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  1. CBR600FV

    Run-flat repairs?

    Apologies to the forum, Photo Editor has been sacked, New photos taken within the last hour or so. I was only trying to show how negligible the tyre wall deformation is with zero pressure compared with normal or higher pressure.
  2. CBR600FV

    Run-flat repairs?

    No, absolutely not a leg pull, as I said taken 21 minutes apart, was just trying to show the negligible sidewall deformation with zero pressure. If the forum doesn't belive me then go & let your runflats down & witness for yourselves........
  3. CBR600FV

    Run-flat repairs?

    Pics were taken in the same position, I renamed them runflat A & runflat B for my reference. Piccy "info" tells me what time they were taken.
  4. CBR600FV

    Run-flat repairs?

    Nope, taken 21 minutes apart.......
  5. CBR600FV

    Run-flat repairs?

    Morning Forum, Out of interest I took 2 piccies this morning, one is with the offending tyre with zero pressure, the other with 40 psi. Can anyone tell which is which? Just shows how little sidewall deformation there is with runflats.
  6. CBR600FV

    Run-flat repairs?

    Question to the forum regarding legality of repairing a run-flat. I realise the risk of internal damage to the reinforced sidewalls in the event of running on low or no pressure but not happy to replace a tyre that only done 3k miles. I got home yesterday to a warning @ 33 psi. Overnight pressure had dropped to near enough zero so inflated to 40psi. Pressure is dropping quite quickly (10 psi in 90 mins) I am confident that there cannot be any internal sidewall damage so would be happy with an internal plug/patch.Out of interest, the tyre with zero pressure showed no signs of sidewall deformation even with the car weight, so sensors definitely required. Also, i always though that TPMS sensors only became active when the wheels were rolling so as to save the internal battery, but the BMW screen showed live readings as the tyre was inflated??? Thoughts??
  7. CBR600FV

    Stupid, stupid!

    You're lucky that you are allowed to play........I've not played for 11 weeks.........but then I've had plenty of time to read the handbook......... .....sorry about that.....lol
  8. CBR600FV

    M Sport gloss black bumper trim

    Ditto.....mine is carbon black, wondered if it was this colour only?
  9. CBR600FV

    Off side rear doors in the frost

    Yes, I've had this twice this year, tends to be both rear doors not the drivers door so put it down to a lack of use & door seals getting dry. I've normally done the silicon trick on the seals with previous cars, not done it yet on this one as its too cold out.....lol. When its done, we probably wont see cold weather again till next winter. Glad I don't live in Scotland.....
  10. CBR600FV

    Uneven Rear Tyre wear

    34.000 miles? OEM tyre fitment? That's a good mileage for rear tyres...... Modern cars are aligned rear wheels first, aligned to a hopefully straight chassis then the fronts are aligned to the rears, normally rears with slight negative camber, fronts slightly positive or upright. Hunter alignment equipment normally the best if you can find someone who knows what they're doing. Not all tyre places/garages have the full equipment or even understand the "why"
  11. CBR600FV

    To all the newbies :-)

    Hi All, Found the site recently, have just acquired a new retirement present, my first ever BMW. Will post piccies in due course, plus news on what I manage to find out about the car. There is a clue in "retirement" that would give my age away, so I do have a varied experience with cars/bikes. Hope to be of help to the forum Clive