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    2003 530i SE Touring
  1. Philip_

    Touring Rear Wiper & Arm

  2. Philip_

    Touring Rear Wiper & Arm

    Quick question - is this the standard-style wiper and arm fitting (blade pin just clicks into the arm)?
  3. Philip_

    Filler Flap Fuel Sticker

    Great, thanks very much - a bit of my sticker is missing, and it’s annoying me…
  4. Philip_

    Filler Flap Fuel Sticker

    Nearest I can see is: 64126955187 Tank information label … but the illustration doesn’t appear to match the actual sticker (which is small and square). Wondered if there were any being reproduced.
  5. Philip_

    Filler Flap Fuel Sticker

    Anyone know a source for them?
  6. Thanks - no rust to speak of, so I think it may be more mechanism-related - just can't see anything obvious.
  7. I recently replaced the calipers, discs and pads on my 530i Touring - the handbrake was adjusted via the gear wheels with the cables and shoes untouched, and it works well. However, there’s now a new and noticeable speed-related ticking/clicking sound from around the near-side rear wheel, which I assume must be handbrake-related - has anyone had similar? Nothing is obviously loose or needing adjusting.
  8. Philip_

    Windscreen - Part Number?

    Wanted to confirm the correct screen was coming (which, even after a call to double-check, it didn’t...).
  9. Philip_

    Windscreen - Part Number?

    Thanks very much - shuld have thought of that!
  10. Philip_

    Windscreen - Part Number?

    Need to get a cracked screen replaced in my 2003 530i SE; the reference numbers on the original screen appear to be generic - is there a way to find out which specific screen I need?
  11. Can’t see how air has got into the ABS block, I was topping the reservoir right up and bleeding down to the max level, each flexi hose was clamped in turn before the calipers were changed.
  12. Thanks - only the front left seemed to be difficult - put another half a litre of fluid through, absolutely no bubbles at any caliper, but the pedal still isn’t great. Will try with a pressure bleeder.
  13. I’m trying to bleed the brake system after replacing all four calipers - I’ve bled in order LR-RR-FR-FL, but am still getting lots of air (not just fine bubbles) through the front left after a full litre of SL6 has gone through, usually towards the end of the pedal travel. Master cylinder hasn’t run dry, there’s no obvious leak anywhere, calipers tapped gently with a hammer etc. Any suggestions? I’m using a one-man bleeder hose (exit end fully submerged in fluid anyway) and slowly pumping the pedal.
  14. Philip_

    Touring Rear Calipers - Slider Pins

    Great - thanks very much.