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  1. PhilipM

    Tyre pressures

    Thanks for the replies. I'll stick to around 2.4-2.5 bar all round then and see how that goes. Cheers Philip
  2. PhilipM

    Tyre pressures

    Just had a couple of new Michelin Primacy 4 tyres fitted to rear of my 530d. Standard 16in wheels so 225/55/16 tyres. Haven't had the car long (1500km) but noticed front tyres were wearing a bit on both outside edges both sides. Since I've had car I run at 2.1 front and 2.4 rear (as per book recommendation) so thought I'd ask fitter to have a look. He said tyres have been under-inflated and said to run at 2.4 front as well. I will try this but am nevertheless intrigued that BMW should recommend 2.1, particularly as there is a slight heavier front weight bias on this model. Thoughts or experiences? Cheers Phili
  3. PhilipM

    Seat twist fix - questions

    Hello Have recently bought an E39 530d with electric seats and have what is described as seat twist issue. Have found posts about making controls work with seat removed, but haven't been able to find info about the actual fix. Is there a post on it? Cheers Philip
  4. PhilipM

    Adding Bluetooth

    For info now have BT3 unit installed. Very pleased with the way it all works. Had a problem with the module itself and had to refresh the software. Received excellent support from Grom and have no complaints about their service. Just need to buy a net pocket for the rt hand side of the transmission tunnel in the footwell to keep wires and iPod tidily.
  5. PhilipM

    Adding Bluetooth

    Have just received a From BT3 kit in order to add bluetooth and USB charging to my 2002 530d. Thought I would probably run the cables out between the trim panels on passenger side of transmission tunnel and maybe add a net there so can keep ends tidy. Anyone done this before or any thoughts? Seems a fairly straightforward job as unit plugs into the CD changer socket at back of the radio that i don't in any case have installed. Cheers Philip
  6. PhilipM

    New E39 530d owner

    So here, as requested are three photos of my recently acquired 2002 530d. Car is unmolested and almost without a blemish including wheels. Helped no doubt by the car having less than the km equivalent of 70,000 miles. Have only done shortish runs since i acquired it but looking forward to a trip across France next week. Cheers Philip 90A1BC2B-9D24-46D6-ACC8-CA8655F61696.heic 76EC239C-8E42-4489-B33A-A46D39D5C1B8.heic 5E53FC25-4F66-4D0F-AD91-259A2E6ECF70.heic
  7. PhilipM

    New E39 530d owner

    Hello, owned a 2005 CLK 270 for last few years that was bought one owner and low miles. I thought it a wonderful car though perhaps given I have growing grandchildren becoming less practical. Anyway, decision taken for me to replace it as it was written off in Spain earlier this year. After an unsuccessful 3&1/2 months looking for a low mileage C Class or early E Class (no SBC) and both available with the excellent 2.7l 5 cylinder in-line engine ,was advised by a mate to look at either E46 or E39 (330 or 530) BMWs. Delighted to say that yesterday I bought a pristine late 2002 manual gearbox 530d with just 108000km on the clock. A comprehensive test drive convinced me it would make an excellent replacement for the Merc and I am very much looking forward to collecting car and driving back home this coming Friday. Nice uncongested N roads in France should make for an pleasant 250km trip. Service history on car is complete and there's little I need to do immediately when I have car back home though I will change gearbox and diff oil (never done it would seem), as well as brake fluid that was last done in 2015. Having now said hello I will look on this site to see if I can find simplest solution to add a line-in for music from iPod or phone. Car currently has standard Business C43 radio with cd player above behind flap and a cd changer in the boot. On my little Smart City Coupe I removed the CD changer and was able to get a line in using the cabling to it. I suspect there are lots of suggestion on this forum of the best way to install. Cheers from SW France Philip