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  1. Numoo

    Water under rear seats on GC

    Any ideas why the area under the rear seat would retain water? The rear window does not look like it is leaking in an obvious way. The rear Door seals were dry.The rear Passenger Rt foot well is wet also.Could the rear seat Wick that much water from the floor?
  2. Numoo

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    That would be me. But the view is that there is no yellow Grommet on the Rt passenger fire wall of a LHD in the US. Ironic, considering that there would be a matching punch-out which would mirror a RHD. But I'll take Andrew's and Matthews word for it. I did not want to look forward to a 20 hr repair as the gentleman with the M5 did. I have an M6. Also. Noted your endoscope camera picture. How did you get it in above? By any chance would water leak in from there? Seeing all the Yellow Grommet pictures and the plate covering it, some of you captured a rim of galvanized metal just above it -which made me wonder- if that would have also contributed the water intrusion in to the space as well as some pine needles and dirt. Thanks.
  3. Numoo

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Yes... BrittleMoneystealingWaterbucket could have used your help!