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  1. Flat Cap

    When TPMS sensors go bad...

    I had a reading on a rear offside tyre that was always out by 0.1 bar within minutes of inflating all four tyres. That tyre had picked up 2 nails and I assumed that this caused the discrepancy in the pressure readings. However, I had brand new tyres fitted a month ago and the same discrepancy occurs in the same offside rear position.
  2. Flat Cap

    New car advice

    I do a 50 mile total daily commute in an F11 35D, 95% of which is motorway. If I keep at 60 mph, with no hold ups, I regularly get 54 to 58 mpg. Last full service cost me £300 at an indy (oil change, all filters changed, engine flush, diesel treatment) Four new Michelin ePrimacy tyres fitted this morning - £590 For front and rear disc and pad change I've been quoted £580 right up to £1100. Gearbox service - £350.
  3. Flat Cap

    Coolant service intervals

    I thought it was every 4 years on older models and assumed there must be also be a service schedule for newer models.
  4. Slowly working my way through past threads on the forum to establish a maintenance schedule for oil, filters, brake fluid and coolant changes. Can't find much said about coolant change. 81 22 9 407 454 Blue Concentrate is the stuff I beLieve, but how often should it be changed? Thanks in advance.
  5. Cheers mate, you just saved me £35 on a pair of 18s.
  6. Going back to the original post from 9 years ago - my current tyres have a 96 weight rating and Y speed rating; the tyres I'm thinking of replacing them with have better characteristics on wet roads but have a 100W rating. Switching from the recommended 96 load rating to a 100 rating shouldn't be an issue (maybe even preferable given I'm driving an F11) but is the switch from a Y rating to the W rating an issue for insurers? If so, why, when a W rating is suitable for speeds up to 168 mph and the car is limited to 150 mph?
  7. Mate, I'd go with what the majority of responders to this thread are advising - when it comes to your tyres, don't skimp; go with the best you can afford.
  8. I'm also on 245/45/R18 tyres and will be switching from Bridgestone Turanza T005's runflats to Michelin Pilot Sport 4's non-rft based on Auto Bild's summer tyre tests from a couple of years back. Here's the link if you're interested. https://www.tyrereviews.com/Article/2019-Auto-Bild-Summer-Tyre-Test.htm Overview - The Michelins were rated excellent for wet and dry handling but if its value for money and comfort your after have a look at these -
  9. Flat Cap

    Weekend road trip

    Nice. Planning to drive the missus, 2 kids and the dog along North Coast 500 this July.
  10. Flat Cap

    N47 or B47

    According to mdecoder I have a 15 plate (correct) F11 (correct) 535d (correct) left hand drive (incorrect) with the N57Z engine (not sure now). Another source (can't remember where now) said I have the N57D30T1 engine An earlier post on this thread says that if its a 2015 model its most likely to have a B57 engine
  11. A bit further out - Graham Martin Automotive Ltd, St. Helens ZF gear specialist 01744 735 993 Automatic Transmissions (highly recommended to me and will be using them when needed next year) Emmanuel St, Preston, PR1 7LN 01772 259068 Quoted me £350 for a gearbox service Autogearbox in Huddersfield (also well recommended - £414 inc VAT)
  12. Flat Cap

    Officially joining the club

    Congratulations. Bet you cannot wait!! I've had my F11 535d for 12 months now and I'm sure you will get as much pleasure driving it as I have. The advise I've received on this forum has been phenomenal. As said above, oil changes no later than 10k miles and with the correct spec oil (LLO4 / ACEA 3 / API SN); 6.5 litres needed (not 6 litres as some online sources claim). Pollen filter changed at every oil change; air filter and fuel filter change every second oil change (or 15k - 20k); brake fluid change every 2 years. Enjoy your new baby.
  13. Flat Cap

    Rear tyre change

    The spec on my current tyres is 245 / 45 R18 96Y. I'm looking at Michelin Primacy 4 tyres but can only find specs of 245/45W18 and 245/45Y17 What difference will it make if I swap to either of these?
  14. Flat Cap

    Rear tyre change

    My front and rears are on 3 to 4 mm each . I've narrowed my preferences down to these four. According to the key / legend only the Goodyear is recommended for BMW. Is that right?
  15. ...had to involve an overtaking BMW