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  1. robolots

    E61 rear number plate screws/bolt size??

    Does anyone know the part number or where to get the rubber insert that fits in the tailgate (the bit that the self tappers go into?) Thanks Rob C
  2. Does anyone know if on an E61 that the number plate fixings are screws or bolts and if so what size. I'm going to refit the original rear plate so it matches but not sure if it's self tappers or bolts and what size. Also after a peel back of the taped on plate I have a fixing missing on one side. Any quick fix. I'm sure Halfrauds will have something for the screw/bolts, just don't want to buy the wrong thing. Thanks.
  3. robolots

    Sos call assist error fuse

    I have Protool, does anyone have any experience with this and any destructions for coding it out. The error is A36D (emergency call button open circuit) I have checked the MUF unit to see if anything was unplugged, but can't see anything. The previous owner definitely said he removed the fuse as it kept ringing the help desk. On a slightly different note and for personal reasons I have just listed the car up for sale. Sad as it has been a cracking car and I don't really want to sell it, but needs must I suppose. I still want to try and get rid of the error though as I hate being beaten by something like this.
  4. robolots

    Sos call assist error fuse

    I don't know anyone local to me with NCS expert so that's a pain. I do have Pro Tool and asked them if I could code it out. I followed their instructions and it seemed to work, but then came back after a few days. They said it might do that as obviously when the car starts it finds the error again. On second thoughts it can't be the fibre optic that has been unplugged as I believe it has to be a full loop or nothing would work. Two things doing my head in, the SOS problem and why the Aux wouldn't work!
  5. robolots

    Sos call assist error fuse

    Has anyone got any idea? I understand that the previous owner may of been wrong when he said "fuse" as I believe that there isn't a fuse that directly relates to the SOS system. I now think that he has disconnected something on the fibre optic side to stop it trying to call BMW etc. Where should I be looking and will it be obvious? I just wanted to reconnect to see if the error will then go away (and hopefully not try to call out). Anyone?
  6. When I bought the car the previous owner had suffered with blocked drains causing water in the boot. After it was all sorted he said that occasionally it would try to call BMW. To get rid of the problem he said he took out a fuse, but you then get the sos error when starting. I have checked the error and it says open circuit. What fuse relates to this as I would like to see if I can get rid of the error?
  7. robolots

    Aux cable and pin out

    I'm after a decent quality aux cable adapter and some help. I'm not sure if I did something wrong, but after fitting the aux cable (already programmed in) I don't get any sound via aux (tried MP3 player and mobile) Followed instructions and put the 3 pins in correct location as per pin out and various instructions and videos etc. I can only assume that the cable I bought is crap.Looked at eBay and Amazon and nothing looks decent quality. Any ideas on why no sound? I don't think I have done anything wrong? Pic attached to show what block the aux went in. Pins 2,7&8.
  8. Last year I had my 2005 530D remapped. On the whole it's a great upgrade that I would recommend to anyone, but it caused the cruise control to no longer work. At first this didn't bother me and I just accepted it, but recently I have had to do longer runs and it would be useful to be able to use it. Anyhow, I have the Protool app and it does show that it is there, I had tried to disable and re enable but it but it is just as it doesn't exist anymore. On a scan for errors it threw up 4863 for the cruise control. Protool have been really helpful and they have checked things their end and also think it is to do with the remap affecting the DDE and /or DME modules. I have asked the company who remapped the car to check what the remap affects, but I'm waiting to hear back. Has anyone experienced this error before? or this issue before? Thanks
  9. robolots

    Cruise control switch/stalk test

    Because it is only since the remap/xhp. I know it might not be and it is coincidence, but seems strange that it was fine before.
  10. robolots

    xHP information (myth busting)

    I have found it in the settings and now displaying the gear number in D (Pre Lci car) I have used XHP for the last year on stage 2 and have recently flashed to stage 3. Highly recommended it. I have an 05 530d pre lci with a normal key ignition.
  11. Is there any easy way to see if the cruise switch / stalk is working. I have no cruise working and think it's remap or xhp related. I have checked fuses and they are fine.
  12. robolots

    xHP information (myth busting)

    What did you select in "custom" before the flash? I have xhp and it is much better than the normal slushy change. My only issues are I'm not sure if XHP has disabled my cruise control and no gear displayed on the display (mine is pre lci)
  13. robolots

    Potential mods to do -advice/help please

    GoNz0 is correct. On the Pre LCI cluster, you don't gear a gear display in D. XHP confirmed this to me when I asked them why it didn't display. They said that a later LCI instrument cluster would work, but my thinking was to kill 2 birds with one stone and use the M5 cluster and have a working temp gauge as well.
  14. Had my 530D just over a year now. Remap and XHP gearbox remap last year, serviced, changed wheels. Now I'm looking at the following and would appreciate if any advice or if anyone has done any of them, wouldn't do them or any recommendations for either getting or fitting the parts (I'm based in Kent). 1. Stereo - I have read the Android and Andream threads. I haven't got AUX coded in (which I believe I need and could do via Pro Tool) whatever choice I decide to do. Apart from the pain in the arse wiring fitting, is there any other pit full? Has anyone used BMods before as although I could fit a stereo, they can fit in Kent according to their website. I just want something that looks nicer than the existing CCC pre LCI system. 2. I don't seem to have any issues with DPF regen etc, but is the Renault 5 thermostat mod worth doing as a preventative thing or can it cause trouble further down the line. 3. Has anyone got a flip key replacement for their diamond key? If so where from and costings. 4. Does the idrive knob just pull off from the later CIC version and retro fit on the CCC fitting (just for cosmetics) 5. Has anyone retrofitted an M5 cluster to their car. I can one on ebay that includes coding to the car etc, but don't fancy it for £450 when you can get a cluster for £150. I fancy it for two reasons (1.) To get rid of the stupid mpg guage (2.) So I can utilise the gear number being displayed in the dash on manual setting (it doesn't display on pre lci cars when using XHP) Thanks p.s. Does anyone have a definitive guide to reset the power window if the anti trap loses (it's the rear window O/S) no matter what I try I can't get it to reset so it comes up all the way in one go. Tried loads of different things but it never resets.