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  1. As i had mentioned in a previous post, i got rear ended last month, and this is the missing piece needed to complete the work. Basically I am unsure if it will fit my car as I know there were different bumpers used between US and European models. I own a 1986 / E28 / 520i The seller has said the following - Hello, yes it should fit, but for some reason in the catalog it's shown only for these modelsIm not completely sure if it fits plug and play. Catalog gives this info.5er E28 Limousine (US-Modell)524td (M21), 528e (M20), 533i (M30), 535i (M30) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ORIGINAL-BMW-E28-524td-528e-533i-535i-Sedan-Bumper-Rear-Center-51121953936/303512103665?fits=Car+Make%3ABMW|Plat_Gen%3AE28&epid=1109513576&hash=item46aabb2af1:g:dtcAAOSwZhpegg~7 Thanks a lot ! Joe
  2. JM001_E28_520i

    Will this fit my 1986 E28 520i

    cheers Duncan !
  3. JM001_E28_520i

    Will this fit my 1986 E28 520i

    Thanks again mick and your 525 there is beautiful . I'll note Euro Part Numbers and keep searching. Not sure how long i can keep it in the bodyshop whilst i try and find a centre piece. I certainly don't want to be lumped with the £300/400 that the other party should really be paying for. What a pain haha
  4. JM001_E28_520i

    Will this fit my 1986 E28 520i

    Hi Mick, thanks for your replies on this I'm pretty sure i have european bumpers - see attached pics Thanks a lot
  5. JM001_E28_520i

    Will this fit my 1986 E28 520i

    thanks for your reply Duncan I only need the rear chrome centre piece so id be looking to attach this piece to my undamaged rear left and right bumper sections, would that even work? Cheers !
  6. I got rear ended 2 weeks ago and looking for these bits...car is currently at the bodyshop awaiting a new boot lid and rear lamps but this bit is proving difficult to find. I can find the joint caps but not the actual centre piece.. Cheers, Joe
  7. Hiya, E28 Additional Slider Valve Part No. 11531287303 I'm looking for a new one of these. Currently bypassing mine which means longer warm ups before driving. As much as i know its good to warm the engine up i would like to get this part asap. Many thanks, Joe
  8. JM001_E28_520i

    E28 Additional Slider Valve Part No. 11531287303

    Thanks a lot Ordnator. Ive messaged timothy97 for the slider valve and i think some other bits will come in useful on that page. Much appreciated mate
  9. JM001_E28_520i

    NTTF E28 Owner

    Hello, just introducing myself. Owned an E28, 520i Lux for about 8 months now. 70,000 on the clock. Just replaced the drums and pads. Aside from an idling issue its running very nicely. I love it, my wallet doesn't. Ive attached some random pics as per the forum rules. One from a very nice drive through Normandy over New Years. Look forward to learning/sharing information here. cheers
  10. JM001_E28_520i

    NTTF E28 Owner

    Sorry for the delay! Yes it is, with Velour Seats.
  11. JM001_E28_520i

    NTTF E28 Owner

    cheers mate! Few dents here and there but not bad for something built in '86 Joe