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  1. Has anyone tried an overhaul kit on the self levelling rear suspension?
  2. SneakyMcC

    Coolant leak

    On my car the offending pipe goes from the expansion tank directly on to a metal spigot on the radiator? Does that mean that something has already been changed or have bmw addressed the issue on later models?
  3. SneakyMcC

    Coolant leak

    I ordered the hose and my 16yrs son fit it for me. He's a good lad, builds racing karts etc. Wants to be a BMW tuner!
  4. SneakyMcC

    Coolant leak

    Dear All My 2008 e61 is losing coolant. I cant see exactly where from but found a small amount of water above the radiator, passenger side. I believe there's a rubber to plastic to rubber hose that goes to the expansion tank above the radiator that is prone to failure. Is there any other common places to check or any good house keeping tips whilst I'm in there? Thank you, Sneaky
  5. SneakyMcC

    Guide to E61 Air Suspension repairs?

    I often get sls warnings when the fuel tank if full or ppl in the back. Should I check/change this pipe and filter or cld there be other issues? Thanks
  6. SneakyMcC

    Wiper mechanism (front) E61 2008

    Works great
  7. SneakyMcC

    Wiper mechanism (front) E61 2008

    I followed the Ask the mechanic demo on YT. Bearings replaced now, just got to fit the mechanism back to the car.
  8. SneakyMcC

    Wiper mechanism (front) E61 2008

    Having dug around the www I see Ask The Mechanic is the suggested route. I think type B is my mechanism? https://www.askthemechanic.co.uk/shop/bmw/88-bmw-5-6-series-later-wiper-arm-linkage-bearings-kit-b-0744881753067.html
  9. Dear All The front wiper mechanism on my 2008 E61 appears to be falling apart. Sometimes its very rattily. Any advise appreciated please. Linky I found this on YT, is this what I need to do? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFuH1NowiUo If anyone knows the bearings please let me know I'll grab some prior to stripping it down. Thank you, Sneaky WhatsApp Video 2020-12-04 at 16.48.55.mp4
  10. SneakyMcC


    Dear All I'm new to the BMW marque, bought a 2008 525i E61 in June. The handling has gone all wobbly crossing the camber in the road and on roads where heavy vehicles have rutted the tarmac. The air pump on the self levelling suspension is making its presence known. I saw summit on Dean's Dr BMW youtube page about replacing a pipe/filter on the self levelling air pump? The wheel alignment was carried out by a reputable tyre place, would you guys be able to proffer some advise please. I am quite handy with a spanner. Oh, I now have an issue regarding the Diversity Antenna and the Tyre Pressure waning kept coming on, not sure if relevant. Thank you kindly, Sneaky
  11. SneakyMcC


    Hello Gang Just a quick hello. I found your forum whilst spankin the www regarding both remote keys on my 2008 E61. Great content on the Diversity Antenna. Thank you!
  12. SneakyMcC

    Remote keys not working 2006 530d touring

    Dear All Great info on here regarding the Diversity Antenna. Thank you. I left the tailgate open during heavy rain whilst loading and hey-presto I'm spanking the www! I've spoken with TM Electronics in Swansea, but before I post it of to them I have 2 questions if you'd oblige me? 1. Can I use the car without the D.A? 2. Do I need disconnect the battery whilst taking out the D.A? Thank you gang, Sneaky 2008 E61 525i