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  1. Old Codger

    520d late services recorded

    My 2019 G31 530d had an oil service at 1250, oil, filters & VHC at 15000 when I purchased, oil, filters & VHC at 29000. All done by dealers and showing on iDrive. I had an intermediate oil & filter (shell Helix 0-30) at 23000 done by an indie but not logged on iDrive. Most of the 18000 miles added in the year of my ownership were all motorways. Brakes had 8mm left on original pads. Had two faults during that time, DPF failed, replaced under warranty, chaffed cable caused air suspension to malfunction. Otherwise, faultless, a great car. My advice? If you don’t know how it's been used (long or short runs) and the service history is dubious be very wary. Maybe it clocked the bulk of it's miles in the first 3 years then been used as mums school run taxi? Do you know? Never mind the brake fluid, (replace at 3 years then every two thereafter I think) what are the actual brakes like? Any record of new discs & pads? Can be up to £1k at BMW for all the discs! Coming up for a coolant refresh to, if not already done. Will you be doing a lot of miles? Do you plan on keeping it? Personally I'd rather a car with high annual mileage and FSH. In the main the G30/31 520d is pretty bomb proof but you can never be sure. Jolly expensive to fix though. If it’s priced right…..you could get a lot of trouble free motoring in a premium car for not a massive amount of money. Presumably it’s not a BMW AUC and well out of warranty. Good luck, whatever you decide. A really hard call isn't it?
  2. Old Codger

    Road Tax

    I suspect this will play out along the following lines: ICE cars will rapidly become fewer over the next 5 years as, a) they aren't being built, b) existing ones will age and devalue slowly passing down the "automotive food chain" to the scrap yard. Older vehicles don't / wont benefit from proposed speed limiting technologies etc, as too difficult to retro fit. For them, RFT would remain in place. Newer electric cars ( of which most possess obscene performance it seems) will have speed limiting and all manner of reporting technology built in as standard. The collected data will be linked to a central real time database and your road use, driving indiscretions etc will be charged accordingly. Black boxes on steroids with big Bro' truly watching you is where we are headed. You see, it will slowly creep in dressed up under the guise of road safety and climate change amelioration. Barstewards. What's happened to the open road?
  3. Old Codger

    Brake warning, but brakes are fine

    On this topic I've just had a VHC done, my G31s pads front & rear are reported as having 7mm left. This is after 31k miles. Any ideas at what depth the wear sensors will trigger?
  4. Old Codger

    As new G30 19” 664M Wheels & Tyres - £800

    Ok thx Rich'. I'll have to investigate further, think they'll fit but need to be 100%. With my current sizes (std rims) it's the ET bit that's concerning me. Potential expensive error!
  5. Old Codger

    As new G30 19” 664M Wheels & Tyres - £800

    If you look on the back of the wheels around the hub, rim size, maker and more besides will be cast or stamped in. Take a photo of the markings, it should tell us what I need to know.
  6. Old Codger

    As new G30 19” 664M Wheels & Tyres - £800

    Presumably you sold these a while back? If not, I might be interested. Can you confirm the offsets, considering fitting something similar to my Alpina for the winter.
  7. Old Codger

    Understeer & Tyre Size

    My G31 Xdrive is running 20 x 8.5 ET25 Front with 255/35 tyres 20 x 10 ET41 Rear with 285/30 Tyres. I’ll be tracking the car soon and as she suffers from chronic understeer - which takes the edge off high-speed cornering antics – it’s a situation I’d like to improve upon. Tyre size requires careful consideration because of the AWD aspect, big differences don’t do the transfer box any favours. I don’t think 19” rims will fit as the disc diameter is 395mm with humungous callipers that are already tight to the rim, so I guess I’m stuck with 20s or above. Anyone got a suggestion as to what tyre, or wheel & tyre combo to put on the front for trackdays?
  8. Old Codger

    Possible Fuel Stavation

    Perfect Matthew, thank you.
  9. Old Codger

    Possible Fuel Stavation

    Can anyone throw light on the fuel system of petrol G30 cars? I seem to recall reading about breakdowns caused by ill fitting or missing fuel filler caps on some other models. Does the tank get pressurised in some way, if so by what and how is this controlled and vented? Had a potential fuel starvation issue (won’t know till codes get read) but it appears a complicated set up nevertheless and I'd like to understand it better.
  10. Old Codger

    G30 going from 20" to 19" - Options

    The biggest difference will come from dropping the RFTs not changing the rims. Night and day in terms of pliability which will reflect in the ride. However, when you take a chunk out of a side wall on a cold wet winters night, I’ll guarantee you’ll be wishing you still had RFTs! Tyre gunk only fills small holes and that little compressor you're sure have will take forever. I’m running 20” P Zeros (255x40 & 285x30) absolutely no complaints. Folk get too anal about rim size IMHO
  11. Old Codger

    G31 Panoramic Roof

    Suspect the answer to this question will be, there isn't! You Tube is not very helpful other than some great vids detailing stripping out the entire headlining, something I'm not prepared to entertain. To explain; I have the habit of leaving the roof tilted when parked up, consequently the inner cover (or sunshade) gets a lot of dust deposited on it. From examining the deposition pattern, where visible, I'm suspicious material is also getting drawn into the void via the drain holes. Possibly due to air pressure differences at speed? Whilst not visible from below "muck" can be felt by slipping ones fingers into the gap between the leading edge and the glass. Overtime I'm concerned this could become a significant accumulation. I regularly clean the runners and glass seals where accessible but poking a camera into the tiny gap reveals a not insignificant dust trail extending full length of the mechanisam. Can anyone suggest or know of a simple method to clean both the shade and rails? To quote the song, (at some point in the distant future)......................................... "There may be trouble ahead"
  12. Old Codger

    Paint protection

    If I had my time again with either my B5 or 530d I'd of gone for paint protection film to the bonnet, front wings and splitters straight out of the showroom. The diesel was black and the B5 is very dark grey. Both caught road rash from winter driving and boy, it really shows on darker cars. Particularly gutted about the B5. I'd actually booked her in for PPF in March but when I throughly cleaned her down the week before I realised the extent of the damage and cancelled. In the space of 5 months, blemish free to acne, needing a bit more than Chippex too. (Fortunately there are no swirls or scratches from washing) For coatings and waxing, as pointed out, nothing is maintenence free but still worthwhile doing. Don't be fooled though, no amount of bottled nanoparticle magic fairy dust enriched with silica will stop a high velocity lump of sharp edged grit mechanically removing your paint. It might leave a nice shine but it doesn't and cannot provide enough true physical protection to stop small stone damage. The way to go depends on what you hope to achieve together with how and where you use the car. Easy to clean and looks shiny, or with real protection against mechanical damage? - At a cost of course!
  13. Old Codger

    New g31 owner tyre setup question

    My G31 530d Xdrive ran staggered as did my old E61 as does the Alpina. As folk on this thread point out, be very careful about *marked tyres and also the rolling diameter difference between front and rear wheels. Apparently, the X drive transfer box is quite intolerant of big discrepancies (Don’t entirely subscribe to the theory but…) hammering its clutches in way that can potentially result in a £5K+ bill for a new box. Personally speaking, I think bigger rears suit the vehicles aesthetic and certainly contribute to both the handling and power delivery (40/60 split, rear bias on the diesel). I did find my Premacy 3 ROFs running at slightly reduced pressures gave a great combination of supple, jolt free ride whilst maintaining stability and grip. That said I rarely drove in anything but comfort – do you have adaptive dampers by any chance? Run flat sidewalls are so much stiffer and consequently there is less “roll” on a slightly under inflated tyre thus ensuring the handling remains secure and sharp. Be aware turning the ride into a “magic carpet” by adjusting the pressures down may impact mpg. Assuming you have tpms check in your iDrive what the recommend pressures for your tyre combo is. When the tyres are cold set them to the lowest recommend pressure and run for a week. If happy, reduce them by another 0.2 bar, run a week and repeat. I would not advocate going less than 0.5 bar below the lowest recommended pressure though. (You might also have to reset the iDrive to stop flat tyre alerts on frosty mornings). If you decide to try this, give due consideration to the nature of your vehicle use. Prolonged high speed motorway work or heavy load lugging requires a higher pressure for safety. Interestingly if you look at the recommended pressures for Eco mode, they are filling rattlingly sky high!
  14. Old Codger

    Ivory White leather & kids?

    I concur with every comment above regards keeping seats clean. My job and the amount of time I spend in the car is the “kiss of death” to upholstery, especially if light coloured! I've tried all manner of fleabay/amazon vests and covers that ranged from; fits a tranny van, hangs like a potato sack that gets tangled up in the buttons to ill-fitting tissue thin Chinese tat vests. It seems nobody makes 5 series comfort seat tailored covers. Knowing full well I’d end up trashing the drivers seat I acquired a sheet of raw (undyed) leather of the type used for making handbags. A local custom vehicle trimmer knocked up the cover you see in the picture in half a day. He said he could have done a much better job if the seat was removed but given that and the fact I rushed him, I think it’s brilliant. Held in place with elastic and Velcro, removable in a jiffy, and importantly nonslip, breathable and smells nice. (Ok I can’t use the seat ventilation and the thigh support travel is limited but otherwise everything works as intended). Since the picture was taken it's now got blue stains from my jeans, chocolate droppings, a scratch from a back pocket screwdriver and generally very grubby. Never mind kids, if your vehicular lifestyle is like mine a proper cover of some sort is the only way to protect a seat from abrasion & stains. For me this was worth the expense. (Business opportunity for someone in the UK?)
  15. Old Codger

    172 Spider Alloy

    Loughborough. M1 J23