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  1. Finished the job last weekend. Paid a coder £70 to program 3AG into the Car. It didn't work initially, fault suspected in wiring (Canbus wiring). Turns out the wire taps need to be closed with pliers, not fingers... Did this and hey presto! It works. Worst part of the installation is getting nearside c pillar cover back on, without taking rear seats apart!
  2. Finally managed to remove the rear trim and LH rear light cluster. Despite the official instructions saying the lights need to be removed, in my case, i found it was not necessary, as you can release the retaining screws for the trunk lid without removing yhe lights. So the trunk lid is removed and replaced with the new one that holds the camera. That is the good news. The bad news is when i removed the original trunk lid grip, I discovered that it contained a cover for securing the back of the camera. This means I didn't need to purchase a separate cover or the 3 screws, as I could have used the existing one (£40 spent on this). The official instructions I have indicated that the cover was required, or maybe it was my interpretation. Curiously, the new trunk lid doesn't come with a cover for the camera. I think it is possible to modify the existing trunk lid grip to take the camera by removing what I would call the blanking plate where the camera sits. It is clearly marked, but would be fiddly....however, it would save you £110-£140 that you would spend on a new trunk lid grip. I have left the video cable coiled and cable tied to the trunk lid inner frame in preparation for routing this through the trunk lid and hatch into the body of the car. I might tackle this at the weekend. If I can get the cable from the trunk lid into the LH rear body area, the worst could be over........... Routing the cabling from LH rear wheel arch along the passenger side under the door sills should be easier. When I get to the A pillar, I am hoping I can use a draw wire to route from the A pillar into the central dash void, to avoid removing the glove box.
  3. Final piece, arrived from Latvia today. Below are a couple of photos showing all the parts required. I couldn't source the two M6 torx screws from BMW. Despite there being at least 4 of these on the car in two different locations, I have had no joy from two separate dealers or online. So I have sourced the screws from elsewhere.... I've made some progress with the centre console trim removal, but can't completely free it at the moment. The trim appears to be stuck to the drivers side tunnel panel where the centre console lock is. The screws are removed and the LHS is free and there do not appear to be any clips that can be freed. I still need to find out how to remove the plastic side panels on the lower trunk lid by the light clusters. I can remove the rivet/clip, but can't get the cover to detach from the light cluster.. These need to be removed to get the light clusters out, so the rear trim can be removed, to enable the old trunk lid to be replaced with the new version. Anyone done this before on an F07? The headlining needs to be freed locally around the LHS D pillar to route video cable from the hatch door into the body. There are at least 2 D pillar trims that need to be removed to facilitate access into the headlining void. If these two pieces, are damaged, they will cost more than £600 to replace........ So more investigations required. I've also searched online to see if anyone has put a video on YouTube for retrofitting 3AG to an F07, but couldn't find one, so clearly little demand, or all F07 owners have it installed already, or don't want it.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I am reviewing the parts removal list from the official BMW instructions in conjunction with Newtiz.info. I think routing the cable through the hatch door into the headlining/D pillar is the hardest part. The next time I strip this down, I will try to see if I can remove the smaller D pillar panels and just leave the headlining in place. I might then be able to feed a flexible draw wire through to avoid disturbing the headlining. The video cable has a fixing point that marries up with the apex of the D pillar. I will also try routing my endoscope probe through here as well. The hatch door is a complicated assembly that opens two ways: bottom quarter as a conventional trunk lid / boot on a saloon (manually) and the whole assembly, as a conventional hatch electrically. Both sections can't be opened separately, simultaneously (tried that). I think the video cable needs anchoring at the D pillar with the hatch open and then feeding the cable through the cable grommet and into the dedicated channel until it reaches the bottom of the rear screen, just before the lower trunk lid. The hatch then needs to be closed, and the lower trunk lid opened; this exposes the bottom of the hatch channel allowing the cable to be pulled out around the cable guide and into the carcass of the lower trunk lid. According to Newtiz, in order to remove the tail lights, the inner trim of the lower trunk lid is removed, undo two screws, disconnect the cables and then remove. Mine won't budge. Removing the external trim requires removing the number plate and removing three screws, before levering of the trim held in place now by clips. The diagram on Newtiz doesn't indicate anything else to be removed to free this, but I am wary about applying too much force and breaking something. The tail lights have to be removed to get access to the trunk lid grip retaining screws.
  5. I tried the scrap vehicle route, but an online aggregator couldn't source the part in the UK. They found one from a scrap dealer from Germany, but at £100 plus delivery, it was the same cost for a new part.
  6. All the parts received to date came in sealed plastic bags with BMW labels on. The parts for this retrofit aren't handed. The parts all look brand new. I'm assuming that parts supplied to Latvia are cheaper. It wouldn't be uncommon, manufacturers pitch their prices to suit market conditions, there is always a premium to differentiate brand integrity. If you look at USA websites, they supply BMW parts cheaper than in the UK. I could get a whole batch of screws from the USA for $28, that would have cost £40+ from some BMW dealers. By using the official online shop and Amazon/ebay, I've saved money, so far! A new trunk lid grip for my car varies between £132 & £185, plus postage. I've just bought one from Latvia for £110 incl.postage.
  7. Good Morning I am a new BMW owner (1st BMW) and new to forums of any kind, so excuse my ignorance if I am posting in the wrong area. Anyway, anyone done a retrofit on an F07N? I plan a retrofit of 3AG on my car. I'm not going down the BMW dealer route....too expensive. I've read the thread here and there is a lot of useful information. I have done a lot of research and in the process of closing out purchase of the necessary parts (about to order a new grip handle and waiting for two screws for the LH hinge cable cover). I've done some dry runs, partially stripping the car down in preparation for the installation. I haven't dropped the headlining yet to see how to route the FAKRA video cable out of the top of the tailgate.....leaving that till last. I am having some trouble getting the external rear trim cover off the lower trunk lid in order to get access to the trunk grip that needs replacing and also difficulty getting the centre console trim out so that I can get the IHKA out. I bought the TRSVC+camera+loom from Emmtronika. Instead of sending the camera module with just one input, they have sent the surround module with 5 camera inputs (They have assured me this isn't a problem and it can be coded, but didn't give specifics). The rest of the parts have come from BMW UK dealers, or Latvia(!) depending upon the best price I could find. As of writing, I am not sure that I can undertake the installation, so may seek some experienced assistance. Any comments / assistance appreciated. I've uploaded a few photos, if anyone is interested of the stripped interior of the car, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of demand for retrofitting 3AG on an F07N!