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  1. I've got that Exide battery as well it's been good. I believe Exide are a really big supplier and many companies just buy Exide wholesale and re-brand.
  2. bmwPower

    High pitch scrapping noise

    pads are low and the squeal is the indicator noise or oossibly something stuck between the dust shield and disc? But low pads for 2 years seems a bit much. Needs an inspection.
  3. bmwPower

    Disc and pad replacement disaster!!

    I bought brembo discs and pads from gsf. they sat on my floor for 2-3 months before I fitted them. Imagine going for a refund or replacement after that amount of time. Wtf can't they get the fitment right based on your reg like the main dealer?
  4. bmwPower

    Drive-train error message

    Has your car had the egr cooler recall done?
  5. bmwPower

    McGard locking nut removal

    Yeah it could damage other parts not least slipping and cracking the alloy. but I was close to dousing the car in petrol and setting it on fire. If I had a welder I would just spot weld the ring in place and the use a 12 point socket or Irvine extractor.
  6. bmwPower

    Disc and pad replacement disaster!!

    Tricky situation, I feel a lot of sympathy for everyone involved. It's a right pain. This happens to garages EVERYDAY when they source parts themselves. That's why, as you have mentioned, you have to compare parts regardless of where or who they are coming from. Even the main dealer makes mistakes. They sound like a good outfit though that are doing their best.
  7. bmwPower

    McGard locking nut removal

    Happened to me as well. The problem with all the methods you have tried is that the spinning collar circumvents it. I spent a few days removing the collar with a narrow and long cold chisel and then tried hammering on a smaller 12 point cheap socket. This works most of the time . Mine was on very tight so i had to use an Irvine spiral extractor. My set was too small so I went to Indy that had a bigger set, they only charged me £10 and it took 10 mins but it did not work in isolation. He had to get 2 hammers, one being a being a smaller ball pein style and the other a bigger mallet. Placing the ball pein on the lug and then whacking it full gorilla with the heavy mallet. He did this a good few times and it shocks the threads. No heat or lube.
  8. bmwPower

    Output shaft seals fone

    I have seen misting in BMWs including my own where the car was parked at a steep angle daily and all the oil would presumably slosh to one area.
  9. bmwPower

    Brake bleed results?

    I loved the blue stuff but I heard they stopped adding the dye due to some regulation.
  10. bmwPower

    Brake bleed results?

    Used my power bleeder and the pedal has firmed up and the brakes feel more positive. The yellowstuff pads do seem to give a softer pedal feel than stock.
  11. I bought this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Brake-Clutch-Bleeding-Fluid-Bleed-Pressure-Brake-Bleeder-Universal-Tools-3L-1L-/184088017144?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 They all look the same and I'm sure they come out of the same favtory. This chap talks about common failure points on these style power bleeders and how it's mainly an assembly issue.
  12. bmwPower

    Brake bleed results?

    I agree they should check the fluid but would only check the fluid from the bleed nipple. In theory the fluid should all mix but we've all seen fluid come out of calipers that is worse than the reservoir. I bought a very cheap brake fluid tester off e-bay and got some fresh fluid in a container and and started adding water in very small quantities. The cheapo tester is extremely sensitive and immediately detected any water, so if it shows green then i'm happy!
  13. bmwPower

    Brake bleed results?

    I've had a pig of a time with bleeding my brakes. Flushed the fluid after changing discs and pads and then bled using 2 man method + DSC activation in ISTA. The pedal feels softer than before. Just bought a power bleeder and will try using that instead.
  14. Bit the bullet and bought a power brake bleeder. I've been blaming my yellowstuff pads for being rubbish after installation but it's just air in the line after I did a flush.
  15. Sorry to hear about this rather large bill. I'm interested to know possible causes? Water damage/accident/dodgy after market ICE/ jump starting other cars? Anyone have any ideas? I didn't think ECUs randomly grenaded?