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  1. simonpa

    Headlight adjusters for 2001 Xenons

    Thanks - ordered now. Think I'll try baking, as it makes the fitting sooooo much simpler.
  2. simonpa

    Headlight adjusters for 2001 Xenons

    Perfect - thanks! Ordered
  3. Hi - I know this has been covered, but I'm struggling to work out which adjusters I need for my September 2001 M5. Has anyone a recommended supplier, please? Even better would be one that could send in a couple of days, so I don't need to book a second MOT Many thanks! Simon
  4. Hi - rebushing is underway on my 2001 M5. Unfortunately, it looks like the previous owner stripped the thread on the main carrier assembly. Probably explains why he only changed the rear control arms on one side... Does anyone know where I can get another used one at a reasonable price? Thanks - Simon
  5. simonpa

    M5 undertrays.

    The undertrays on my M5 are looking a bit shabby. Are there any recommended 3rd-party suppliers, as OEM ones are either broken or rip-off prices from eastern Europe. TIA - Simon
  6. OP 'can't receive messages' Is this a scam?
  7. simonpa

    Got wood?

    Ah - I read that 2080 was replacing 1080 and was a little thicker, but more flexible, especially when heated. There seems to be the same range of metallics. I'll look into ordering 1080 samples from the french seller. Thanks again! Simon
  8. simonpa

    Got wood?

    Lovely job! Can I ask where you bought the vinyl from, please? I want a sample of the 2080 brushed metallic in steel, titanium and black. I can't find a UK supplier that just sells the film as a sample.
  9. simonpa

    Got wood?

    Thanks for the tips! I'll probably get a sample of each and see what looks better. I'm not liking the 3M website: too slow, can't compare side-by-side, pictures too small, no gallery options and doesn't appear to show the textures life-size
  10. simonpa

    Got wood?

    Thanks all - some lovely jobs there. I'm quite liking the look of the BR212 - will get some and see how it fits in with the seats & door cards!
  11. simonpa

    Got wood?

    Gents - that looks a great option. Does the vinyl 'stretch' much around the corners? Also, Pzero, what did you do on the ashtray/coin cover? Did you dig out the plastic insert?
  12. simonpa

    Got wood?

    My car has a black and Silverstone leather interior, but with the Bruyere wood trim. I'd prefer to go more monochrome, so bought a reasonably priced set of silver trim on eBay, which turned out to be a set of Bruyere that had been spray painted Of the other wood trims, I quite like the ones like the Black Birch and was wondering whether you could rub down Bruyere and stain it black or dark grey, followed by a few coats of lacquer (maybe even matte). Has anybody tried this, or maybe has some old pieces of wood trim going spare that I could practice on?
  13. simonpa

    BM54 module loan or alternatives?

    OK - I think I've managed to resurrect my BM54. It started with the common high current usage by the audio system, which I had worked around by adding a relay to the fuse 56 feed. Sometime during my examination/testing, I managed to 'lose' the BM54 completely - wouldn't power up at all, including the button on the HU. Previously, I'd seen that the DSP amp was being kept alive (by the BM54). The main steps I think brought my module back to life were: Really clean all the contacts on the back of the radio module - I used a small wire brush (like a toothbrush with fine steel bristles), then contact cleaner (brake cleaner seems the same) disassemble the module (take the cover off) the module and clean/check the PCBs - the upright power board was pretty manky, so I used a soft brush and contact cleaner. I used a loupe to look at the boards and found no significant corrosion after cleaning and no obviously overheated components or bulging capacitors, or broken tracks. Checked all the radio fuses - I never realised the radio uses fuses 25, 43 & 44 in the glovebox - one of these (43, I think) switches the radio on, when the volume button is pressed on the HU and had blown. Everything is now working and the current draw issues have stopped - the audio system draw now does the 2-stage shutdown, along with the car I'd like to give a BIG shout out to RichardP on here, for advising me and putting up with my inane questions! Also for giving me this REALLY helpful detail on the radio wiring: Permanent live is the Red wire with Green stripe (pin Switched live is Purple with a White stripe. Ground is Brown iBus is white with little yellow bands every so often. I'll try and update this thread if things change.
  14. simonpa

    BM54 module loan or alternatives?

    Interesting - will PM you!
  15. simonpa

    BM54 module loan or alternatives?

    Hi Richard - that's awesome, Sir! I have PM'd you.