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  1. Most likely EGR valve got stuck, I had this issue too on my 520d, worth checking!
  2. Rimvyz


    I have Bimmercode, Bimmerlink and B-tool expert and it's plenty enough for me, using Vgate iCar Pro adaptor You buy the adaptor and apps and you're set to go, if you get carly you'll need to pay subscription.
  3. Oil, oil filter, air filter change today at 139K miles on driveway does anyone know part number for these rubber bushings for air box on 520d? 1 is missing and the other one is in quite bad condition and the whole thing moves too much when the engine is running
  4. It did look quite dry and dusty in there, I felt the same improvement the first time I did that, happy to hear it helped you
  5. Yeah, there's 2 clips on each side at the bottom of the cover, then slide it up sorry for late reply
  6. Not bad solution but not for long time, last time I had issues with EGR valve I just put fair amount of motor oil on the rod and since then I still don't have issues with it, I used to put WD40 before that and it only lasted few months till the issue comes back, WD40 dries much quicker than normal oil so I recommend using normal motor oil, it's fairly simple to remove that plastic cover. However, I still experience some delays on about 1500 RPM when accelerating from stop, I assume my EGR valve is still bad...
  7. Rimvyz

    F10 Angel eyes

    Yea, I will be fitting HID's into mine and that will do the job for night driving, as halogens are so dim at night. Most likely it's possible to modify current LED's from boad but that's too much work, it's just not worth it. So I guess my F10 will stay with basically invisible rings during the day
  8. Rimvyz

    F10 Angel eyes

    Thanks for the reply, that's really annoying, why bmw had to make these crappy halogen headlights so difficult... is it possible to upgrade to xenon ones without any major coding? As I don't own ISTA. Might look for some damaged headlights and fix them up, if I find a good deal why not to upgrade... they are very expensive though
  9. Rimvyz

    F10 Angel eyes

    Hi everyone, since now I'm driving my F10 a lot I see so many other F10's/F11's on the road and I love how bright most of their daytime running lights (angel eyes) even during daylight, when I look at mine I can't even tell they're on, unless I look very closely... I tried coding them to 100% brightness with bimmercode but I can't see any difference I know that only xenon headlights has bright angel eyes and I unfortunately have halogen headlights... is anyone ever tried upgrading the actual LED module for angel eyes on the halogens? Would xenon headlight module fit halogens or not? I'm already planning to upgrade halogen bulbs to terminator HID's as they're much brighter than halogens...and it's a lot cheaper then buying actual xenon headlights, I'll add pictures of my F10 for comparison. Thanks in advance!
  10. Rimvyz

    F11 N57 Intake Manifold Cleaning

    Looks very clean for a 122K! I'm planning to clean mine once the weather warms up, as I work on the drive, mine's at 133K at the moment, curious how bad it looks inside, thanks for your tips
  11. Unfortunately not, got my mechanic to do it, as it's freezing outside, in better weather I would've done it myself on a driveway next - replace failing egr valve and both engine mounts as I have front end vibration, can't wait for spring
  12. Replaced all 4 tyres today, both rear coil springs and passed MOT on her with flying colours sadly she's not being used as much now as I own a work van, been sitting on a drive for a month
  13. Rimvyz

    Seat issue

    I had similar issue on mine, took the seat out (wasn't too difficult, undo 4 bolts and disconnect seat cable, and yes make sure the battery disconnected first) ans found small piece of plastic stuck in between 1 side of the tracks, removed it and everything was solved, so have a look at yours, might be something similar
  14. Rimvyz

    F10 520d Front Vibration

    I still haven't replaced those engine mounts, too busy right now... So I guess it was different issue in your case, but I'll have a look at my exhaust next time I go underneath, thanks for pointing that out
  15. Rimvyz

    F10 520d Front Vibration

    So, I've been to my mechanic today to change front tyres and I mentioned to him about the vibration, we lifted the car up to check around and found one 'dead' engine mount (driver's side) which has a lot of play in it so that should be the issue, passenger side doesn't look too bad but I will be replacing both, just in case if that one decides to go bad. Also, found 2 differential mounts has cracks in them too, so will be replacing them too. I will update you guys as soon as I get them fitted and if that solved the issue.