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  1. pierce

    e39 530d sport wanted

    Thanks Duncan, Ahh, that makes perfect sense. I’m in Wales, so can’t go anywhere either way right now, but I’m hoping in a few weeks they may relax the rules a little to the point where I can head out of the country to pick up a new car. If anyone has an e39 530d that will be for sale when safe to do so, feel free to send over some pics and info if that’s ok With the moderators.
  2. pierce

    e39 530d sport wanted

    Hello, new member here. I am looking for an e39 530d sport, ideally a saloon, but happy with a touring, ideally with less than 160k, ideally a manual, but happy with an auto if its a nice example, ideally cream or black interior. Would rather purchase from an enthusiast, so look forward to seeing whats out there on the forum! The car will be going to a very loving home. (I am surprised to see there is no cars for sale section in the classifieds) Thanks Pierce