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  1. Bez

    Bmw specialist Greater Manchester

    Quick bump for any other indy’s in manchester. Preferably tameside area. Ta
  2. Bez

    Brake judder at speed

    I have the same problem. When the brakes are cold. 1st 4 or 5 miles they are fine. Then judder gets worse. Once they are warm on the a roads, you really feel it, especially if you are light on the brakes. Its enough to shake the kids cans of pop in the back of the car. If you stand on the brakes, you go past the judder. new tyres and full wheel alignment 1k ago onto eagles. the pads and disks dont look old at all
  3. Car has been in for its egr cooler recall and replaced. had a new 118d for the day. It was nice enough, pulled really well and i liked the new idrive with split screen etc. I wouldn’t buy one though!
  4. Bez

    RWD driving style

    how do you pick? They all look the same to me, starting at £16.50 delivered? Bonkers. for that price i can buy it as a bloody diagnosis tool. To check its the airbag
  5. Bez

    RWD driving style

    stop it cadwell. I want to go out and drive. Them goodyears really are nice. Made up i went for the non runflats, it just eats the bumps. as for the above advice Think thats my plan as it doesn’t involve getting ISTA straight away. Cheap ones from what i have read is the way forward. At the end of the day it sounds like they can split anyday, anytime especially if they get hit. Time to do the job whilst working from home sounds like a plan. How hard can it be i like a bit of spanner work. very rare These days i get ago. I miss my 156’s for that. There was always something needing fixing
  6. Bez

    RWD driving style

    A quick check in and update. since the new tyres and a different driving attitude. What a car. it is just unreal the difference the tyres made. I have been running the car recently on a few trips to work over a great little 8 mile race track . It steady, absolutely planted and inspires pushing along. I think it has taken a good 1000 miles though to get comfortable with the steering inputs at speed when avoiding holes and marks in the road. Bloody egr recall got cancelled, was gutted, wanted to see if it helped the mpg next up, whilst its on the drive i am tempted to do the air suspension. i have noticed the rear passenger is going down over 3 or 4 days whilst standing, is that normal? i have a 3 month rac warrenty that came with the car, but not sure if that's a serviceable part and in the current climate, its not getting booked in anywhere soon. Are there any garages staying open? anyway, ta for all the initial help. These goodyears are brilliant on it. Didn’t get chance to get the alignment done Edit. Just been out to check, suspension has gone done about 50% in 24 hrs. Houston, we have a problem
  7. Bez

    RWD driving style

    balls to that, my threads done. I now drive a 5 series rather than a 2cv. Tyres must be unbelievably important on these cars. onto remaps!! Who did you go with goram? I’m tempted to go back to sp tuning who did my pug. He absolutely knew his stuff and the map was tailor made, parameters where being constantly changed until it was bang on, with the rolling road
  8. Bez

    RWD driving style

    How dirty is your arse? You are supposed to use the paper
  9. Bez

    RWD driving style

    Just got the tyres out of the car. Here is 1 front, the other is the same. The edges on the right have started to Close to give uneven wear. But they are certainly not the worst i have seen
  10. Bez

    RWD driving style

    goodyear f1 asymmetric 3 xl. Purely because A rated for fuel and b for grip but they are the bmw approved ones. Being new to the bmw i thought, go with them rather than the 5’s purely for that reason. So the front goodyears where scrubbed on the outer more than the inner and the rear lonsdales have 6.5mm on them. Probably well under a year old. has the car changed? O god yes. Quieter, absolutely no crashing over the cats eyes on the motorway, no harshness over small potholes in the road and as for the pendulum .......... ITS GONE. A cruise at some speed of 70mph maybe a lot more. No movement, just planted. i can still light up the rears and traction control it with a boot full on turning but to be fair it slid nicely and much more effort required! So my reading is the front runflats where well out of there best and deffo causing the tramlining. The wear would suggest it was running on pronounced bands if that makes sense. The rears where just shit. i’ll bed these tyres in and report back, but initial thoughts are that it was like driving a different car, quiet and refined as it should be. Stuck to the road and felt planted. Had a crawl over the suspension and brakes whilst the wheels where off and everything looks great. Discs and pads all round look within the past few 1000miles. So hopefully thats it for a while. Need to pay the tyres off before more wallet surgery. ps i’ll get the alignment done next week for peace of mind. I’ll be back, god willing its not over a hedge thanks for all the help and keep up the good work, i love reading this forum. So much knowledge
  11. Bez

    RWD driving style

    cheeky. To be fair, i buy cars to drive them and enjoy a few spills and thrills to get the heart beating a quick update, i was going to do it tomoz after new tyres, but i can go early!! did the same run at the weekend. Much more civilised. A rear wheel drive approach to cornering was adopted . Much better feel and not as frenetic. I get the “on rails” comments now, its a funny feeling, speed not scrubbing off in the corner, unlike a front wheel drive if you are not on the gas. I need to work harder on being off the brakes even more before turn in! I drove like a nun on the way to see what economy i could get and even eco mode on the a roads to slow the whole learning process down. It was quite nice but above 70 on the straight bits its deffo moving about. I hope that is “tram lining” from the tyres. on the way back i wound it up to sit around 85 and even the misses asked whats up with it. Its like a small pendulum effect, left right left right... she said it was making her feel sea sick. I couldn’t rule out wind as it was wet and windy. Get it down to 70 and its much better behaved. new tyres tomoz so i will have a play on the way home from there. ta fellas
  12. Bez

    RWD driving style

    feathered on the outside? Do you mean the top tyre picture? if so, Then they are the goodyears on the front, theres not much left on them, which i think could be a big part of the problem. The rear landsails look almost new, at a guess 6-7mm left on them. Anybody want 2 tyres? Open to offers, a curly whirl and a cream egg would be cracking compensation straight down the tip with them things. It tracks fine, its the tram lining and wobble. I’ll get it all aligned next weekend. on a sub note 535i Andrew, i hate that stuff in playgrounds, it was a great idea and cheap to put down. At my school, we needed to get rid of 2 pieces of it last year as it had gone slippy. 2x 25m squares to dispose of, £8k . Apparently there are only 2 authorised agents in the uk to get rid of the stuff. as you can tell its a sore point. So much for recycling tyres.
  13. Bez

    Should I ditch RFT’s

    i will be gutted if you come on and tell us they are great. I love my current nexens on my gti, but took the plunge last night on bmw speced goodyears, but really i wanted nexens. please tell me they are terrible or i will kick myself
  14. Bez

    RWD driving style

    landfills ive been calling them lonsdales for days. been out in her today, a bit better behaved with lower pressures, but probably just as floppy on the motorway. Roll on next wed and i will try hard to not kill us all this weekend! It might be a eco mode trip!
  15. Bez

    RWD driving style

    lets not worry about that i have been out playing tonight. I will just have to go slow for the weekend. went and dropped the pressures and went for a play in a carpark. 1st lesson learned, them landsail are s**t, it breaks grip and traction control does the cleaning up with very little provocation. Give it a bit from a standing start and its spinning up, as for any sort of corner, they just light up. I might have just ordered a full set of goodyear f1 asymmetric 3s going on next wed. I had best get another can of tyre weld and put the pliers back in the boot! we can worry about learning how to drive it once it has the tyres underneath it