when connected is zero. I've swapped the cameras over and the fault persists, but this has shown me that the nearside camera is working fine (so two good cameras). This would indicate a fault in the cable, but I guess it could also be the control unit. I assume that control unit failure is pretty rare, but just wanted an opinion before I bite the bullet and order a new cable. Thanks.