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  1. I’m new to my ‘16 520d but have two questions. 1. I was wondering if the system can use a different naff default screen than the attached? Even a Hyundai i20 has proper/official radio station logo’s. 2. if I don’t have any media on at all, what is the default splash screen. All other cars I’ve driven have some kind of default screen when no media or nav is in use. I just seem to have either a list of options or a muted radio station. soz if these are a bit stupid questions.
  2. Nexus_6

    Service not inputted

    I bought a nice 520d but found the selling company had done a service but not uploaded it to the car’s computer as it was just the paper copy. What’s involved in inputting this service retrospectively, is it a long job?
  3. Nexus_6

    Coding Manchester

    Hi, I’m after the digital speedo on dash (and anything else that’s worth it). A member in Blackpool as offered but wondered if there’s any members in Manc fancy helping out. ta.
  4. Nexus_6

    Coding Manchester

    I take it this module also lets you do the coding as well. Looking at digital speedo and some lights tweaks.
  5. Nexus_6

    Coding Manchester

    Thanks for your reply. So for about £45, I can get the BT ODB plug and app to get the dashboard tweaks? I prefer Blackers Tower anyway ha ha.
  6. Nexus_6

    Coding Manchester

    Hi guys, I’m North Manchester and wondered if there’s any members close by that use BimmerCode or Carly? I’m after a couple of tweaks, mainly the digital speed. thanks,
  7. Nexus_6

    Remote BMW app

    Hi guys, I collect my ‘16 520d today so am getting a bit giddy already. I saw the above app and wondered how it’s received on here and whether it’s worth getting and paying the £56 life time fee. Any pro’s and cons. ta,
  8. Nexus_6

    New to BMW

    Cheers, how do I find out what model it is (F10 etc) and the engine type N47 etc?
  9. Nexus_6

    New to BMW

    Hi guys (and gals). I’m completely new to BMW and have just bought myself a white 2016 520d with 27,000 miles on it. I’m absolutely over the moon but equally as gutted that I have to wait until Monday to collect my new baby. The only pic I have is this from earlier today. I look forward to finding out much more about it from you guys. ta.