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  1. Coaster

    any firmware update at service?

    yes, this is my main reason for avoiding ECO pro which is disappointing because it seems to be the only way to access coasting other than manually selecting Neutral. Am I right in think there is no coasting in Comfort Mode?
  2. Coaster

    any firmware update at service?

    yes, agree with this ref. cruise in eco pro. I also agree with what q96169we says ref. throttle map reset. Had this on an old E46 M3. I must have a heavy right foot but the standard throttle map is very lazy.
  3. Coaster

    any firmware update at service?

    Thanks Matthew, I will do that and start searching for a remap!
  4. Since my latest service at c.30k miles the car feels different to drive; possibly gearbox map, possibly engine map or both. Has anyone else experienced this or is anyone aware of main dealers routinely flashing cars with new maps, possibly in response to dieselgate? My 530d is now so eager to get into 8th gear and very reluctant to change down thereafter! I may be imagining it but it feels as though it has been fettled and not in a good way!
  5. Coaster

    Bike carrier

    thanks both, very helpful, good pics
  6. Coaster

    Bike carrier

    Do you use a towbar mounted bike carrier with your G31? Are there any recommendations on which one suits the car? Is it necessary to get a tilting one as the G31 has the upper tailgate access? If anyone could post photos that would be great. Thanks
  7. Coaster

    G30 going from 20" to 19" - Options

    I've considered the same but it must be said that the 20" wheels + RFT are not that bad. I got myself a set of 18" 619 wheels for some winter tyres (also RFT) as well. There is a difference between them but perhaps not as much as I expected. I suspect the most noticeable difference is when you hit a big pothole and possibly high speed, heavy braking; the 20s feel more stable. Although I haven't done it myself I doubt if the 1" wheel diameter reduction on like for like tyres will deliver a dramatic difference. If you're prepared to consider conventional tyres with the 19s I suspect that would be noticeable and I'd be interested to hear how you go.
  8. Coaster

    New g31 owner tyre setup question

    I couldn't agree more. Similarly I have staggered 20" setup + square 245 18" winters, both runflat. I am considering swapping the 20s for 18s or 19s square setup with non-RFT MPS4 tyres. One thing I would say is that my car is much more planted under heavy braking from high speed with the 20s on; could be profile, could be width, could tyre type.
  9. Coaster

    peeling leather

    Finally sorted under warranty on the second attempt and claimed to be goodwill (in order to save face and avoid the fobbing off discussion).
  10. Coaster

    peeling leather

    good shout, thanks
  11. Coaster

    peeling leather

    pre owned but the damage certainly wasn't there when I bought the car. I suppose it could have been damaged and repaired before I bought it.
  12. Coaster

    peeling leather

    Another good point; if the car had been stolen or driven by a teenager there may have been a hoodie or baseball cap in the driver's seat. I wonder if that would be considered abusive use for a headrest? I suppose the dealer can only take my word that neither have been there.
  13. Coaster

    peeling leather

    good point.. If a lady driver had been in the driver's seat there could be some hair management hardware involved.
  14. is the brake fluid change even necessary on a car such as mine that is 2.5 years old and has less than 30k miles on the clock?? If so, on what basis?
  15. Coaster

    peeling leather

    I can't see any way around this for the dealer. It seems unavoidable that it has been caused by the back of my head or at the very least highly improbable to have been caused by anything else. Play devil's advocate for me...