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    '94 E34 540i/6 Sedan, '94 E34 540i/6 Touring, '94 E32 740i, '81 E24 635CSi etc
  1. Uber Soldat

    E34 Touring - 525i to 540i 6 speed

    Replaced some seals: Right engine mount: Left engine mount: Alternator power cable and knock sensors: Waterpump: Coolant accumulator: Dampner: Alternator: Tensioners and pulleys: Belts and power steering pump: Redone power steering line and more stuff: Tappet cover gaskets are next. Previous owner used copious amounts of gasket maker...yay.
  2. Uber Soldat

    E34 Touring - 525i to 540i 6 speed

    Swapped on another bonnet. Much better condition than the first. Put a stiffner in the rear bumper. Rear crossmember installed. Front passenger door card in. Front drivers door card in. Windscreen wipers installed. 1 x dirty engine. 1 x not so dirty engine.
  3. Uber Soldat

    E34 Touring - 525i to 540i 6 speed

    Some more interior pieces added: We found out why stuff wasn't working in the rear hatch. Sorted. Cut up a front passenger side wiper, trimmed the rear one...and viola. Repaired and painted the hatch tool holder thingy...whatever you call it. Sprayed some more stuff. Some sport seats. Never thought I'd see a brand new M5 rear bumper. And of course you have to "test fit".
  4. Uber Soldat

    E34 Touring - 525i to 540i 6 speed

    Added some sound deadening and heat shielding: Brake master cylinder and ABS unit installed: Aircon compressors stuffs: Steering box and lines: Not entirely sure what this thing does. Apparently its some sort of sensor for the HVAC system: Some front end stuff added: Installed the front fuse box and associated wiring: Couldn't quite decide on a colour... Ready for a carpet: And carpet is in... Rear sedan door cards trimmed slightly and installed: Heater core coolant pipes swapped out for non corroded ones and ready to install: And in Clutch line and other bits added: Dashboard is in: Sometime back we swapped in 540 audio wiring. Since connecting the battery, we found that some of the speakers weren't working. The culprit... Swapped it out and now all speakers emit wonderful noise. Front centre console and glovebox are in.
  5. Uber Soldat

    E34 Touring - 525i to 540i 6 speed

    Engine bay primed: There was a section of metal that had to be removed here as well. And the bay is sprayed: We added some hinges to the tool kit holder thingy.
  6. Uber Soldat

    E34 Touring - 525i to 540i 6 speed

    Installed the fuel return line. V8 cars have this running down the right hand side whereas the inline 6 cars, the line runs down the left hand side. Strangely enough, the attachment points for the brackets that hold the line in place were already on the touring. The rear seat had some pretty rubbish leather. Managed to get some grey leather off a seat in Latvia, swapped it and dyed it black. (Thanks Tom and Benji ) Had to cut some holes in order to run the V8 fuel and brake lines. The inline 6 cars have the lines run on the inside of the left fender rail. If they stayed there with the V8 in place...much boiling will take place. The V8 cars have them running on the outside and through the body as seen below: Removed the autofail and engine from the donor car. The rear subframe will need to be swapped as well. Touring: Donor: Sanded the engine bay and prepped it for paint. Rear seats looking good.
  7. Uber Soldat

    E34 Touring - 525i to 540i 6 speed

    Thank you sir. Profile has been updated Will post more shortly.
  8. Uber Soldat

    E34 Touring - 525i to 540i 6 speed

    Another wagon build thread. (Hi Geoff ) Have wanted one for quite some time. According to some I have spoken to down here, there are only around 26 in the country. Not sure how true that is, but they're pretty darn scarce. We only ever got 525i autos as far as I can tell. So...found the below. Unfortunately it was put into a wall. A friend had bought it for parts, to restore his. After taking the front bits off...yeah, quite bad. Got some quotes to do the repair, good thing I was sitting down. Around a month later, while talking to the previous owner of this here touring, he mentioned that he knew of another abandoned project... Brought it home too: Stripped out the interior to find that 80% of the wiring harness had been cut out. Stripped out the entire harness out of the other touring and put it in this one. Yeah...needing some throwing star covers. Dyed the carpeting and seats black. The plan all along was to swap in a V8. So found a parts car. Transferring some brackets. At one stage it had a complete M5 drivetrain. Wiring harness is mostly in: