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  1. spawn9076

    Engine mounts, how solid should they be?

    no the car literally has zero problems 98% of the time. it's only noticeable on rough road surfaces at a low speed. and you can do the same bump twice and not replicate the problem always. also turning doesn't affect it, road surface and speed do. either when travelling at speed other noises cover it or its not present. on my days off next week i will investigate further
  2. spawn9076

    Engine mounts, how solid should they be?

    yeh i've replaced springs and dampers on several cars, i lowered my 106 gti. similar scenario over there just less bushes going on. thanks for the advice i will that post now. most informative
  3. spawn9076

    Engine mounts, how solid should they be?

    well today i stripped it out and tbh it all look good, but i replaced it anyway since I had gone to the bother. everything down there is now perfectly tight. still noise going on around there. I can only imagine it being something on the caliper carrier, bad break pads even though they are a few hundred miles old (noise was there before replacing them. but the pads that came off werent to worn either. I have noticed that on both sides there is a squeak from the pads, looked to be caused by the caliper running at a slight angle. so i'll give these a refurb next. but i dont think this will cure the noise. its either damper related, steering rack or hydraulic engine mounts. as the noise isnt always present and at speed is not present. appears to come from passenger side foot area. the anti roll bar bushings have been done so its not them. sounds closer to the wheel. so damper is probably my next line of attack. they've done 84k miles anyway so could be shot, my next thinking is the engine hydraulic mount im going to get it testing for vacuum before i replace the dampers.
  4. spawn9076

    Loose pipe in F11 engine compartment

    hmm im glad to stumble across this post, as i could possibly be having similar symptoms so will check this out myself
  5. spawn9076

    Engine mounts, how solid should they be?

    Ok well I think I may have diagnosed my problem for anyone with similar symptoms. Looking at the steering rack it looks as if the boot covering the passenger side of inner tie rod has slip down some. Now this suggests either it's been replaced previously and was put back on in correctly or it's been stretched out to far and slipped down abit. I've attached two photos the one boot drivers side is nice and snug against the rack the other, I rubbed with a finger and it's shiny silver where the boot should cover. I'm going to replace in the inner and outer tie rods today and see if this cures my problem, hoping the rack isn't damaged.
  6. spawn9076

    Engine mounts, how solid should they be?

    it doesn't sound like the rack then so that's a relief. replaced all the parts myself. and i was competent following the guides and exact torque requirements. the work which has been doesn't seem to have effected the noise at all really, its starting to sound like the damper. i guess i'll just book it in for them to tell me whats wrong. and i'll replace it myself if its the damper, i'll just do the pair. will keep people updated. the noise is most notable from the passenger side, and i do feel like i can feel some small amount of vibration in the steering wheel. on smooth roads its fine really its over bumpy roads i feel/hear the noise like a metal/pop/thud.
  7. spawn9076

    Engine mounts, how solid should they be?

    i thought that was the case tbh, it could be possible then that there a problem with the damper or top mount. i guess i'll have to book it in. tempted to just replace both front dampers and mounts. but id rather not if they don't need doing and i find i need to rectify this bumper still. I have heard people saying there can be a knock from break pads. but ive also replaced some pads and discs which made no difference to the noise. also was the steering rack knocking when turning or on one side when hitting bumps
  8. spawn9076

    Engine mounts, how solid should they be?

    its a 2014. what was wrong with your steering rack? it has 84k miles on it. the vacuum lines attached to them change the pressure with engine speed to increase how much damping effect they give, or i believe so
  9. Hello, Whilst just checking around my car after doing some work to it I'm still left trying to diagnose a noise from the passenger side of the vehicle. Motorways there is no noise or smooth roads. But as soon as the left side hits bumps or uneven road 1/10 holes there will be a slight thud/bump. I've noticed above the damper the cushion that sits in the dust cover has come out and the dust cover needs to be renewed. I'm uploading a video of my engine idle and being revved, it doesn't seem so bad to me, but it may be early signs the passenger side mount is failing and under certain condition the mount is compressing enough to make contact. Here's a video. Also just to note the Lower arms wishbone and tension arms. Have been replaced and are brand new. The anti roll bar bushes are new and the anti roll bar links. The others looked abit old and warn. I'm left with either diagnosing bad lower left engine mount, or bad damper. Thank you in advance for any advices. (PS my engine is due an oil change in maybe 3/4thousand miles. But it I don't have any problems with the way she runs or changes gear.
  10. spawn9076

    Bmw F10 520D Steering Problem

    if i was you id put it on stands and check all the dust covers are intact. remove both covers and extend the side out fully and clean it nicely do both sides back and forth then replace the dust covers. if something is damaged inside it could be internal. also when you say grinding is it definitely from the rack, try disconnecting your anti roll bar links and go for a careful drive see if the noise is gone if it is then the problem is the bushes on the anti roll bar, the ones that hold the anti roll bar to the Chassis
  11. spawn9076

    Bmw F10 520D Steering Problem

    grinding noise would indicator more likely pump/motor. track rod ends dont usually grind, they usually knock/thud remove the steering rack check the dust covers are intake. if broken strip clean and renew you may get lucky to not replace it.
  12. So I've read a few other people on here suffering with a squeaky dash. I rectified the problem a few weeks ago and didn't post results incase they returned. But it's been 6 weeks and it's squeak free. I'm so happy. I actually got round to fixing the squeak so I could isolate another problem I was having with the anti roll bar noise. But anyway, it's very easy and requires minimal tools. Pull of the front trim careful not to break wires and unplug the start button, the hazard button and unlock door button. Place the trim out of the way. There's two torque screws underneath that hold the I drive in. Remove them and place it to one side. You can discount it if you like. But I left mine balanced on top of the steering wheel whilst still plugged in. Now if you push down on top centre area of the dash you will look for movement underneath. The top dash rubs the lower part where some foam blocks prevent it from touching the lower plastic parts. Now I wedge in my little sandwiches of wood. I used a soft timber wood. And when it was in place gave it a good tap home with a chizzel and a hammer. I've uploaded some pictures hopefully it makes sense. VID_20200910_133233.mp4
  13. spawn9076

    Clunk from front passenger's side.

    just an update, i replaced the anti roll bar bushes, including the anti roll bar links. its cured the noise mostly. however there is still a gentle pop noise which i'm being overly fussy about. and i've discovered on the passenger damper the foam peace above the shock has found movement up and down outside of the dust cover. the damper and spring itself have perfect operation still. but i'll need to replace this as i'm sure over time will damper the damper by allow dirt ingress inside the damper. i've order a new damper dust cover hopefully this will rectify the problem.
  14. spawn9076

    Clunk from front passenger's side.

    no idea what that is, but it sounds more like its coming from where the passenger puts there feet. the video is quite quiet sounds worse in real life
  15. Hello hope everyone is doing well in these strange times. I've developed a slight clunk, which is slowly developing into a worse clunk. I've replaced both lower arms as they looked worn and had abit of play. Unfortunately no such luck. I'm going to replace the anti roll bar bushes and links tomorrow hoping that will resolve it. Can hear it in this video at 5-8seconds marks. If anyone has heard this one before. Would be grateful for a pointer on the motorway you don't notice it at all. noticeable over bumpy roads VID-20200907-WA0000.mp4 VID-20200907-WA0000.mp4