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    BMW E61 525D @170kW
  1. Mantvydas

    BMW E61 Rear fog lights as drl

    I got the point from you, but im thinking about reducing voltage to fog's, so they will light similar with regular lights on trunk. If that will be possible, everything should be fine and look good ^^
  2. Mantvydas

    BMW E61 Rear fog lights as drl

    Hello, im newbie here, found that this forum is very friendly and helpfull, already got a bunch of help for coding and etc. I would like to ask some question, one day i was looking at mine e61 (pre-FL) and decided that rear look of the car looks much better when rear fog lights is on. It is possible to somehow code them to run all the time with drl? Also by lowering voltage by bit, so they wont blind people behind me. Was searching all over the internet to get my answer without a luck, sorry if there is already answer to my question in the forum. Will wait for replies!