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  1. Nordboy

    Comfort Access - is it secure?

    that’s the one i have after finding the boot (tailgate) open a few too many times!! it is still rather chunky though.
  2. Nordboy

    G31 Boot Liner

    I ordered one from Premier products (which I think may be the same company as bootliners) for my G31 touring. I have a long'ish hair dog and also do a bit of mtn biking so dirty kit and bike in the rear of the car. It's a quilted black material which is waterproof. It is fully shaped to the car, comes with velcro that you do need to stick onto the carpet to keep it's shape. I've only had it for a month or so though. I've got the additional boot flap to pull over the bumper and also the seat back 40/20/20 split which seems to work well. The only small issue is when I use the seat drop down buttons I have to make sure the velcro on the split seat section is apart or the seat won't drop. I didn't really want to spend a load, but as you, I'm looking to keep the car for the foreseeable so splashed out a bit. Mine was £149.99. It does seem a good bit of kit. I was going to take some photos but tbh, they'd be similar to what you get from the website. https://www.premierproductsltd.co.uk/product/bmw-5-series-g31-touring-2017-present-fully-tailored-boot-liner
  3. Nordboy

    Hard wiring dashcam, F31

    Another revive if you don't mind. I have two fuse box connectors (plus an earth) for my Garmin 55 dashcam. I need a constant power source fuse (I have the parking add-on) and a switched fuse, which I'm assuming is the f59 (or 46?). I can only find installs that seem to use the one fuse connector. Anyone help?
  4. Nordboy

    My new G31

    My new 2020 540i xdrive touring
  5. Nordboy

    New G31

  6. Nordboy


    I went for the RFT, 20's on my 540i xdrive touring, no VDC. I'm really pleasantly surprised with how compliant and comfortable the ride is. They look great as well. Mine's fitted with Goodyears and their RFT's are about £175 fitted, which I don't think is too bad.
  7. Nordboy

    New G31

    Afternoon, I have taken delivery of a new BMW G31 540i xdrive touring on Friday. Only the second car in 32 yrs of driving that I've bought new. It was a real 'can't turn it down' deal. Look forward to browsing the forum