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  1. spawn9076

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I've checked it and it all seems ok, I think it's just a abit damp and some grease around as I used copper grease putting things back. I recently had the leg of the car and inspected it as soon replaced my passenger side damper. I have been expecting to give soon. I'm at 90k mileage
  2. spawn9076

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Got the wheels tucked in as close as I could off that's close tolerances. Taken for a spin no issues :). replaced the steering wheel sticker for black. And made some new 3d printed centre caps for the wheels
  3. so i got them on. -1 deg of camber was required -31et for the fronts sitting on 255 35 19 rears 275 35 19
  4. spawn9076

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    today i gave the old beast a clean and got my new wheels fitted. took some playing about but there on. rears are 9.5" and front at 9.5" its a tight fit in there but there on. they needed the offset at 31 and i have -1 deg of camber. shes sitting lovely ignore the plate in the window its being correct soon, wheels are rota grid 19" front tyres are 255/35/19 on a 9.5" rim rears are 275/35/19. on a 9.5" rim. lovely jubbly
  5. you can try downloading the latest firmware from bmw and installing it via usb. https://www.bmw.com/en/footer/software-updates.html good luck its fairly straight forward may or may not fix your issue but wont do any harm to try
  6. spawn9076

    F10 520d Front Vibration

    really hard to tell anything from those videos, possible for a leaking vac pipe on one or multiple of the engine mounts or a dead engine mount with the symptoms you've described though
  7. spawn9076

    New car purchased today!!!

    very nice, you must be fairly local to me then, im not to far from cardiff.
  8. spawn9076

    Used F10 - M sport - high or low mileage??

    i bought mine with 72k miles on the clock. never looked back, best car ive owned. i had a younger x1 before it.
  9. spawn9076

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    shamefully i haven't been as active as I'd like due to family and work commitments, but i would like to thank for the support I've received and wish everyone a happy holiday season and hopefully a much better 2021.
  10. spawn9076

    F10\F11 Performance Diffuser Replica

    i have a genuine m sport one forsale if interested £40 plus postage
  11. if you could help me out in sourcing such equipment, i've had a google but cant find any specific supplier of the upper wishbone for the car this is the closest thing i can find to being able to give any negative camber https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FOR-BMW-5-SERIES-F10-F11-F07-FRONT-RIGHT-UPPER-CONTROL-WISHBONE-SUSPENSION-ARM-/171455872199
  12. hello guys, im thinking about swapping the alloys on my car shortly. I've seen a nice set, up front are 9.5" is this too wide for my mere 520d m sport. I've seen an m5 with 10" rims up front but I'm sure there's some difference there underneath.
  13. spawn9076

    Which black front grilles?

    they are both made in the same factory, and to be honest both are really cheaply made. they do the job and wont fall apart but they are really flimsy in comparison to the stock grills. by the £20 ones of ebay theres no difference in the quality
  14. spawn9076

    Aggressive gear shifts

    try resseting the throttle response and see how you get on. *edit if this solves it temporarily then possible you need the gearbox serviced
  15. spawn9076

    Aggressive gear shifts

    hmmm im at 88k and cant report such a fault i've noticed, i've put 19k miles on it since january and its silky smooth. get the box inspected before further damage occurrs might just be an oil top up as mentioned