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    BMW 520i e39 1997
  1. glm2006italy

    Hi from italy :)

    Yes 334 Glaciergrun
  2. glm2006italy

    Hi from italy :)

    No that HORRIBLE tax on cars above 2,000Cc was eliminated years ago but has remained in the brains of the Italians .. now the E39s are starting to gain value, finding them with a few km and good conditions and increasingly rare and well-preserved specimens they exceed € 4 / 5,000 New photo:
  3. glm2006italy

    Hi from italy :)

    Hi All! My name is Gianluca, man 34 years old, italian I discovered your forum through Google looking for information on the retrofid kit for the MID of the E39 .. The E39, my dream that I finally managed to crown last January by purchasing a beautiful 520i (yes I know the engine is small ... I was looking for a 523/528 but in Italy they seem to have disappeared!) One owner, a few km, in excellent condition and I bought it!
  4. glm2006italy

    IT'S DONE! Radio/Tape to Radio/CD - UPDATED!

    Goodmorning everyone. In the end I solved it like this: The cable (red / blue / yellow) must be connected to the wiring to the fuse 6. For those who have had problems with fuse 5 and the clock remained on with the machine off, just move the connector from point 5 to fuse 45 (in my case it was empty: it would be that of the motorized sunshade) So everything works perfectly!
  5. glm2006italy

    IT'S DONE! Radio/Tape to Radio/CD - UPDATED!

    Hello everyone! Sorry if I answer such an old discussion but I need help! I have a 1997 BMW e39 with low instrument cluster and basic cassette radio. I bought an original BMW radio but the model (from 1996) with the larger screen and theoretically the BC and telephone buttons. Obviously it is the model divided into two parts and I had to buy the wiring for the MID retrofit I followed all the instructions but I have a problem; The cable that I have to connect is red / blue / yellow theoretically in slot 7 but this is occupied by a white / red / yellow cable. I connected as said with a "steal current" to the cable of slot 7: everything seemed to work but I have a problem: the clock on the radio always stays on even when I remove the keys from the panel! I noticed that the color of the MID cable is different, there would be a cable of the same color but it connects to fuse 9 can you help me, thanks