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  1. Curtains59

    IDrive not working

    Thanks mate, it would seem as though he has changed his number since. did you have the same issue. cheers
  2. Curtains59

    IDrive not working

    Hi All, I’m hoping and praying one of you lovely BMW specialists may be able to help before I end up spending over a thousand pound at the BMW garage! My IDrive in my 5 series e60 has gone off, the screen is black and unresponsive. I can hear the parking sensors and warning sounds but the screen is just black. I can’t even eject the CD. I’ve tried holding in the buttons to reset it but still no response. any ideas?!?! thanks in advance!
  3. Curtains59

    Issue with DPF

    Yeah bit of a pain. Have you ever heard of or come across this issue?
  4. Curtains59

    Issue with DPF

    I’m located in Dorset.
  5. Curtains59

    Issue with DPF

    Hi all, So here I am again looking for answers regarding issues with my E60 5 Series 2005. i had my car in the garage again today trying to solve a previous issue I came on here for in the past. The garage charged me £230 just for looking at my car and using his diagnostic tools... that’s after he thrashed my car up the dual carriage way for ‘pressure readings’ and using over half a tank of fuel. So he took the whole exhaust off and checked for any blockage on the exhaust and back box. Nothing was found, he checked the DPF to realise that it was an empty case with no filter inside, which He thought was pretty bizarre. Once my car warms up or has been sat idle for a while but just about every single time I drive up hill at slow speeds like 15/20mph, it pulls forwards by itself for a second and makes an awful deep sound from the exhaust and drops revs in and out when my foot is down and even flat to the ground. So with the mechanic today telling me that the DPF case is empty, I put two and two together and figured out that the deep noise is (Possibly) something coming from the engine, but Echoing the DPF Empty case, I’m almost certain that’s what the noise is. But any ideas on what could be causing that sound into my dpf case? He said it could be the car trying to regenerate but realising that theirs no proper dpf there because whoever removed it, didn’t update the cars software to tell it. Or it’s a dodgy remap that somebody tried to do but messed up. Does anybody on here have any ideas on what it could be? I wanted to be 100% certain before he charges me another £250 for updating the software? thank so much in advance!
  6. Curtains59


    Hi 5SPORT, I have tried disconnecting the negative terminal of the battery for around 45 minutes and this didn’t seem to work unfortunately.
  7. Hi All, it would seem that me looking for answers on here regarding issues with my car is becoming a recurring problem As I got in my BMW E60 5 SERIES this morning it wouldn’t start. It came up with a yellow (not red) symbol on the dashboard and a fault code on the built in I Drive system Saying “Electro-mechanical steering wheel lock system(ELV) is inhibiting engine start, Move steering wheel in order to start engine” however, the steering wheel is locked and doesn’t move or hardly even wiggle from side to side. This is causing my car not to start. Any ideas on how to resolve? i’ve tried bypassing this by calling a local mechanic out to try and clear all the codes on the car with the diagnostics computer but this doesn’t seem to be working thanks in advance!
  8. Curtains59

    Will a glow plug controller module affect my power?

    It would also seem that the local mechanics in my town don’t know much about CARS I had a full set of brand new brake discs and pads installed to my car and 1 week later I took it to one of the local garages For a terrible squeak (in which I still have) who tried to sell me a new set of pads because my brand Spanking new Pads were “so worn down”
  9. Curtains59

    Will a glow plug controller module affect my power?

    Hahah it would Seem nobody knows a thing about BMW’s in my area!!
  10. Curtains59

    Will a glow plug controller module affect my power?

    I’ve replaced the glow plugs about 3 weeks ago (All are Bosch) thinking that could be the issue as it was misfiring when idle, but unfortunately didn’t sort my issue. It seems to have gotten much worse and usually happens when I’m driving round towns at low revs. I initially thought it could be the exhaust back pressure sensor? As that was a code that came up but according to the mechanic, it wouldn’t have an impact on power or the turbo.
  11. Hi all, my car is due to go into the garage today to have the glow plug controller module replaced. My car often sounds awful from the exhaust (a really deep noise) mainly at lower revs and the power of the turbo comes in and out but the revs still rise. It sounds like a pipe or some sort of boost leak but only sometimes. The mechanic diagnosed the issue to be the glow plug controller. Any ideas on whether spending £166 to get this replaced is wise and could sort my issue? thanks
  12. Hi, does Your car make a really deep sound coming from the exhaust when this happens? Only, I have the same issue with my 525d e60 and no mechanic can seem to get to the bottom of it. Also, before you had your glow plug control module replaced; did that have an effect on your power or anything when driving?
  13. 377B5094-1A8D-4652-9F97-621C7F22ADAD.MP4
  14. Hi, Yes I’ve checked the codes and the only problem was Glow plugs Which I’ve since changed
  15. Hi all, I’ve resorted to this online forum as none of the several Mechanical garages I’ve asked can locate and resolve my issue. It’s a 525d e60 and After I drive it for about 30 minutes (Possibly Just happens when the car warms up In that case ) The car start to sound like an tractor, it’s like a deep metallic kind of sound that comes from the exhaust and as the revs rise, it feels like the turbo loses power and comes in and out constantly. it doesn’t make the noise whilst the car is still either. It does that until I put my foot down and thrash the car which is the only way for it to go back to normal. - I will also add (this happens every time I drive the car) that when taking my foot off the accelerator, the car makes some of ‘Peww’ kind of noise which is the only way I can describe it a little bit like some sort of dump valve. When the car starts to sound like a tractor this odd noise doesn’t happen. Which makes me think it could be some sort of sensor perhaps? I’ve checked all of the inter cooler hoses and cannot find no issues there. Has anybody ever had any experience of this, or could know the issue of this? Thank you in advance