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  1. Uber Soldat

    e34 Oxford Green 525i Touring SE - OEM+

    I agree, fantastic job on that headliner. Its quite the daunting task, especially when its one whole piece.
  2. Uber Soldat

    E32 740i with Hartge bits

    Please don't lynch me . Another picture dump. Little history: 1 x 740i with a bad body. Had been hit in the rear and the repairs done were quite bad. The whole car was resprayed in a dark grey and used by a funeral parlour, but it drove great. Cue another 740i with a buggered engine but a much better body. Decided to swap engines etc and make one good car. We took the engine out Front engine is buggered. We suspect it dropped a valve. Rear engine is perfect. The previous owner managed to fry the wiring in the fuse box. Replaced the whole engine harness and most of the body harness. Put some different wheels on: Had found this Hartge kit quite some time ago. Did a little test fitting. The kit came off a long wheel base. Some trimming was needed. The interior sat like this for ages: Stripped out the rest of the carpet. Stripped the grey dash and dyed it black: Installed a grey carpet and put the dashboard in: Dyed some more stuff black: Installed: Installed an engine: Epic 4x4 mode: Tearing down the engine for a good cleaning: Engine ready to go in: More interior bits done. Engine finally in: Installing an autofail: Dying some bits for sport seats: Installed: Doesn't look too bad. Dyed the carpet black: Swapped to some E34 mirrors: The Hartge kit being painted: Hartge kit fitted. Put the chrome bumper trim back including some headlight washers. Also added a rear licence plate holder thingy. And a little bit of lowering The plan now, is to swap it to a 5 speed manual.
  3. Uber Soldat

    E34 540i 6-Speed - with Schnitzer bits

    @d_a_n1979 - Thank you sir. I do agree, white shows off the lines quite nicely. @greenelekta - Thank you sir. I hope so too. @FLX - Those "yes men" are becoming more abundant as well unfortunately. It helps learning how to do things yourself...painting a whole car though... Re buying the E60...my bad @Coupe king - Thank you sir. I must say, I'm not a huge fan of the blue interiors. Suppose I might have liked it more if it was in good condition...mine was very far from that unfortunately. Re the dash swap - Its not that difficult. Not too many screws or bolts either. Wiring isn't too bad, as we leave it attached to the dash. I was very fortunate to be able to piece together the kit when I did, as finding said pieces for decent prices now, is almost impossible.
  4. Uber Soldat

    E34 540i 6-Speed - with Schnitzer bits

    Thank you sir. Tis been a long road with this one. Re the Touring - I'll join that club can't wait either
  5. Uber Soldat

    E34 540i 6-Speed - with Schnitzer bits

    Quite a big picture dump and unfortunately some images have been lost over the years. How it all started in April of 2007. Bog standard 540 auto with rubbish paint. Swapped in a black interior and redid the headliner in suede: Swapped on some M-Pars and lowered it on H&Rs. Found an original Schnitzer front bumper and side skirts at a BMW dealer down here. Managed to find the rear bumper from a gent staying in Okinawa at the time. Had it all painted and fitted Dyed and swapped in some sport seats Decided the auto gearbox had to go. Replaced it with a 5 speed manual and a 3.64LSD. M-Tech 2 goodness and some birds eye maple wood trim Images galore… Tried some different shoes 6 speeds is better than 5. Time for a respray. Tried another set of shoes In March 2017, I was asked to display my car at the launch of the G30 5 series in George. Unfortunately on the way back from the coast, the car was moved onto a different car carrier and the paint was damaged. Ended up taking it to a panel beater recommended by a friend. This is where the rubbish started. After 7 months and not much work being done, said panel beater was evicted from his premises. Hadn't bothered to pay rent etc. Was lucky enough that nothing had been sold off mine, put it back together and drove it home. Lost a fair chunk of change and got back a half finished car. After two months of sitting, was referred to another panel beater: Took about 5 months to complete. Added some Schnitzer mirrors as well.
  6. Uber Soldat

    E34 Touring - 525i to 540i 6 speed

    Sure, will start a separate thread.
  7. Uber Soldat

    E34 Touring - 525i to 540i 6 speed

    @Mazz - Thank you sir. If it weren't for my father helping, it wouldn't be anywhere near where it is today. @Duncan - BMW Touring - Harlequin edition
  8. Uber Soldat

    E34 Touring - 525i to 540i 6 speed

    @Dirtydiesel - Thank you sir. @FLX - I am extremely chuffed. At this stage its easy to forget it started as a shell. There hasn't been too many issues other than the tree nailing you in the head with those round balls of pain. The rainy season starts now though, so it will make things a little interesting. Onto another update. The Touring chronicles - Part...Complicated friggen sunroof First off, find all the broken pieces... Have a spare sunroof cassette and strip it down Cables and stuff "Repaired" actuator thingy These hold up and move the rear panel All assembled. Sunroof "bench testing" Removing the current cassette And the reason it didn't want to work Swapped in the other cassette And added some panels. Viola. When plugging the motors up, they didn't want to sync (They weren't connected to the cassette at this stage). When pushing the button up (Which would presumably sync the motors) the front motor would just spin for around 20 seconds and stop. Pressing the button in anything other direction, nothing would happen. The rear motor wouldn't do anything either, except a bunch of clicking relay noises from the module. Being a bit hesitant to connect the motors to the cassette itself for fear of breaking stuff, we read about the motors needing some resistance i.e grabbing onto a cable, in order to sync. We put some vice grips on the gear so it would jam against the motor housing to create said resistance when moving and the motors synced. We were then able to put the motors into their "rest" positions and bolt them onto the cassette. More celebratory pictures. I can now retire the darn tarp. Thankfully it doesn't leak...so far.
  9. Uber Soldat

    E34 Touring - 525i to 540i 6 speed

    @t.wak - Thank you sir @Mazz - Thank you sir...as well. Update time! An oil pan - I think it's clean enough. ooooh...wiring And done They got it right the second time around...sorta Nice and shiny Time for a first start with the obligatory missing exhaust Its finally on the ground. Have to do something about that wheel gap Unfortunately, we put the exhaust back on. Far too quiet now. And it actually drove, quite nicely. Tyres are rubbish so couldn't really tell if there was any propshaft vibration. Bath time Added a plate surround and a badge Trying out a Dynaudio wheel well subwoofer. Really impressed with the bass output No body smuggling here...I swear. Added some throwing star covers. They need to be sprayed silver again. Now this is going to be interesting. More on this later. Great success.
  10. Uber Soldat

    E34 Touring - 525i to 540i 6 speed

    @Duncan - Thank you sir @FLX - Thank you sir. Fortunately the gasket maker came off quite easily (I think it was recently done. They must have taken the covers off and just added the sealer to stop it from leaking - So silly). The old gaskets turned out to be more of a pain in the butt to remove. Onto some updates: Flywheel and clutch mounted Intake manifold installed Tappet cover redone Injector testing …and installed So close Fun times. Cleaned up the gearbox, replaced seals etc Now I have something to play with… Slave cylinder installed Darnit… Installed the tool holder. Looking for one in better knick.
  11. Uber Soldat

    E34 Touring - 525i to 540i 6 speed

    Replaced some seals: Right engine mount: Left engine mount: Alternator power cable and knock sensors: Waterpump: Coolant accumulator: Dampner: Alternator: Tensioners and pulleys: Belts and power steering pump: Redone power steering line and more stuff: Tappet cover gaskets are next. Previous owner used copious amounts of gasket maker...yay.
  12. Uber Soldat

    E34 Touring - 525i to 540i 6 speed

    Swapped on another bonnet. Much better condition than the first. Put a stiffner in the rear bumper. Rear crossmember installed. Front passenger door card in. Front drivers door card in. Windscreen wipers installed. 1 x dirty engine. 1 x not so dirty engine.
  13. Uber Soldat

    E34 Touring - 525i to 540i 6 speed

    Some more interior pieces added: We found out why stuff wasn't working in the rear hatch. Sorted. Cut up a front passenger side wiper, trimmed the rear one...and viola. Repaired and painted the hatch tool holder thingy...whatever you call it. Sprayed some more stuff. Some sport seats. Never thought I'd see a brand new M5 rear bumper. And of course you have to "test fit".
  14. Uber Soldat

    E34 Touring - 525i to 540i 6 speed

    Added some sound deadening and heat shielding: Brake master cylinder and ABS unit installed: Aircon compressors stuffs: Steering box and lines: Not entirely sure what this thing does. Apparently its some sort of sensor for the HVAC system: Some front end stuff added: Installed the front fuse box and associated wiring: Couldn't quite decide on a colour... Ready for a carpet: And carpet is in... Rear sedan door cards trimmed slightly and installed: Heater core coolant pipes swapped out for non corroded ones and ready to install: And in Clutch line and other bits added: Dashboard is in: Sometime back we swapped in 540 audio wiring. Since connecting the battery, we found that some of the speakers weren't working. The culprit... Swapped it out and now all speakers emit wonderful noise. Front centre console and glovebox are in.
  15. Uber Soldat

    E34 Touring - 525i to 540i 6 speed

    Engine bay primed: There was a section of metal that had to be removed here as well. And the bay is sprayed: We added some hinges to the tool kit holder thingy.