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  1. Coaster

    Gesture Tailgate unreliability

    just a bit stubborn on mine sometimes. Repeated kicking in and out (makes you look a bit of a twit) normally opens the boot eventually.
  2. Coaster

    Astounding economy!

    no way! I also drive a G31 30d, the key differences being xDrive and mSport. I can easily get 50MPG @ 65MPH but longer journeys tend to involve a lot of luggage including a large roofbox! I must say however that IMHO driving at 60MPH is cheating!
  3. Coaster

    G31 Brake Wear

    just ignore the health check; they are not worth the time. When your car tells you it needs pads drive for another few thousand miles and then change them.
  4. Coaster

    Passenger headlight became misty

    lots of chat on this on the F30 forums. Not clear if it is deemed to be a fault or not. Had it on my F31 and it never cleared. some use dessicant to absorb the moisture.
  5. Coaster

    Steering Wheel adjustment failed

    I don't think so, the car is an 18 plate. This happened again this morning exactly the same as before. Having spoken to BMW Assist you need to leave the vehicle locked for more than a minute to reset it. They say it just needs a software update.
  6. Coaster

    Steering Wheel adjustment failed

    Well, it's come back to life now after a driver profile reset but hope this is not going to be an intermittent PITA. Driving with the wheel in the up position is not much fun!
  7. The Electrical steering wheel adjustment on my car seems to have failed. Yesterday it did not move automatically to my saved position but I was able to adjust it myself. Today it will not move at all. Anyone else had this or any suggestions please? TIA
  8. Coaster

    start / stop over enthusiastic?

    yes, AUTO H definitely solves the restarting problem but I usually drive without it because I use the crawling at tickover quite frequently. So I've either got to turn on/off AUTO H during every journey or put the gearbox into Sport mode to avoid stop/start. I might look into having this coded out; how have people done that? Any contacts in the Midlands?
  9. Coaster

    Winter tyre review.

    Hi All, AFAIK the GoodYear UltraGrips are available star marked as both runflat and standard tyres; is that correct? Are most people running the ROF version? I am happy to carry a mobility kit so considering non runflat option.
  10. Coaster

    Winters are off

    Goodyear ROF winters felt better than Conti ROF summers on my F31, both on 18"s
  11. On my 2018 G31 530d xDrive sometimes the engine cuts out before the car is stationary and then starts iteself again immediately before I then switch it off manually. Has anyone else noticed this issue? I don't think it's correct but not sure if the main dealer will be able to help.
  12. Coaster

    Winters are off

    Hi All, I am planning to get a set of the Goodyear Ultragrip for the coming winter. I already have a set of 18" style 618 wheels to put them on. Am I right in thinking that the Goodyear Ultragrip are available as BMW Star marked both as runflat and standard tyres? I know this has been done to death but are most going for RFT or not?
  13. Coaster

    Leaving car standing for long periods

    I think the issue that Matthew may have been pertaining to is the the fact that the alternator is not permanently engaged and charging. I believe that BMW remote services monitors battery levels but apart from that a short drive including plenty of coasting/overrun may be enough.