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  1. Dolly2000

    Westfalia towing electrics install on E60 LCI

    Hi Andrew Well - was trying to write a response to your exellent help, but for some funny reason I could'nt post my text - except this "test" version. So - again, thank you so much for your quick and valuable help Andrew. Just what i needed. Spent my weekend to hook it up. Now I just need to connect the plus wires including the yellow one for auxillary power via ignition. Meanwhile I must buy an inline fuse for a micro fuse, like the two others. I plan to let the light on my caravan control a relay for this aux line.
  2. Dolly2000

    Westfalia towing electrics install on E60 LCI

    I have been looking for clues everywhere, and this quote gets close to my issue. Scene: I have a E91LCI (y 2010) and a Westfalia towing bar to mount. It's just the CANbus wires which confuses me, as the manual is unclear. There are two sets of thin wires - the green / orange-green set and the orange / black-yellow set. I am sure that the green / orange-green set must be hooked up behind the rear seats, but do I need to hook up the orange / black-yellow set to, or are they for another model?