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  1. SidMac

    Remote central locking issue

    No- tbh I didn't realise I could do that. I will give that a go @d_a_n1979thanks for the link.
  2. My key fob (actually both fobs) have ceased to operate central locking on my e39 525i. It has been uncooperative for several weeks now, and I am less patient with opening the car via the key at this stage. I have been driving the car regularly since May (respecting the COVID-19 restrictions here in Ireland) so there should not be an issue with the charge in the fob. I did fit the Audio Grom BT3 bluetooth kit while e39 was garaged (thanks for the tip @d_a_n1979) and I am wondering if there is a connection between this and my central locking issue??? The bluetooth is working perfectly, by the way! Any troubleshooting advice for me on the key fob issue? Thanks Sid
  3. Cheers @Marc_86. I’ve some spare time these days so good time to cross this off the list
  4. Yeah , fair point @d_a_n1979. I bought a set of Platinums a while back - suppose they won't do much good in the shed!
  5. I serviced the e39 last week - but didn't replace spark plugs, as the PO replaced them 25K miles ago. I'm wondering how often everyone else replaces them? I read a US based site recommending change at 100k miles Keen to hear what's the norm here. Thanks Sid
  6. over 80 lifts with defects of some sort, if i remember correctly - due to repair them, with a plan to replace those later (from June I think) "One old fella in a mx5 seemed to think he was on a race track grrrrr." haha - fair play to him!!! Normally there's a monthly meet-up very close to where I live, first Sunday of the month (so next week)- pity now, I was looking forward to it
  7. That'd be the 'sunny southeast' re the tax & insurance = I think it is unwise to take this particular strand of the conversation much farther , but I'm on the same page !! Interesting times here - the national car test (NCT = MOT) facilities all shut due to COVID 19 - and this is on the back of some issues with their lifts in test centres - leading to some existing and future backlogs/chaos ... Any Sunday driving happening over there today ???
  8. @bmwmike I'm in Ireland, where the motor tax rates are not as favourable for my e39 (Euro 1080 per annum) as maybe it is in UK - I declared it off-the-road for the winter to avoid the salted roads and the tax! £250 quid a year looks ok from here
  9. Glad I took the opportunity to service the E39 yesterday and the Scooby Outback on Friday - since it is frigid out there today Admittedly, I was not quite 100% in compliance with safety guidelines - but i was wearing gloves and was alone during the whole operation. Also, happy I haven't yet renewed the motor tax on the e39 - given the current uncertainty/restrictions/drop in income etc.. but unhappy that I can't take it out for a few hours on empty roads !!
  10. SidMac

    Hello, I just landed

    Great stuff @d_a_n1979! Thanks This is officially added to the list of jobs this spring!
  11. SidMac

    Hello, I just landed

    @d_a_n1979 I had a review of those Grom Audio BT3 kits, and relevant resources on fitting various versions. Despite some initial confusion, I think I am clear about it now Appears this is the kit I need. https://gromaudio.co.uk/products/bluetooth-hands-free-and-a2dp-car-kits/bmw-mini-rover-bluetooth-integration-kit-677.html#Description It looks like I need to disconnect the 6-pin connector from the Cd-changer unit in the boot and connect it to the adapter in the kit (which connects to Grom Audio BT unit). Then it's a matter of connecting the speaker cable and routing it through to front/driver position. Is this similar approach to yours? thanks
  12. SidMac

    Hello, I just landed

    Thanks for the tip @d_a_n1979 - I had a quick look at details on the Grom Audio kit you mentioned. Looks ideal - will be investigating this further over the weekend!
  13. SidMac

    Hello, I just landed

    Thanks @d_a_n1979 ! Yes it's on BBS alloys. It's garaged for winter - so looking at those pics again has given me a warm glow . The interior is immaculate for a 17yr old car - TBH I would sleep in it if it wasn't so cold !! I will be sure to look up relevant threads/posts from you all. Mine has the sat nav dvd unit in the boot - I'm wondering what could be done with it, any insights?
  14. SidMac

    Hello, I just landed

    Thanks Loadmaster - it is in excellent condition, not low mileage (not high either) although some minor bodywork needed from previous ownership (!). It has 119 miles on the clock now - I do not know what it had when it arrived on these shores in 2010. The interior is immaculate though. I have seen plenty of e39 posts/threads here - looks a very useful resource for owners.
  15. SidMac

    Hello, I just landed

    Belated introduction, I joined a few weeks ago. I noted the requests for pics on other introductions - so I include a few here. I became the latest keeper of this e39 last August 2019 - and enjoyed her company for 3 months before taking her off the winter/salted roads. Originally sent to Japan from birth 2003 (06), came to Ireland in Nov 2010 - and been here since then. 525i Auto inline 6 pot. Silky smooth but comes with a few cosmetic blemishes - which, in due course, will be corrected. Can't wait to be back in the driving seat by end of April !!! All the best, Sid