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  1. sTupac

    2015 - F10 530D

    I have a bike licence and have had several bikes in the past and done a few trackdays so yeah I know what you mean. This is by far the most powerful car I've owned on paper, it is an odd experience though, cos I know it is fast, but weirdly when driving it, it doesn't "feel" fast? I don't know if I am explaining this correctly... Not sure if it is the size of it that deceives or what.
  2. sTupac

    2015 - F10 530D

    Thanks for the replies guys appreciate the help. Sadly not in a position to get a 535 as not long had the 530. I will let you know how it goes once it's installed.
  3. sTupac

    2015 - F10 530D

    Hi everyone I'm new here, and new to modding, had a quick search on the forums, as I'm thinking about having a bench remap done tomorrow. As I understand it this map will take my car from 258 BHP to somewhere around 310, and torque I think up to around 650nm. (I can't remember the base value). The question I wanted to ask is, can anyone tell me what torque the the clutch and flywheel are rated for on the 8 speed auto? I can't seem to find this anywhere, just worried that perhaps it might be too much power for the standard running gear? Just after some advice and reassurance really. Never done any mods to any car I've own so whilst I'm excited, my arse is twitching like a rabbits nose at the same time. Thanks
  4. sTupac


    Hiya, New to these forums and modding in general. Hoping to find some people here and maybe lose my modding virginity. Currently own an F10 530d LCI (Auto) and loving it.