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  1. Coaster

    Retrofit heated steering

    I know this anecdote is terribly helpful to the OP but my father bought a new Bentayga and specified a heated wheel. The car arrived without a heated wheel so the dealer was asked to resolve the issue as it was his error. Suffice to say that it was a significant PITA and the car had to go back to Crewe more than once and a significant amount of coding was involved after the replacement wheel was fitted.
  2. Coaster

    Retrofit heated steering

    why do so few customers (dealers) spec the very cheap heated wheel option even on a high spec car? Very few cars I have looked at have one.
  3. Coaster

    Reverse camera condensation 2017 G31 520D

    periodically? before every journey at the moment. much more prone than F31 was.
  4. Coaster

    Annoying G31 issues

    yes, that's true. One can use the sensitivity wheel to give them a nudge.
  5. Coaster

    iDrive response

    sorry, you are right. operation is different whether moving or stationary. This wasn't the case before the i level flash on my car which I did think was a potential safety issue once as the seat could move significantly at the touch of a button!
  6. Coaster

    iDrive response

    further update... since the firmware flash that they have done certain things are behaving differently and I would like to ask if these are normal or not:- Steering wheel; on opening the driver's door the wheel moves all the way up and then half way in towards the dash and then stops. Close the driver's door and reopen it; wheel continues to move all the way in towards the dash. Press the start button; wheel moves out and down to set position. This seems strange but Sytner claim it is normal. Seat adjustment; on pressing any button to adjust the seat position the seat moves for a few seconds and then stops. press again and it moves and then stops. Before the flash it would continue moving until end of travel. My car has driver's seat memory; same behaviour is in (2) above. Press the desired button with stored position and the seat moves a bit and then stops. Press 2 0r 3 more times until iDrive confirms position reached. It does not seem plausible that any of these are correct 'normal' operation but I would just appreciate confirmation from other owners. Thanks.
  7. That was certainly the case on my previous car. Scandalous; how can the service pack not include a required service item?
  8. Coaster

    Annoying G31 issues

    they're still problems, 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th world!
  9. Coaster

    Annoying G31 issues

    Windscreen wiper stalk; down for a quick flick, up 1 for Auto, auto sensitivity on a wheel: if you leave the stalk in the Auto position the wipers don't operate when you start the vehicle with a wet screen so to clear the screen you have to put the stalk down and then back into the auto position. On my F31 auto was a button on the end of the stalk which worked better.
  10. Coaster

    iDrive response

    Thanks Matthew, I will have a look.
  11. Coaster

    Annoying G31 issues

    I raised the rear wiper noise issue with Sytner Tamworth and their response was that this is normal and present on brand new cars. No fix that they are aware of.
  12. Coaster

    iDrive response

    issue now sorted by the dealer; a software or OS update seems to have resolved it.
  13. Coaster

    Steering Wheel adjustment failed

    Well it turns out the the BMW Assist technician was wide of the mark; locking the car and leaving it for a minute does not reset this fault. This has occurred twice more since last post and is very annoying. Car going in next week for a new module of some description.
  14. Coaster

    iDrive response

    yes, when manually changing speed the toggle switch (usually) updates the set point. On my car it occaisionally becomes unresponsive in this scenario.
  15. Coaster

    iDrive response